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Stunt Race Showcase


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I've been hard at work at creating stunt races. If anyone is looking for some fun stunt races a try, you should really give mine a try. I'd really appreciate it :)

Here is a working link to a playlist with all eight of my stunt races! http://rsg.ms/60a20ec (Please note these are PS4 tracks)

If you'd like to try them individually then see the links below. None of them should be too difficult. No crazy wall ride or anything like that, however please be advised that "Rogue Wave" is kind of a troll race. You big vehicles like the Dune, or a monster truck to make it more easy. TIP: Sometimes it's best to stop and wait for an opening instead of bashing through.

1. Vinewood Racetrack Stunts: "Point to point off road race around the Vinewood racetrack area." http://rsg.ms/5cd10e0- Features some unique jumps. This one is my personal favorite. Trying to get it verified. I really think people will like it.

2. SUV Mayhem: "Who needs sports or super cars? An SUV is a real mans car. No, It's not a soccer mom car! This course features enough speed to give anyone a raging semi. Insane crossover pattern. Stunt race for SUVs." http://rsg.ms/58566cd- Would be a lot of fun with more people because of the big crossover pattern.

3. Sports Car Playground: "Only thing more fun than going fast and getting air is a handie. Stunt race for the sports class." http://rsg.ms/712ab00- Set up over the sea on one huge big platform.

4. Airport Stunt Race: "Simple, fun stunt race for the Super class." http://rsg.ms/8eb21ac- Features a big tube jump, and a water wave ending

5. Rogue Wave: "Battle through waves to get to finish. Insanely hard stunt race. Keep rain on for added challenge!" http://rsg.ms/9bc0964- Please note: This is kind of a troll race. It'll be much a bit easier if you use the dune or a monster truck.

6. Grand Prix of LSIA: "You just bought a Coupe and think its a sports car. Well it isnt, but you want to show it off anyway. GP race around LSIA for coupes." http://rsg.ms/67d5de4 - Please note, this is a circuit race. Not a stunt race

7. No Translation: "Insane speed, hard corners, water hazard and a bus stop chicane? Its gonna be lit fam. Grueling stunt race for all classes." http://rsg.ms/41a742a- Inspired by plummet, but "I wasn't allowed to called it plummet 2.0. It kept changing the name to No translation, and I liked the name.

8. Martinsville Speedway: "Built in 1947, Martinsville Speedway is the oldest track on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule." http://rsg.ms/759907a- Please note, this is an oval circuit race. Replica NASCAR track.
Edited by pie4july
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My lady friend has out a good bit of time into this map. She is trying to compete for the 8M. MissMollyyx I've ran the map and saw the transitions it's gone through I think everyone should give it a run the more people the more fun it is .

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