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GTA San Andreas Gangs-Tag 99/100 Problem

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I registered to this website just because of this.So, just like you guys, I want to complete my gangs-tag using this 'gangs-tag map' that I download from the internet. Apparently, when I sprayed my 'last' tag, it showed that I only tagged 99/100. Well, enough said, I AM PISSED! Somehow, I calm myself down, and went on tagging searchs again! Eurgh..


So I started at the Santa Maria Beach. I re-sprayed back at all my tags.I wrote down numbers at my re-sprayed tag so that this 99 tags won't happened again. The thing is that, my 'last stop' is on number 88 which is at Idlewood. I curiously want to checked how many tags were left. Apparently there's only 11 left instead of 12!


88+11 = 99 tags

88+12 = 100 tags


Where the heck is my one last tag??


So, I calmed myself down while screaming at this troll 'gangs-tag map' that I download. The question is, what is my sollutions?


1.I took the 'troll' map that I download.

2.I download another map. (DARK52 Map)

3.I compare both maps by ticking/mark one by one to check where is this last tag that this troll didn't put in the map.



If people accidently download this 'troll' person map and have the 99/100 maps, my last tag that were missing is in El Corona (Near Idlewood).


I checked that this 'tag' is the most difficult one to find, but i don't know if you guys already tag it. It is near another tag, which why the troll made it as the missing one, so that we couldn't figured the last one. Also, the mural make it difficult to be found/seen.


Location Details :


- Gangs-Tag No.48

- In El Corona ( Just a walks passed Idlewood)

- Beside Liquor Mart.

- Near 8 Ball Autos ( A shop where you planted a bomb to your vehicle)

- Tag is on a mural on the right side of the wall building Liquor Mart.

- It is VARRIO LOS AZTECAS gangs-tag (Yellow).


Sorry if I didn't helped you guys with this. I am just happy to completed the tags after the 99/100. Shoutouts to Dark52 for the completed gangs-tag map.



By: TechMoon27

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lil weasel

The best Tag Map is



I suggest printing it off.

Putting it in a Page protector.

Use a "China Marker" to check them off.

When finished you can erase the marker and use it again.


Other Maps are:

Snapshots Map

Horseshoes Map

Oysters Map


Import/Export Map

Edited by lil weasel
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lil weasel , you didn't post any map?

so far accurate enough map has ben on some wiki page, 100 tags marked, one is just on wrong side of street and isn't hard to notice, haven't failed to get 100 yet though misplaced map only available via wiki page!

EDIT: ok i read when you didn't add it yet, and due to slow internet i refresh rarely!

BTW weasel, that is the map with misplaced tag in east los santos, though easy to notice it's on other alley!

Edited by Jaanus949

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lil weasel

I forgot to mention, that on those maps you can click the dot and it will open an image of the tag for easier identification.


Also, if on the PC uploading the saved game to http://gtasnp.com/upload

can help in that the page has a Collectors Map that will show which item(s) are missing.



[i went back and redid the entry. There appears to be a problem with the forum today, for me anyway.]

Edited by lil weasel
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tag nr 59 is marked on north side instead of alley on south, i seen people in videos with jetpack at wrong house due to that error, dot probably placed using the player arrow seemingly being more north!

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lil weasel

It should be noted that in Professionally published guides; they will make a deliberate error so that they can identify Plagiarized material.

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deliberate or not but I and alot others were confused for quite a time before seeing correct red/orange wall or realizing some are under surface or behind corner

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