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Wanted: Save game with Demolition Football


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Does anybody have a save game for this game with the Demolition Football available to share? I'm ripping the sprites and I need the D.Football Icon and I don't wanna have to do all 12 races that come before to unlock it (I already did that nightmare last year, and I'm not ready to do it again just yet xD ).

I don't really need a 100%'d save, or even one with D.Football completed, just available.


Sorry if this post breaks any rules, I don't really know if asking for save games is allowed. If so, a moderator can close/delete the thread.


P.S. It would also be useful if the save game had 50 Taxi fares completed (because I also need the Borgnine sprites) but that is much easier to do than the Street Races, so it's okay if the save doesn't come with it.

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Here's icons rip from the rom. The last one is D.Football.

An interesting thing is there is a 'L' which never appears in game. Might be Luigi as Advance would have been a port of GTA3.

I think you'll need a 100% completed save if you want to rip the sprites of F1. But you can also rip it from the mission 'Race to Run'.

100% save state by Jeroen207

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Thanks a lot, man!

And yeah, really interesting about the 'L' icon. I wish they would've put Luigi in the released game and he could give us missions like in III (he was one of my favorite 'bosses' from that game, tied with Joey). I also just replayed GTAA recently (spriteripping and to refresh my memory on the story) and, I might be wrong on this, but I don't think I've ever seen the 'White Dot' icon in gameplay, just the other three ones.

I actually thought the same thing, and I did rip F1's sprites in that mission, but after some trial and error I discovered it will always spawn in the same color (pale green), and I'm manually ripping palette-by-palette (since I don't know how to apply the palettes themselves).

And thanks for the savegame, I googled a lot but only found some dead links.

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