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Just had a dream and it was f* awesome


No GTA VI, but full map expansions  

17 members have voted

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I've just slept for a few hours and mostly dreamed about GTA (or just the maps). And it was mind blowing.

So I just wanted to write it down anywhere as fast as I can, so why not here? But keep in mind, it was just a dream, so I can't remember any details or the perfect scales for the maps (yes, MAPS!!!), nor the names (I can only guess them). And sorry for my english, it's not my native language and I just woke up! And no pics or maps, maybe a bit later.


What was I dreaming about exactly? You hear it right. No GTA VI, but more of many GTA Maps Expansions, working hand in hand, killing down the need of a complete new game. So R*, stop all your work and read this AND DO THIS!!!


So let's start with the basic. The first part of my dream was a redesigned, even a bigger scaled Los Santos with San Andreas. I can remember a bigger network of streets (or more streets), without the layout of LS being destroyed. On the northernmost point I realized a giant bridge (this one I saw, it was a high suspension bridge) and on the map I saw that this bridge leads us to a highway with a big interchange, with exits to the north and the northeast. And the cities there were big, really big. I mean maybe twice as big as LS.


The northern city was like San Francisco/San Fierro. The only thing I can remember there was the big two lines to north and I really hope it's the Golden Gate Bridge. These two lines bringing us to another ?town? or ?city?, but it was "off the coast"?!? I could saw that it was on the left of the coastline, which makes no f* sense to me, even in the dream or now.


Getting to the northwest we can find Las Vegas/Las Venturas. The street network there was a bit like the ones I can remember to know on Google Maps. With the strip and the Airport.


And before I forget. The distances between the cities was like two or three times of San Andreas (GTA V) and seems to be all explorable, with small towns etc. (some crossing streets along the highways was the only things I could see on the map)


Getting south of Los Santos, I can't remember any links to it, but there was another big city with a long coastline and I really hope this could be San Diego. I only can remember that long stretch coastline and all for this city.


But there were two more cities on the eastern path. The first one was small, not that small for being identified as a town, even more like a small city along the highway. And I really hope it's Palm Springs (or any other remote city in the east of LS). I also can't remember any details here. The only thing was, that it was small, compared to the big cities, but bigger than the town/city off the coast.

Going forward on the eastern path I could only see a small portion of a new city, some streets, and if I am right, the only big city here can be Phoenix. I also can't say much about this, because first it was like off the maps/maybe can't zoom out anymore and a few seconds a seeing this city I woke up and now sitting here in front of my laptop.


Last but not least, after I woke up, I directly had an idea how this could be released. It was like a lightning strike in my mind and I make this a bit shorter:

- Starting with a remake of Los Santos and San Andreas, getting ready for the city links

- Every city getting release time after time with a unique storyline, also for LS (both SP and Online)

- After the last release there should be a huge final with all characters coming together for one big final

... just lost my concept, sh**! I know there was more, but maybe later.


So if you're reading down to this point, I can only say congrats and thank you for reading. I didn't exactly know where to write this idea/dream down, so I thought, let's write it down here and see what the community is saying about that.

Also a bit to get to know me: I'm 23 and a huge fan of GTA V. I have never played any older GTA games (sorry for that) and I'm normally not fan to making things public (as you can see I just registered here a few minutes ago and this is my first post).

I hope it was not too off topic or too boring without fancy maps or pics. This is just what I could extract from my dream and I really think this could be awesome if R* would start doing this.


What are you guys thinking about this. Could it be awesome or just another idea "booze idea" (f* Google Translate if this is the wrong translation of "Schnapsidee" (german)).


So, it's now time to get to bed again. Have a good night everyone!



Edited by trungi
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Kinda wishing there was a maybe option on the poll, or other reason why.(dont think about 1st post thing, there is no reason to get hate for being here the first time, like other places, or even from companies themselves)


but like i said at first, i find it easier to imagine R* doing at least 1-2(3 if R* is able to make it all work out without watering everything down to being just a shaped wasteland)


but if R* does go down the route literally, then it will most likely be, but i can only imagine it growing with each, and every other release of the next GTA.

(usually there is 2 big titles in between every numeral, like III/VC/SA, IV/TLaD/TBoGT, and V)


i think its a great idea, but will only start to happen if R* finds a place to plateau for a while.


wish there was a "maybe if" option, so i will vote yes, but not just yet (sorry for post quality, was expecting to be a short post)

Edited by GTKING1st
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While it is an interesting concept, I doubt they'd remake Los Santos and San Andreas, considering that we literally just got GTA V several years ago. If they were to remake it, it would be a huge waste of resources that they could better spend on other cities, like San Fierro and Las Venturas. This would also mean a new universe if they remake it - which is the last thing the GTA series needs.

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Wow I know what you mean and you dreamed about it? That is crazy man congrats I really hope Rockstar can put something like this in and I know what you mean by not remebering the dream happens to everyone try to write it down in a jounral right as you get up no matter what dream it is

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That's a great idea, but here's my opinion. Why wait for rockstar? Seriously, there are a lot of map modders waiting in the GTA V modding section for something like this, and even though I have a ps4 for the big and graphical games, I still think it would be cool to watch a video of this on youtube, even in mod form.

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I feel like I'm talking to my younger self.

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in an article i read about Dan Houser, he was saying that no next GTA was planned (it was 2 years ago). so i think dlc or episodes with new maps is perfectly possible. but i don't think they'll ever rework actual existing map

Edited by jpm1
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