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GTA:SA crashes after loading Save / PC V1


Go to solution Solved by OrionSR,

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Hello everyone,


i found this topic already here, but there weren't any solutions for me :/


I have GTA SA for Pc, and downgraded to v1.00. I use Win10 and Windows 98/Me comp. mode.

I played until after "Black Project" mission in the desert, and everything just worked fine. (maybe max. 5 crashes in ~50 hours..). No problem with saving, no problem with playing, it all worked.

I played the mission and after completing it, i saved in the Verdant Meadows safe house. I quit the game and maybe one hour later, I wanted to continue. But the save won't work anymore. I can start GTA, can choose the save, and it even loads completely, but after the screen gets black (and then u normally are in your safe house), the game crashes. "gta_sa.exe has stopped working" is all I get.

It really annoys me because it's a "perfect" save and I dont want to do it all over again..


I don't have any mods or cheats active. It just didnt work any more from one moment to the next.


Did anybody have the same problem and has a solution?


Thx :)

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If you don't have any Mods there is no reason to Downgrade.

Did you install the DVD v2

or The STEAM registered Down Load v3.

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The save is for a Version One game.

Since you did a "Downgrade" you must have had a Version TWO game .exe

Downgrading ALLOWs for the USE of Mods made for Version One games in the Version Two .exe Game.

The Saves are NOT compatible. You need a Version Two game save.


You would need to change both

The "Main.scm"

and ""script.img" to match the Version One game, to use that save.

Edited by lil weasel
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After downgrading, i started a new game game and played and saved many times until "Black Project", all the time with the same save. So this save was compatible until this mission. And I haven't changed anything.

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but just try to change script version of save in the gasnp page to v2, to see if it reads save then!

though it might be corrupted save due to unnecessary downgrade, i tried v2 scripts and with v1 game itself but this save dont work!

Edited by Jaanus949
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I already converted the save, tried different scripts, did a new install of SA (so v2), converted the save file, used editors to change location, time, etc., but all ended in either "gta_sa.exe has stopped working" or the save didnt load properly, so it started from the beginning of the game.


I just don't get it: I played the game until this point, created the save file with my game version, everything just worked fine, and from one point to another it doesn't work anymore.. :/

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it got corrupted, downgrade had such effect that this mission had impact via scripts onto that save so confusion was injected somehow into this save, ask some professionals to help fix it via save editor, i cant fix it but i can see via save editor that this is really perfect save!

Edited by Jaanus949
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okay, thanks for checking it! :)

i was afraid it was corrupted..and apparently it is.

I should have known something is not right, because right after the mission the progress with Helena decreased by 6% although i wan't in here area.


It just annoys me that i only could get a v2, not a real v1, so i wanted to play in v1, an thats what i got from it..


Thx for your help!

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Solution

Black Project Repaired - http://gtasnp.com/Mt1y2h


It looks like you managed to save while the Black Project mission was still active. Saving with a mission active always corrupts the save. I'm not sure how that could happen but I think I managed to repair the save anyway. FYI, first I set Black Project's wake timer to a very high value so it wouldn't execute, which got the save to load at the airstrip, then forced the thread to end using a cleo script so it won't clutter the save or wake up sometime later, and saved the changes. The repaired save seems to load properly, but I didn't run any other tests.


@Jaanus: If you were viewing the save using SASE1.00 then check out the Threads section of the Script tab. The last entry is MAF4, Black Project, and it's marked YES under the Mis column.

Edited by OrionSR
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i was using the new thing with UI which edits gta's from gta sa to gta 5, can't see any codes with it, thats why i was so clueless, forgot about SASE

Edited by Jaanus949
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Thank you very much for your help!

Unfortunately I cant test it right now, but i think it'll work again. Thank you!


Im not sure, but I think I did some Vigilante missions (in Hunter) in that area right after saving.

But the save disk only appear when outside of a mission, so how could it appear before finishing a mission?


I also used SASE1.0, but I wasnt sure how to read and use the scripts section.


So thank you very much again for your time!

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Yeah, I agree. This is an odd glitch. The save disk thing doesn't bother me. An incoming phone call at the exact right/wrong moment can cause the on mission flag to get disabled -- you might not even hear it. This is an exploit used to great advantage by speed runners and vehicle collectors but... I don't think this was the issue here. The mission tried to end properly. The save name has been updated, IR Goggles were created, and I don't see any extra objects that shouldn't be in area 51, so I suspect all the variables and markers have been set for the next mission to appear.

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So a change in e.g. girlfriend progress at the wrong moment could also be a cause?

Because after the mission ending the progress with Barbara decreased by about 10 or 14%, (so I must have missed her phone call because I was driving maybe), although I wasnt in her area at that time (some time before I was in her area, but not on foot).


I wish I would know more about all the SA glitches and scripts, so I could see something like that..its very interesting :D


So thanks again for your help :)

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Barbara? You said Helena before. Doesn't matter though. Both girls have all rural zones as in their area. I'm not sure how to explain a drop of 6, 10 or 14% but I doubt we'll ever find a complete explanation. These sorts of glitches are pretty rare.

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