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Are lapped races possible if they don't finish where they begin.


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So this is a bit of an odd question, but hopefully one of you will know. The title is all I need answered, but here's some more info on what I'm doing:


I'm currently building a track where players start separate to the main track, the then join onto a sort of circuit, finishing within it.

So does anyone know of a way to allow a track like this to have the option of laps, even if the finish line is not the same as the starting line? I'd like for people to set the number of desired laps, rather than me making a lengthy point to point with overlapping checkpoints, forcing players to drive a set distance.

Essentially what I'm trying to do is have the start/finish line separate (if possible) from the starting grid.
This seems unlikely, but it'll save me hours of work if there turns out to be a way to do it. I've noticed that there are now Primary and Secondary checkpoints, so maybe they will provide a way to do it.


Thanks in advance for your answers.

Edited by Talwick
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I haven't tried out the Stunt Editor yet, but I don't think the option is available for default races anyway. A workaround I can think of is positioning the grid so that at the start of the race its starts off at the "Main Track" but the actual lap check point is a part of the circuit. However, this means your "main track" isn't going to be much of a track at all; rather just a short strip to accommodate the starting grid. I hope that was clear more or less, even if it isn't exactly the solution you're looking for.


If you do find a way (or discover the option) do let us know!

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Thanks for the reply :D

I came to the same conclusion (having the starting checkpoint part of the circuit), and whilst this did work for another track I just published that starts within Fort Zancudo, and then loops around it, the track I was asking this question about will not be able to work this way, as it's start too far apart from the circuit. Oh well, I'll get back to building

I'll definitely put a solution here if I ever find one.

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