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What if GTA 4K era unified 3D/HD eras?


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Along with retconning alot from the 3D era such as the Leone family being retconned as the Leone crew within the Messina crime family and after Salvatore Leone's death, the Leone crew still operates under Joey Leone and Sonny Forelli being the Boss of the Pavano fanily in the 80s.


Also, we could see Tommy Vercetti as the head of the Vercetti family as a 60 year old legend which is Vice's biggest Mafia family down south after a war with the DeBello family.


Why? Well I was thinking if they came out with GTA for next gen then we could have 4K era maps with more detail and pretty much the closest maps ever to their real life counterparts Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos and San Fierro in San Andreas and Las Venturas in Robada state with maps that arent islands anymore and connected to a mainland which would have it's borders one way or another.


And in the 4K universe they could merge both 3D and HD universes into one Ulimate GTA universe but retcon and alter some things so they make sense and fit into the game. The whole map is like Google Earth parody of the US but it will only have those cities listed above as playable cities with three proganists in each city whose stories intertwine and are all different.


We see that CJ is still alive and has gone into legitimate property dealings including mega real estate deals and is the head of a major record label. You can do jobs for Tommy and CJ depending on where you choose to start the game. CJ is much more seasoned and more reserved while Tommy has guards of mafioso always guarding him and lives in a luxurious mansion in Vice City. He also has two sons and a daughter. At first you never even get to hear him or see him, you only do missions for him through a seecond party. Then when you do, it's a big moment and the mission is called 'At Last...'and everything from the 3D era has just been juiced up. We find out Torino is an IAA agen operates from city to city and comes in as he was Charles Doberman's mentor and is out to get Dave Norton along with Michael De Santa.


Get the VA for Niko back and we see he has also gone legit with Roman and they having dealings in Venturas but secretly Niko is a now a hitman who uses Roman's deals to do hits.


Woozie is the head of the Triads in San Fierro and every chatacter has been altered in a way to fit into th new universe.


Claude appears as a legendary street racer in San Fierro. Ken Rosenberg is an advisor for the Italian mob in Los Santos. Sweet is an OG for the Families as a whole but is more business minded getting BGs into college to become lawyers and judges for the Families lies while Franklin works for CJ the same but Forum Gangsters are recognized as a legitimate set in the Families. We work for Franklin who introduces us to Carl.


A mission where you have to kill Luis for one of Bulgarin's top men. Anymore more ideas?


In this ultimate hi-def 4K universe the maps of every city are expanded and 3D era characters are really remodelled.

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The final antagonist for each of your trios could be the infamous Kenny Petrovic with Niko's help, Mike Torino where you team up with Michael with your trio as a hitsquad after Torino and his mercenary outfit kills Lester so Michael calls for his back up (return of Trevor) and maybe... Tommy Vercetti as the final antagonist after he has one of your protagonists whacked and you play as his nephew to get revenge would make for the greatest antagonist ever in a GTA game and one of the hardest missions ever where you have to fight through his crime family. These final missions are set up like Heists where you can choose your crew except for the one with Michael as your trio work for Lester too. You have to set up your own hitsquads so meeting characters like Claude, Niko can help as you go after each of them. Tommy should be an antagonist you respect, he is hard to kill, has no fear but when you finally get him... He nods his head in respect and passes the torch onto you.

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Or he's an idea: we could get completely new stories, new characters and new cities instead of recycling the same old sh*t!

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Or he's an idea: we could get completely new stories, new characters and new cities instead of recycling the same old sh*t!

We would. It's a new universe but it also merges the previous universes together into one definitive universe. You would have new characters, new gangs moving in, more structured Liberty City African-American crack-slinging gangs. etc. It's a reimagining of the 3D and HD universes, a what if they came together in 4K and having it on next-gen consoles. A Grand Theft Auto with three places (Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City) including extended cities like Las Venturas in it's own state, New Alderney in Alderney State, etc. with three protagonists to play as either in every city (meaning nine protagonists in total). I think this would be close to Rockstar's endgame with the franchise. From there, they would include Londonium as DLC then wait for the next game until Rockstar can create a whole United States of America.

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Or he's an idea: we could get completely new stories, new characters and new cities instead of recycling the same old sh*t!


The whole point of the new universe is to left everything behind and start over again from scratch

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Stop trying to bring back the old characters, especially not Nico and Roman, we don't even know if Roman is alive

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It's not so much as bringing back old characters, it's recognizing them in a re-imagined 3D/HD hybrid 4K new universe where 3D characters now exist alongside HD characters but all of them have been re-imagined with new 4K characters. We WOULD be playing as new protagonists but Carl Johnson would be a likable version of Stringer Bell who controls alot of turf in Los Santos and has stakes in Venturas, Franklin and Lamar exist and have connections to Carl, Michael De Santa now exists along side the likes of Tommy Vercetti who is 60 years-old and runs the largest cocaine import/export organization in Vice while Ken Rosenberg is an advisor to the Los Santos mafia. Phil Bell re-appears as a member of the Los Santos mob, 4K Los Santos is a more fuller LA which would include hundreds of sets of Families and Ballas sets with an expanded Southern and Northern San Andreas areas which are closer to Southern and Northern California. 4K character designs, alter characters so they fit into this game and have it as the definitive GTA universe, mixing old, new and newer.

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Wow, a 4K universe already. I'm pretty sure Rockstar can milk some more out of the current HD universe if you ask me. No point in getting rid of so many characters.

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There's some convergence already but only as much as Rockstar needs/wants. After GTAIV kept most 3D-universe references in the background, with the notable exception of Lazlow who exists in every universe including the real one, in GTAV you have a character who was in a mission in Vice City, Willy from Love Fist, in a side mission in GTAV. You don't actually see him in Vice City but he's heard in the car with the rest of the band as Tommy chauffeurs them. Somewhat like the reboot of Star Wars canon, just because the storyteller says a bunch of old stuff isn't canon anymore doesn't mean they can't bring parts of it back. The reboot just frees them from being slaves to established narrative and geography.


Rockstar can easily avoid unwanted confrontations with continuity because there's no point-of-view character who could know all the history of the series anyway. For example Niko shows up in Liberty City in 2008, and even if a version of the events of GTA III happened in 2001, Niko wouldn't know or care. Franklin's knowledge of the early 1990s in Los Santos is sixth-hand myth — he would have been a toddler when/if C.J. was around. The player is encouraged to consider all narrators unreliable and choose what to believe themselves.

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