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Request: Codebreaker 10 or any other cheat disc codes (PS2)


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Hey there! As you may or may not know, PS2 version of the game hasn't a fan-made trainer, but PSP version has, which I don't like playing with. I recently noticed there's some hack things called Action Replay Max and Codebreaker 10 or others, but it seems too confusing for me, to make codes by myself. The main reason I want to get codes is simple: hidden weapons and vehicles in the game, so if there's any other method or mod that makes hidden weapons/vehicles spawn in the world, it should do the trick, but I don't have any hope for that. So, I wanted to enter some codebreaker codes, and succeeded in many of them, except there's some missing codes that I cannot find anywhere else, like for example spawn ghost boat or tiny invisible heli code, which is basically are hidden vehicles. Here's a list of all the hidden vehicles and weapons in the game, if you can find me the codes of these. It doesn't matter which program they're running in, I'll try to get other cheat applications' discs just for acquiring hidden things, or if there's any program that converts the codes between each other programs.

Vehicles: All bikes (which is actually present in the game but not in codebreaker code list)

Ghost boat

Police Maverick (acquired!)

tiny invisible heli

Maverick (acquired!)

Hunter (acquired!)

Dodo (acquired!)


VCN Maverick (acquired!)

Bus (acquired!)

RC Goblin

RC Raider

RC Bandit that is actually rideable by sitting on top

Weapons: Tear Gas

I just want to acquire all of the not spawning items that actually exist in the game, so if there's any other way for that, like a edited save file, that also will pretty much appreciated.

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