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Why does Franklin have little to no side activities?


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Michael can play Tennis, Do Yoga, Smoke Weed, and produce movies, Trevor can hunt and earn Moneys, huff gas, go on rampages, Play Tennis, etc. Franklin can do nothing but smoke weed and golf. Why can't Franklin hunt? Or compete in the NBA, or make Rap songs, or DJ, or eat fried Chicken? WTF Rockstar?

Edited by Khr0nic_420
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He can do towing missions, taxi missions, he owns the cab company and is able to do special fares, even meet a girl he can do booty calls with. Don't forget he can also smoke weed, play golf and do street racing.

It's not San Andreas by a long shot but Franklin actually has most activities, and you can always take chop and throw the ball at the Ballas.

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If only the taxi missions weren't broken on next gen for a lot of people...

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They don't trigger whatsoever. It's a really severe bug that actually more people have than everyone thinks.






(...) Just conduct a small google search.


In fact it seems to be around since Patch 5 or 6 from last gen. Plenty of solutions, but not all work for everyone. In two different savegames, none have worked so far for me. And Rockstar, of course, doesn't seem to address SP issues anymore.

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Oh snap, really? Mine work fine, recently I did few normal and I got the special one where Franklin tails this doctor with his jealous fiance.

Not to say people don't have problems, I have a nasty glitch where the stock racing does not appear. I did the first one, got the burger Stallion but from that point on they don't appear.

Edited by Adrian J.
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if next gen getting sh*t then i never switch from xbox 360, if that breaks i find another one, until R blocks it entirely from playing!

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