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Ridge Racer: Deathmatch Race

The John David

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The John David



Do you want a race for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Well if you say yes. Then you're on the right place. This is just a race for fun only for you guys. There's no story about this MP. It's just only a race.


V1.0 Features - Released and Tested on August 26-27, 2016

- First released (Single Race Mission only)

- Added some great stunts/ramps.

- Fixed actor aggresive routes

- Fixed other stuffs

V1.1 Feature - Tested on August 28, 2016

- Added Tournament Mission Mode

- Added soundtracks while playing

- Added new enemy vehicles (Cheetah and Infernus)

- Fixed some bugs/crashes

V1.2 [Final] Feature (New) - Tested on September 7, 2016

-Added Drag Race Mission mode




Jhan Dave; for making this project

Dutchy and PatrickW; for making Design Your Own Mission aka DYOM

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The John David

I wanna make race, but i will be busy with my project named: Sergeant Protect

I mean Project*


Well, you can finish your previous project before you can make racing missions. Thank you for your support ;)

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