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Just a few questions.


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I installed GTA V on my laptop (Which took 3 days!!!) and now because of my sh*tty luck the computers hard drive is broken beyond repair. so I need to get a new one. The computer is fine (Cracked screen though) and right now I'm loading ubuntu from a usb stick. GTA is gone, now and I cant save anything on my laptop, so I cant let it power off, or I'll have to start it up again. Anyway, once I do get it fixed I just want to ask a few questions.


  • Will I be able to download it again for free, and if so, where do I download it?
  • When I download it will I loose all progress, or will it be loaded from my social club account?
  • I downloaded it on a windows PC, so can I download a mac version? (I have a mac, but I don't like using it for games, but I'm kinda desperate now)

I hope you can answer these and if you can't thanks for at least looking. :)

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  • When I download it will I loose all progress, or will it be loaded from my social club account?


Your save file is NOT saved on your social club account, you can copy it from your old PC if the data is recoverable--


if you do not want to restart the game you can load up someone elses save and continue their progress--


You can search for saves (by the last mission completed) and download them here-- http://gtasnp.com/browse


Note that it is very unlikely they completed everything in the same order as you so you may have to repeat some side missions or they could have done some you haven't done yet in which case you can replay them using the mission replay feature-

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Actually, cloud saves are possible on PC. Not sure when was this added, but I got prompted by the launcher to choose two weeks ago.

It should be in Settings > Game Settings


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