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[question] rendering multiple cameras


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I am working on some research using GTA 5 and GTA 5 mods and one aspect that I am stuck on is how best to render multiple cameras around a player (or a single 360 panorama).


Searching for related topics on cameras yields largely references to RENDER_SCRIPT_CAMS. I imagine I could maybe create a few cameras facing different directions around the player and then have them rendered, but no where can I find how I would actually get the rendered frames from said cameras.


Tho new to modding with GTA 5, I have a decent background in coding so any pointers in the right direction would be more than enough and appreciated. Largely looking to understand how to capture images from cameras (from script cameras or game cameras).


Other hacks that have crossed my mind is to pause the game, cycle through the scripted cameras, capture the screen renderings, and un-pause. This seems highly brittle and I am hoping there is a more direct way of rendering and capturing cameras facing multiple directions.

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