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Mod / patch for PSP / DS social club content?

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Is there a mod anywhere for the DS / PSP versions that will unlock the Xin missions / Sean deal / whatever other content there is in the game that requires you to sync with social club?


I say this because the game is no longer supported by social club, so this content can no longer be accessed.


I don't want the content to be unlocked straight away - for the xin missions and sean dealer, i still want to have to complete the necessary requirements that you would have to previously before syncing with social club. I just want to mod / patch it so that when this happens, they then unlock without syncing, as of course syncing is no longer possible.


Anyone know?



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Don't you get the missions without the SC on PSP?

You just had to find the lions.

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Hmm i'm pretty sure that even on the PSP you have to sync your stats with social club after finding them to unlock the missions. Same with after destroying all cameras before unlocking sean. Basically the same as on DS. At least that's what i read from a lot of other people.


Not sure if there are any other social club unlocks?


The only versions i read that had this unlocked without social club were the mobile ones, as they were released after it was shut down for the game.


So basically, the DS / PSP versions require a fan made mod / patch to remove the need to sync.

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I looked for something similar back when I went for 100%, sadly the only alternative I found was to download another savegame. Look for 100% savegames on websites like gamefaqs, since you can just replay missions in Chinatown Wars. Sadly, I don't think there's a way to enable them in your own savegame right now. If you do find a way please share!

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What sort of bullsh*t is that? Rockstar has the original Grand Theft Auto website mirrored, and still supports all the other Chinatown Wars Social Club things (f*cking origami cutouts and sh*t).

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