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if u feel like laughing at dumb people


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get a car and get to the mall.


there are loads of guys that steal cars there.

and theyd steal anything even a battered up perennial!!

the black guy with a leather jacket rolled up sleeves white trainers and white guy with brown hair red lether jacket and blue jeans that steal them.

anyway get a guy to steal ur car from the passeger side and take off but not too fast so he gets in and he just will sit there and scream, u can bail ur car into the water to kill him.

or if u get out ur car and stand on top of it and wait till a guy steals it, then shoot the car so it goes fast then shoot his head off and he will fall out at full speed.

it also is fun wen u jump on a car with allready two people in it shoot the passenger out then the rest of everyone in the car.


a shark was shooting the security gaurd and i tryed to run him over but he umped out the way nad died wen he jumped into a brick wall.


wow i wrote alot!

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I got in a bit of trouble when two cops were chasing two of my gang members down the main drag of starfish island and  they were kicking the crap of out of them so I shot the cops...then I had three stars...then I shot more cops.


I was just protecting my people.


Thats one of the best things about GTA, how such a minor offence (not shooting cops, something like punching a guy for stealing your car) can turn into an all out city wide one man war.

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