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astro a40 PC or Logitech G633 [Gaming Headset]


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My Hyper X CLOUD COREs broke and I have to contact Kingston for a replacement, which sucks I went thru 2 pairs of those things in about 6 months.


After those broke I bought I wanted wireless and bought Logitech G933 but they won't work wireless with XBox One, so I used them with a wire.


I decided to purchase astro a40s for Xbox One but wasn't impressed with the audio quality. However, read that the PC version had better speakers.


So now it's a toss-up between astro a40s PC and Logitech G633, they both have pros and cons to me:


  • a40's have better bass but less clarity and seperation of sounds than G9/633s
  • G9/633's earpads don't make my ears as warm as a40's do over time
  • G9/633's can slip off my head if i try only use 1 ear cup at a time to interact with people irl
  • a40's mic is much better than G9/633's, in fact when my friend says "Hey Cortana" my xbox reacted to his commands with G9/633's

Any thoughts or feedback on these options, or even another brand or model?

Edited by aaronBLUEeyes
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I bought Astro's for the durability. I find that the headband design is almost impervious to breaking. If you're still looking for a fully wireless option, the new Astro A50's are fully wireless on both console and PC.



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