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West Coast Emergency Services [ PC | GTA 4&5 ]


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L A W . E N F O R C E M E N T . R O L E P L A Y

WCES is a GTA 4 & 5 role-play community that brings the realism of policing right to your PC. With our dedicated and focused style of providing our deputies and officers with some of the most interesting and compelling radio callouts. But patrolling, shootouts, prisoner transports, K-9 operations, domestic violence situations are just the beginning of a career with WCES. When we say that we have thing to offer you are a peace officer that NO ONE ELSE has, we meant it. Though our specialty is these two amazing platforms on the PC, just look at the things we do here at the BEST LEO role play in PC gaming.


S H E R I F F . E L E C T I O N S

At WCES leadership is earned, not given, but unlike most communities who clam realism, we actually strive to achieve that. Our Sheriff, is a ELECTED position. That's right, members who meet the requirements in our community run for the position of Sheriff, and if elected by popular vote by the entire community, serve for a period of time as the head of the fastest growing department for both 4 & 5 with control over the deputies and direction of the Sheriff's Office. They are immediately made a part of command staff and ordered to start working towards the benefit of the Sheriff's Office. They are also allowed to select their own Undersheriff if they choose, to serve with them during their time in office. This program alone allows new members to potentially jump into leadership if the skills are there and the dedication is real. A true WCES exclusive.


C A R E E R . A D V A N C E M E N T

We at WCES recognize that most people are simply looking for a active community. However, we take your career advancement seriously as it's an important part of passing the touch here. Your supervisor will go to bat for you everyday if they have to to ensure that the time, work and energy you are putting in to make the community better is being recognized by the leadership. It's how they are trained. There are clear and defined methods to everything we do. No one falls through the cracks if they are doing what they are suppose to. At every rank, their is a list of things you need to do to advance and that's it. No bull, our members can attest to this, no favoritism, no buddy-buddy hooks up, just hard working officers and deputies getting what they have earned and deserve.


U S . M A R S H A L S . S E R V I C E . C E R T I F I C A T I O N

One of the best thing about our community is that we recognize the need for gammers to blow of some steam with some good, ole fashioned gun-fighting. Our patrols don't always allow for the shoot-outs you see on t.v's and movies. Sometimes, simulating law-enforcement means you don't get to fire your gun during a patrol. (Though this usually happens) To give people that adrenaline rush they need, our USMS Certification allows officers to moonlight in our high-intensity felony warrant task force, going on various missions to arrest very bad, heavily armed and trigger happy bad guys and girls. Doning tactical gear, loading up in some of the sleekest unmarked cars we have makes this task force and certification one of the best in the community. After all, screaming U.S. MARSHAL'S before kicking in a door just has the right feeling to it.


P L U S . M A N Y . M O R E

We can honestly sit here and talk for hours about the opportunities available to you at WCES, but were the fun in talking? We want you to come check us out and see if it's the right community for you. Just look at what we have to offer for BOTH games:

  • LAPD Canine Unit
  • LAPD CRASH (Gangs)
  • LASD Investgations
  • LASD Highway Patrol
  • LACFD Fire and Rescue Companies
  • Plus lots more....

If you interested in simply earning more, join our TS and enter a public channel to talk with any of our members. Our links are as follows:

We at WCES really hope to see you soon!

Edited by Baker51
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xadamsherex is my Social club name I play on PC please reach me out


also if u want my skype its : ADAMTHECRAFTER I would love to play with you.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff Office is actively investigating a homicide that occurred early Sunday morning at Sandy Shores trailer park in the 6200 block of Algonquin Ave. Just before 6:30am, officers from LASD Patrol Division East responded to the area in reference a report of shots being fired. Upon arrival, they located an adult male with obvious signs of gunshot trauma. The victim was pronounced deceased on scene.


Homicide detectives responded to continue the investigations. Although they are still in the early stages, they have learned that multiple people were in the area when the shooting took place. Several vehicles were seen leaving immediately after the shots were fired.

Detectives are asking anyone with information to please call 99 or 88-CRIME. You can remain anonymous.


Wanna help out? Join up, we been going for two years strong!

Edited by Baker51
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (FOX 11 / CNS) - Authorities Tuesday served multiple drug warrants around the Southland and arrested 16 people, the Los Angeles Police Department reported.

Investigators also seized about $1.8 million in currency, along with "large amounts of cocaine,'' said LAPD Officer Rosario Herrera.

Among the arrestees was Derrick Turner, 48, who was described by police as a "skid row drug kingpin,'' the Los Angeles Times reported.


Turner was arrested at his suburban home in Cerritos during the operation, which targeted downtown Los Angeles's infamous drug market, The Times reported.

Authorities said the goal was to break up what officials described as a dominant ring supplying cocaine and heroin on the streets of downtown Los Angeles at a time when the homeless population is rising along with concerns about crime. Among the evidence seized in the raids was $600,000 in one dollar bills.


"The fact it was one dollar bills tells you a lot about his business on skid row," LAPD Capt. Andrew Neiman told The Times.

The sweep marks the latest in years of crackdowns targeting the drug bazaar that has long operated on the streets of skid row, preying on a homeless community, where addiction is a major problem. Over the weekend, 15 people were sickened during a string of overdoses linked to sales of tainted spice, or synthetic marijuana.

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