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Mule & Heist Mule questions


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i havent been able to find actual answers to this.


was the ability to open the mule's rear removed? i have tried most everything, like the old jump on the roof thing, ramming a car into it, kicking the back, spawning inside with 2 people inside my mule already, but nothing.


i HAVE seen the door slightly open but not completely.


i remember buying my normal mule & my friends just loving the whole rampage potential of it.

i also recall hearing that the heist mule is permanently shut.



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I've only managed to open the back of the Mule with a Rhino, just smack the rear doors from the side with the cannon of the tank, or that atleast worked a few months back. That opened the doors, but the truck wasn't exactly driveable after that, haha.

But, I'm pretty sure R* removed the ability to open the back doors of it completely, just like they did with the Titan a while back. I would love to know why they did that because it didn't exactly hurt anyone if you could open the back doors of it and load it up with a car or something and drive around, but I guess they had some reason.

Anyway, if you're looking for a 'vehicle' that you can open the rear doors from, I think the Big Goods trailer still works (pic below), shoot the top left & right with the Heavy Sniper a couple of times and it should open. You can find an 18 wheeler that's towing it driving on the highway next to the Murrieta Oil Field.


EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm pretty sure it's the same thing for the Heist Mule. I think R* just re-used the Mule model and added a bullbar on the front of it, so you probably can't open the doors of that either










Edited by Carrythxd
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