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GTA V to SA , Finale mission "The Third Way".

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There was a project called "GTA V To SA" by xxGTAXIVxx & THBP they long time they didn't uploaded more missions

You will find old missions and random events here


So I decided to make Last mission of the series the third way.

NOTE: This mission is really big so I divided it into 6 parts first 2 parts having intro and mission's starting cutscene and the others have gun fights and I am not professional in DYOM so please sorry if you not find it dank :p



Agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton task Franklin to kill

Trevor Philips, due to him being a liability, despite having

saved both of them. Later, Devin Weston shows up at

Franklin's house and tells Franklin to kill Michael De Santa,

due to him also being a liability, for Molly's death and his

failure to kill Michael's family. Weston then gives Franklin

three options. A, listen to the FIB Agents, or B, Weston

himself, or C, try to save both of his mentors. After Weston

leaves, Choosing C leads to this mission, and has him call Lester.


Franklin Clinton

Michael De Santa

Trevor Philips


Devin Weston

Steve Haines


Wei Cheng


Lamar Devis

Lester Crest



Merryweather Security



Wei Cheng's Mafia


Protagonists Dead(Wasted)

If Franklin dead

If Micheal dead

If Trevor dead

Protagonists Arrested(Busted)

If Franklin arrested

If Micheal arrested

If Trevor arrested

Protagonists Car Dystroyed

If Franklin's vehicle get dystroyed

If Micheal's vehicle get dystroyed

If Trevor's vehicle get dystroyed

Friends dead

If Lamar dead

If Lester dead



Mirror media fire with SD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jiwphp8tbypy8gd/GTA+V+to+SA+The+Third+Way+mission+full+by+iFaizan.zip


This mission, GTA 5 "Third Way"- iFaizan

Grand theft Auto San Andreas 1.0 en - Rockstar Games

DYOM-Design Your Own Mission - Dutchy3010 and PatrickW

Previous missions of GTA 5 - xxGTAXIVxx & THBP

Edited by iFaizan

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