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Whatever happened to those BF Surfee guys?


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They were a pretty big group here that used to forums to plan events and such. The thread was mostly dedicated to the BF Surfer and they'd do car showcases and all that. Never bothered with it but just curious if they're still around.

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I think the BF Surfer is a super-fun little vehicle to have, even though it's junk to drive.


The only thing is, I can't justify storing one even on my second character. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of much more desirable vehicles to own and store online.


In a nutshell, Clementine - lack of garage space and tons of new cars released over the last year has seen the death of this little hidden gem.

Edited by Jenkiiii
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They all died.


The ones who were in the group never speak a word about what really happened.

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i never heard of that


i knew of a society that likes vans a lot, but that is it ;)


further, if that existed, they might indeed have extinct...this subforum is not that active anymore lately like it was a year ago.

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They set off for Paleto in the winter of 2014, some of them are optimistic they'll still be alive when they eventually get there.

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Hey, i'm still part of that crew :) Though as I am cursed with the Xbone affliction and responsibilities outside of GTAO I never got to any meets.


That or my BF Surfer was just too damn slow

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I used to be BF SURF commissioner.. Damn, in fact I'm still a BF SURF commissioner, but it doesn't matter anymore: crew is not here. We used to be very active and friendly crew, but console split ultimately put an end to it. I moved from X360 to XB1 to play Forza in 2014, sold X1 in 2016 and moved to PC. Right now, I'm inactive in terms of gaming. Not playing GTAO anymore at all and that's another story.


De-jure crew exists: SC, Forum thread, but de-facto only couple of guys are active on PS4. However, ex-SURF guys are in WMCC crew now. Actually, most of the guys are there, but on PS4. I've lost contact with them some time ago and unaware how things are going there, but according to their SC profile something is going on there.


I can only say good things about SURF. Despite the fact that crew is inactive, I will never leave the crew in SC out of respect to the guys I've met there.

RowanSane , AlistairSinclair , Billy.Pilgrim , LocalCrazyMan and many others. You can get in touch with them from the forum link to the crew thread above and if they're still active, I can vouch that you will get a hell of experience cruising with guys.



Edited by hei3enberg
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I'm here! I have two, and contemplating a 3rd. All in unique colors. My rusty Surfer is my most driven vehicle for sure, and I own 50!

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