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Online acting really weird today


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Is it just me or have others experienced online being really glitchy today. I've restarted my PS but I've still seen weird things going on. Getting killed and respawning into totally random places on the map and still wanted. I had to find a new session to stop it doing that. A few time I've had helicopters not in passive mode that I couldn't lock into. Weapons vanishing from my weapons wheel. Lots of crazy things like that. It is just me?

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Nope it really wasn't just you. Glitches galore today! Shot at a cop car and it launched 200 feet into the air and landed on a yacht. Someone shot at me and allofasudden I was lying in Michael deSanta's bedroom. Helicopters coming out of the ground at one point ... admittedly that might have been a really good pilot but you get the point. And that's even without going into the craziness that happened during the Stuntraces where really weird stuff happened. In the end I called it a day and switched off :panic:

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Imminent DLC confirmed?


On topic: I did have some weirdness yeah. Way too many "errors" too.

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Ive had a few indestructible choppers today that seriously puzzled me im sure ive got footage on a saved video of it

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I noticed it a bit during survivals lately. Enemies take alot of damage through lagging everywhere yet somehow i still get shot.

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Yes. I suddenly lost all my sniper ammo, approximately 9000 bullets. Went to buy em back and spent over 70k then got refunded 55k in cash. Like wtf?

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We did a couple Pac Standards last night and on the finale, the cops seemed like they were turned up to 11. Much more police than usual, and hyperaggressive. The skies had like 3 times the normal amount of helicopters too.


No we didn't have NOOSE. I suppose we could have triggered some glitch but I don't know how. The only one I'm aware of is if someone gets on someone else's bike.


But it was fun!

Edited by RayD70
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Same here! Weird spawn locations, spawning glitches when you spawn in a lobby and your character is just frozen and a bunch of errors all the time

Edited by Carrythxd
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l Marksman God l

Kill 2 players whit bounty and guess what? Dont get the money lol

That happens a lot with me; you kill the guy, he respawns still with his bounty and someone else kills them and get the bounty lol. Back on topic, yeahh it's really kinda glitchy today, I was fighting someone near the airport, when I died took me like 30 secs to respawn and I respawned near Eclipse Towers, no orgnization or freemode event.

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Early today: Titan-based cargo sales mission and it wasn't counting the drops

Later today: Repeating "Timed out finding a session" errors, so no more GTA for me today.

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Later today: Repeating "Timed out finding a session" errors, so no more GTA for me today.

Close GTA and restart it again. That works 90% of the time.

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Started with missing all my ammo for my RL, Mini-Gun, and RPG and then bullets didn't seem to register, while I'm used to that, it was real bad today as I even checked my settings to make sure they had not reset.

Gameplay was unpredictable today more than usual for sure.

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A Maned Wolf

This crap:


Also had the disappearing ammo too.

Edited by A Maned Wolf
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Yesterday I had a guy come up to me and punch me so I hit him with the stock of my shotgun and he just staggered back so I hit him again and the same thing happened. I ended up hitting him about five or six times and he was still alive so I took a step back and shot him then he died. Never had that happened before.

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Hmm; I wonder if these things are just residue of an upcoming DLC drop, or perhaps R* is adjusting/tweaking tunables?


The "NPCs that keep getting up after being shot" thing happens (at least sometimes) when things get pretty laggy. But there are some Securoserv bodyguards that are buggy--literally taking anywhere from 3 to 8 headshots with an AP pistol before they finally die.

Edited by DentureDynamite
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Yeah it acted really weird! i actually got a good teammate for a deathmatch!


just kidding same bullsh*t as usual nothing different for me

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1.) I shoot a building with no one nearby......


Fireboy769 killed fuzzilumpkins


Totally caught me by surprise........a guy actually has THAT as his PSN?


2.) a Cheetah (surprisingly) Rams into me while I'm in a normal Insurgent. I get launched up like the Dump-Gate Glitch (Basically all the way to the Watchtower)


3.) I stole a Police Cruiser (Crown Victoria Cruiser) from the impound. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just saying that's the second time I ever saw a Police Cruiser spawn online. The first time was back in 2014. After I stole it, Cruisers became spawning in traffic, at the station, EVERYWHERE.






4.) I'm wearing the red coveralls and Bugstars Patches appear on it. I actually manage to save it (Pro tip: Pause immediately after you open your wardrobe) and it dissappears (the patches) after 10 seconds


5.) AN ARMORED TRUCK SPAWNED. The game and the console hard-crashed as soon as I blew up the doors though, and so the video I was recording was lost into darkness.


6.) i managed to get a no scope headshot in Extraction. I wanted to switch to my Carbone, but THAT happened instead. I got a video that I will be uploading later in the Videos section.



(Me to a Merryguard agent after shooting him 5 times with a point-blank Sawned Off Shotgun blast in the head. And he keeps getting up, shrugging off the bullets. Seriously, What. The. Hell.)

Edited by Fireboy769
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Very glitchy on xBone lately. Near impossible to join any job, so I fudged around in freemode for a bit and started up a hostile take over. the enemies were extremely laggy and wouldn't die. Eventually I finally got to the briefcase but for some reason I couldn't even pick it up :/

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Tell me about it. Posted this in B&M but I got mugged while I ran him over..how the sh*t?


Edit: 1,992nd post, year I was born. :lol:

Edited by Kushology
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Someone called mercenaries on me and left the session, I got never-ending waves of them that wouldn't leave me alone even after I died, I even got wanted by the cops by 3-4 stars for the entirety of the session and I had to leave it in haste.


I swear that this is the most broken multiplayer AAA game on shelves right now, and I don't know if I should be disappointed in Rockstar or myself for not being surprised.

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Well not only online. Yesterday in storymode i got a new window saying something like invalidresources_5. I checked the files with the filechecker and got 7 datapacks with wrong hashes. The funny thing is, after restarting the game afterwards, everting worked fine.

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5.) AN ARMORED TRUCK SPAWNED. The game and the console hard-crashed as soon as I blew up the doors though, and so the video I was recording was lost into darkness.





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GTAO has always been really glitchy


especialy if you play on pc, anything can happen

Edited by Darth Absentis
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well , here's all i've got :

~ back in CMM series A - trash truck , my friend killed a vagos but he somehow cause the death switch places , leaving my friend dead on the ground while said vagos unharmed

~ CMM pacific standard - convoy , after fail the setup once , a merryweather NPC spawn by the bridge and he is in fact , implacable ( you can shot him but he'll get up anyway as if nothing happened ) . he still spawn in same spot after several failure later

~ well , i didn't expect my yacht was floating into the sky while i was in private session and NG console . but the view was rather amazing

~ attempt to give a griefer a karma for killing me no reason , " unknown network error "..... great , karma houdini . what a lucky bastard

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I thought something was weird yesterday. I had a lvl 5 attack one of my delivery rigs so I ran him over at least 4 times and he didn't die. Later he caught me afk and we go into a 1v1. I got him in the face with the heavy sniper and nothing happened. He ducked behind a low wall (I could still see his head) and it took 2 more shots to kill him (no bp helmet).

Edited by TreFacTor
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Haven't been on today, but yesterday I was killing some guy over and over, and every single time he spawned he was SO far away, I mean like crazy far away. He wasn't in a org, there wasn't a public event.. Haven't got a clue. And we was in a sesh for a good hour too

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