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How To Reset You're Daily Objectives


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Hello, I've just stumbled across this accidently, I've found a way to reset, or get a new batch of daily objectives before their completed.


So if you load up the game, and you don't like you're daily objectives, this is a way you can change them.


1. Join online


2. Load up a custom race


3. Once in that race click "confirm settings", but don't launch the job


4. Close the application


5. Load up the game to SP, then join online


6. You now should have a new set of daily objectives


Not sure if this works after you've completed them, only tested on the PS4. It's worked everytime up to now.

Edited by ~SophisticatedAviator~
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Loading a custom race made it not work on xb1. Just quitting the game from the dashboard worked.




Thanks for the tip NachoZ

Edited by TreFacTor
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Just to add that you don't need to bother with a race, you can go into online, check your DOs and if you don't like them then close the application and when you load in again you'll have a new list.

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Can anyone confirm if this by doing this, it also resets your consecutive weekly or monthly bonuses?

Edited by V4S
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Can anyone confirm if this by doing this, it also resets your consecutive weekly or monthly bonuses?

No it doesn't have any effect on the consecutive bonuses, that's the beauty of it.

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you can also eject the disk

or you could also join a community that helps daily


Find our group on
PS4 Community called: "Daily Objective Faithful $500000"
We offer daily help, shortcuts on all Daily Objectives
Captures and Deathmatch in less than 10 seconds
and on Facebook


Edited by ALLWORLD19
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Also works with the fleeca heist.


When you return to lobby press the home button and close the app.


No cool down timer.


Good way to farm fleeca.

Edited by jerryinohio78
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