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Just an idea...


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So everyone by now should have seen the cult classic street gang film The Warriors? Well, if not, I suggest you get off this damn forum and go watch that! Everybody I know who has seen the film and everyone of them loved it (Including myself I'm a massive Warriors fan).


Now in my opinion it would be awesome to have a remastered version for The Warriors PS2 game. Now I know that they have brought it back out on the playstation store in which i have purchased but I would love to be able to play it online with my own crew, walking around no guns just fists and melee weapons and just fighting it out with whatever other gang we see.


I was thinking of making a GTA V Role-play lobby for Warriors fans. We would make it 9 people a crew and it would be roleplaying, not too heavy but at a point where people who have never role played before can enjoy the game in a different aspect. In my opinion this is an awesome idea and I would love to do it.


The way I would like to go about it is I would first be looking for gang leaders with a knowledge of the Warriors so you can lead your crew in the correct manor making sure no nonsense happens such as the use of cars (Exception for Rogues & Turnbull ACs) and guns (Exception for 1 Revolver for the Rogue leader). Once the gangs and leaders have been chosen I will then allow people to join the lobby as civilians who will then be recruited by any of the gangs that approach them.


As you can see it's just an idea at the moment, but I would love to bring it in to play I don't think this has been done before. If ANYBODY is interested please contact me via the forums OR add my PSN - Hulla-HB


I'm also looking for an assistant to help me get everything ready so hit me up people if you are interested this could be very fun!


Thanks a lot,

The Warchief



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