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East Vinewood Vagos Est. 2016 [NOW RECRUITING]


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About us...

The East Vinewood Vagos are a newly formed crew that are looking to take over the streets of LS and claim it as there own. This will be a partial role-play crew just to maximize what we can do in Grand Theft Auto Online. We are all about making money and gaining respect and fame at the same time. We will work our way from the bottom to the top, literally going from rags to riches. I'm looking for the most loyal hood rats out there that are willing to grind hard to get what's deserved.

What I'm looking for...

I'm looking for the hardest guys out there, guys that not only shoot but brawl too. I wanna be the medium sized crew that no-one f*cks with. This is a serious crew so if you're not willing to take this serious then you're wasting your time reading this topic. That been said that doesn't mean we can't have fun! I have been in other crews and once they grow there is no leadership anymore, thats where this crew will differ from the rest. This crew will be kept at a moderate level of active members, monitored by my chosen officers. You should be able to role-play too, like i said this will be a role-play crew to some sense. We will hang out in the neighborhood we're originated from and only use cars and weapons that match with our level and cash amount. To join this crew you will require a new PSN account and this is a MUST! This is to add to the role-play so we can all literally start from the bottom, every new recruit we will have to build up and help them make money this I think will help to maintain loyalty within the members. Last of all you must be able to speak English as I myself am English therefore it would only make sense.


The rules are simple and easy to follow. They are as follows:
  • No crew killing or destroying crew vehicles.
  • Don't bring police to the neighborhood.
  • Social Club profile visible to crew.
  • EVS is your ONLY crew, no exceptions are made you're either with us, or you're not.
  • Do NOT start a war without a superior officers permission to do so.
  • Must have a mic.
If any of the rules are broken this could lead to a suspension or even being permanently kicked from the crew.

How to join...

​The joining process is very simple, unlike a lot of other crews they make it a long process. Boring if I'm honest. To apply simple fill out the form below and if you are accepted you will begin a 1 WEEK probation. If in that 1 week you break any of the following rules this will not look good when we come to decide if we want you in or not. Once you are accepted you will be jumped in by 4 other members. Win or lose you are in.



The questions on the form do not fully determine whether or not we accept you. These are just basic question incase we do accept you then we have a brief outline of you and know you a bit better. All ages (depending on maturity level), countries and genders are allowed in this crew no discrimination here!


The hood is where we hang out. These are the streets we patrol and the corners we hold down. For now, all operations will be organized from the buyable house (image below). I am currently near the money goal I need to purchase the house as I have created a new account myself as it is a requirement (see What I'm looking for section). Hanging out in these areas is part of the role-play aspect of the crew and will make the experience more fun for all of us.







Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link.

Edited by RedDagger
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