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The Get Down - Netflix Original

Mister Pink

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Anyone watching The Get Down? It's got a budget of 120,000,000. It's a mini series with 6 episodes airing this year and six next. I watched the first episode directed by Baz Luhrmann who also produces (not my favourite director but he makes the show male/female friendly). It's especially great if you have an interest in Hip Hop culture or you like Rap and want a little insight to it's origins. So far we've seen Cowboy of The Furious 5, Grandmaster Flash and there's a whole bunch of graffiti writers in it.


It's kind of set at the end of the era of the 'The Warriors' where street gangs were prominent in and almost every block had it's own gang and coming closer to the end of the Disco-era. At the end of that era Hip Hop culture emerged and instead of gangs killing each other like they used to they battled as MC's and "fought" on the dance-floor, breakdancing while Grandmaster Flash cut and scratched. It follows Furious 4 + 1, the first rappers to be signed.


Sidenote: As we're on a GTA forum, I always wanted Rockstar to set a GTA during this era. Not like this show focuses but a darker, grittier, street brawling game in New York during the late 70's/early 80's.


And Nas.




There's a kind of annoying remix of this track on the ads for it....




Also, if you are a fan of that era and want to see a documentary about the gangs in the Bronx.. check out Rubble Kings.. You'll see some gangs most the The War Lords in The Get Down



Edited by Mister Pink
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I've been baying for a blaxploitation GTA for years, but it seems Rockstar is done with period pieces and are more into making empty, unfocused criticisms of modern society.

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I've been baying for a blaxploitation GTA for years, but it seems Rockstar is done with period pieces and are more into making empty, unfocused criticisms of modern society.


Hear hear. As I said before, in the larger context of the series, VC and SA aren't/weren't really the norm for GTA, at this stage they seem like a deviation now. Pity as I thought we would have more games likes that.


I just finished The Get Down Last night. I really enjoyed it. I know it wont be everyone's cup of tea. I really enjoyed it as it's historical in the sense it shows how Hip Hop culture evolved from the Bronx. It focuses on music and the community struggles but it shows graffiti culture, breakdancing and uses real life characters such as Grandmaster Flash.


It's really amazing the CGI that goes in to creating the 70's Bronx with withs ruined buildings and fires that raged throughout them. Often the developers would set the vacant buildings on fire to claim the insurance back. I heard in one documentary that the Bronx got so bad that at one stage towards the end of the 70's they recorded more Puerto Ricans leaving than arriving.


Anyway, if you are curious about Hip Hop culture, where it came from and the environment that created it, The Get Down is a good start. It has some laughs, it has some slightly mushy moments but for the most of it, it's a good show that's marking a time and place in history that affected popular culture around the world. Something Rockstar shouldn't be afraid to delve back in to *ahem*

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  • 1 month later...

Great show. I know well those early hip hop times, so I didnt exactly learn anything new though, but enjoyed a lot of this series. I wish they do more of those. It would be nice if they did show like this that tells about 89-95 in new york

(well there is allready one like that, but its not that good. Its name is The Breaks. Sets in year 1990, but lot of the stuff you see looks like modern day.....).



Series like this that tells about Dj Premier and Guru or some other eastcoast hip hop stuff in early 90s or 80s, would be mad interesting.

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I'm quite surprised it's not more popular.


I'm gonna check out The Breaks, thanks for thew recommendation.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been meaning to watch this show. maybe ill check it out soon.


if behind the scenes stuff interests anybody, these are some pictures I took of the set. recognize anything?




















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It's winter? :D


You took these? That's cool man. You should give it a go.

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  • 4 months later...

Apparently The Get Down we saw lastyear, was just part 1 of season1 and there will be part 2 coming this year. I was really surpriced when I saw text on netflix that says part 2 coming.

I tought that, that was all of the show and there will be no more episodes. Lets hope it is good as part 1.

Iam now rewatching the show. Its as good as it was first time.

I love this series.



Also I think The Breaks is getting new episodes too.

Edited by LibertyCityGraffitiKid
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I can't wait for this! :D

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