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Call of Cthulhu MC is now recruiting! (PC)


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-"Hlirgh throd shogg!"

About: Primarily based in Mt.Gordo, Call of Cthulhu is definitely not your typical MC. With an affinity for the supernatural and a near ghost like presence Call of Cthulhu MC provides a different MC experience to those who wish to answer the call.

Much like your standard MC, Call of Cthulhu engages in rides, brawls, parties, wars, role play, gun and drug runs, ect but with a slightly different take and philosophy on the MC community.

Our unique approach allows Call of Cthulhu MC to be more versatile and flexible, allowing women (female characters) to become fully patched members just as well as the men as well as having one of the first female Presidents of an MC not made specifically for females.

Call of Cthulhu MC admires uniformity, unwavering loyalty, brotherhood and strength and actively seeks out people who share these qualities.

Call of Cthulhu MC is also actively involved in the GTA Online PC MC community and goes on rides with other MC's almost daily.

Since Call of Cthulhu is new to GTA Online, however, there are open positions for Vice President and downwards for those with MC experience and a willingness to see the crew do great in the days to come.

Rules for Joining:
  • Must first become a prospect before becoming a fully patched member.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age to join.
  • Must have a working microphone.
  • Must be active at least once a week.
  • Must be willing to follow the orders of the hierarchy.
  • Must use Discord. If you do not have discord a download link will be provided, it is free to download. https://discordapp.com/download
  • May not join any other MC's or serious rp crews unless deemed okay.
  • MC experience is required to apply for open leadership positions.


  • Killing Crew members and allies without proper cause or consent is forbidden.
  • Only American Chopper styled bikes are allowed. Crotch Rockets are forbidden.
  • Must have the Call of Cthulhu Patch visible at all times.
  • Officers must remain dutiful and active.
  • Members must treat one another with respect.
  • Members may not start a war with another crew without an order.
  • Members shall abide by the majority vote.
  • Unwavering Loyalty and discipline in most situations is a requirement not a suggestion.
  • During rides Prospects are to be positioned in the back.
  • A prospect must be "baptized" to become fully patched.
  • Orders from officers can be disobeyed if they are dumb orders.
  • Prospects are to be treated with the same respect as patched members.
  • Must wear "zombie" contacts in game. Meaning your eyes must be completely white. This is apart of CCMC's uniformity and uniqueness. This is subject to change.
  • Must be respectful of allied MC's bylaws and only fly colors in their territory if allowed.
  • The Assault Shotgun, MG, Combat MG, Minigun, Grenade Launcher, Bullpup Shotgun, Homing Launcher, Heavy Shotgun, Marksmen Rifle, Sticky Bomb, Grenade, Proximity Mine, Grenade and Tear Gas are all forbidden. RPG's may be used against armored vehicles. Exceptions for these weapons may occur if no crew event is going on.
  • American Chopper bikes only, no Crotch Rockets, no armored vehicles, no turreted vehicles besides the Technical, No Helicopters. You are allowed to ride in these vehicles if another allied crew offers you a ride in them.

Territory & Clubhouse:

(Images will be up soon!)

Application to Prospect:

1. Social Club Account?
2. Age?
3. Time Zone/Play Time?
4. GTA Online Experience?
5. MC Experience?
6. Are you willing to comply with our Rules?
7. Do you have a mic?

Methods of Contact:

Albino_Snowman National President:

Crew Page:


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Call of Cthulhu MC is your Premier Horror Themed Motorcycle Cult. With an original take on the MC community. Become an Acolyte (Prospect) as a man, and then be baptized, coming out of the waters of the great deep ones as an immortal.

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Having joined up, and been patched in I can say you won't find a small MC with this kind of unique style and approach. Things are a bit more laid back, but once things get going, we go hard. If you're looking for a more unique, stand out MC in this community look no further.

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  • 3 months later...
Horror Horde180

Wish you guys had a YouTube channel, it'd be cool to watch a gtao series with this crew's theme 

Edited by Horror Horde180
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