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The Deadite

The Official John Marston Appreciation Thread

Recommended Posts

The Deadite

He's a hero, he's bandit, he's an outlaw, he's a family guy, he's a gunslinger, he's a zombie killer... he's John Marston.

Drop your pants cowboy.

Born from a dubious scottish couple and orphan since a young age, John never had it easy, he scaped from the orphanage and found a home with a revolutionary with radical ideas named Dutch Van Der Linden, became part of his gang and robbed sh*t from US to A. Between the assortment of outlaws and bandits he met a prostitute named Abigail who would become his future wife, sadly for John, sh*t went down and the gang left him for dead.
John the criminal was no more, enter John the daddy-o.

John is here to kick ass and chew brain, and you are all out of brain.

John had left his old life behind and settled in with his wife, his son and a man who he never bothered to learn his name. sh*t was going good... but his past deeds would find a way to kick him in the pants, the boot lodged in his nuts had a name and that name is Edgar Ross, federal agent and complete prick.

Get that bitch sh*t out of here boyo.

Now John has to find his old gang and bring them to justice if he wants to see his family again, his journey will take him from deserts to mexican deserts to snowy areas... somehow, he will meet sheriffs, white trash, scammers, possible necrophiliacs revolutionaries and whoever the hell this f*cker is supposed to be.
John is a man on a mission, you better don't f*ck with him or he will fill your sorry ass with lead faster than you can say "Work you damn nag!"

Even John Marston is tired of your sh*t.

John enjoys spending time with his family, pick flowers and ride ponies, however he also likes to knife fight grizzlies and find treasures once in a while.
He's like the Predator and Max Payne rolled together, he can either be a hero or a complete dick, however, he will never, never, ever drop his hat or cheat on his beloved wife. A true gentleman and a legit nigga in every sense of the word.


"Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair. You know that." Edited by Midnight Hitman

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We die alone but we live among men. John had that middle aged wisdom, the been there done that no bullsh*t approach to things. I like to think John represents good honor and Jack turns to the dark side so to speak, exactly what John didn't want to happen, making the story even more tragic.

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He's the fastest Gun in the Old West.


I quite enjoyed playing as him.

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Rockstar Vienna

So far Rockstar's best playable character imo. He's the man! I've never cared so much about a video game character before. I also love it that his voice actor is John in real life. A family man who moves to the big city, looking for adventures and then returning to his family and his farm. Authentic as f*ck!



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He was nothing more than a Yankee f*ckING CHEAT! :sneaky:



On a serious note, he was a great protagonist, right up there with Niko Bellic as one of Rockstars best. :^:



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Payne Killer

Most badass character in a R* game.

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Absar J Khan

The guys a number 1. Badass

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With Niko Bellic by far the best Rockstar protagonist for sure and one of my favourite video game protagonists in general.


f*cking badass and well written.

Edited by Journey_95

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Piggsy pls

Max Payne, John Marston, Niko Bellic. In that order, the best Rockstar characters to date.

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