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Car Foosball - Intense Friend Gameplay

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Hello everyone!

I'm not someone who ventures into the creator a hell of a lot. I don't have the time to sit there and finesse a track to exactly what I want.

Some of the creations here are absolutely epic and I use them from time to time with mates from the PBMO crews for something to break up the Free Roam game.


We have a very close relationship with the Vans Society crew, who plays a bit of rocket league as well as GTA. Livejoker created something similar to the map they usually play. This gave me an idea, using some of Livejoker's ideas, to create a Car Foosball map that would allow epic Crew vs Crew battles going up to 15 a side. The map features Quarter Pipes surrounding the entire outer edge, for fast flowing games. It also has speed pads around the floor, wall rideable corner areas and now with new and improved goal are design to allow goals much easier.




Use Offroad Vehicles

- Dune (Defender)

- Insurgent (Midfield)

- Trophy Trucks (Attacker)


Prepare your teams, vehicles and colours before the race (Red & Green are the team colours) as the timer when picking vehicles might stop people from picking right.

Use the medium sized soccer balls. Large ball also works well. The smaller ball seems a little too small for the vehicles above.


Slipstream ON

Catch Up OFF

Custom Cars OFF




Both teams will follow the checkpoints until they exit the tunnel. When they do, the map will appear to them. Drive into the arena, making sure you land on your wheels to avoid exploding. One person will continue right up towards the ball serving area. Be sure for the server to get the checkpoint. Both teams will go to their colour and wait at the far edge, front wheels behind their team colour. Once everyone in place. The ball server slowly knocks the ball over the lock, toward decline. Once the ball hits the decline, the ball server will race towards their team members. He must cross the line they are waiting at before heading towards the ball. Once the ball EXITS the serving tube. Its game on!




Work together as a team.

Always have one ready to defend.

Use the speed pads.

Knock over your opponents.

Use the walls.

Have Fun!














After some test runs and some feedback, I had to move the goals back a bit to make it easier to score. It now it quite easy to score, making the map that much more enjoyable.

















I hope you enjoy the map! Constructive feedback is always welcomed!

Edited by Quadro

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Thanks to everyone who has nominated this map in the content creator section of the GTAF Annual Awards! It is much appreciated!

Edited by Quadro

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Thank you for everyone who voted for this map for Best Content Creator Job of 2016!

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Good luck to all the content creators who were nominated for an award this year!

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