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[GAME] Guess where this was photographed!


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Pretty simple. If you guess the location where this photo was taken, tell us the name of the place (can be checked in the map) and take the very same photo yourself. Who guesses right first will be the next one to take a photo of another place that we will have to guess.


Let's exclude interiors that as they tend to contain similar if not the same layout and items. No double guessing, also.


Use one of these if you don't know how to post a photo:



Just upload to one of these sites and add an image with the IMAGE icon.




Edited by Guest
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Awesome, this is my kind of forum game :beerhat: That picture is in Blueberry.



Guess this picture...


Edited by denzal689
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Standing on a cliff and it says "Tierra Robada". I thought it couldn't get any easier until I actually had to find the spot! Harder than it looks.




Loved the spot by the way. Now's my shot:



Edited by Guest
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Hashbury around the corner from the safehouse.




I'm zoomed in with the camera a fair bit here but the elevation of it should make it easy :p



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Wrong, downtown SF from the crane :p

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The back of a house on Grove street, looking from the highway.




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palomino creek north entrance:


can you guess this:


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Top of Back O Beyond?


somewhere more west, you must find the spot using picture and then take photo of same location

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