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Java Game Offline


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Hi guys.

I need some help here,could someone compile the source code for these java games to make them playable offline.I really want to play these games, it look cool.

I cant load the game in my browser since it used old java version.


First game:




(The source code is on the page)


Second game:





Source code for Left 4K Dead here



I really appreciate if anyone could help me.Thanks.

Edited by 4NT1R3KL4M4
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Have you tried compiling these yourself?

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Yes, used eclipse to create jar file.When i double click the jar file nothing happen.When i used cmd it say "no main attribute".Im totally zero in this java thing thats why im posted this here so anyone that have better knowledge in this subject could give me a hand.Thanks.

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There is no need to lock/delete. It will naturally fall to the bottom of the page.


But if you have some insight that might help someone who stumbles onto this thread later and wants to replicate your results, feel free to share it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just PM me for that.


Come on man. There may be people in the future that find this thread with the exact same problem and you just posting how you resolved it will help them.

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  • 1 year later...

I've run into scenarios like that millions of times online. They'll post an issue, solve it somehow, but never reveal how they did it. VERY annoying and frustrating.

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  • 4 months later...
ghost of delete key
On 9/4/2016 at 3:47 PM, 4NT1R3KL4M4 said:




This defeats the whole purpose for public discourse.

If you're not willing to share the solution you found to your own problem, you probably shouldn't have posted in the first place.

It's not all about you, it's ALL about those who read these threads.


On 9/5/2016 at 6:45 AM, 4NT1R3KL4M4 said:

Just PM me for that.


No guarantee whatsoever you'll ever be around to answer one... that's the whole purpose for the thread, so others can read the problem and possible results.

Also, this is old, and I expect no resolution, but others reading this might get THIS message at least :)


Edited by ghost of delete key
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