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Question: How do they find out about GTA cheats?


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Jezus Holy Christ

They're always included in games' walkthrough/guide books which are prepared before the release date, as far as I know.

So I guess R* provides cheats to gaming sites/mags/etc. along with the game's preview.


This is what I've heard about Ubisoft and EA games so R* probably does the same.

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Well I suppose that you could just bash a bunch of buttons and hope it activates something but I'd agree with jezus with this one, or it could probably be found in the code somewhere

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Most companies used to deliberately leak cheat codes to the press. Reviewers welcomed cheat codes since they allowed them to blast through the games faster (or at least get to see more of the contents) and of course they could publish them in their guides and whatnot.


Sometimes they also got leaked by beta testers, localization teams or other people who got to work with the game at its final stages.


In some cases cheats were pretty obvious. Not the case of GTA most likely, but say, Quake engine games would just list all the available commands on request, cheats included.


Yet other times cheats were discovered by crackers, hackers and modders who messed with the code for various reasons (see Hot Coffee), or in ancient times by creators of cheat devices. Cheats usually weren't very obscured in the code since they were supposed to work in all cases, often since very early stages of the game, and there were a bunch of similar routines in the code in one place. So they were fairly easy to stumble onto with debuggers.


In case of GTA I agree with the assessment that they were most likely just spread by the dev team directly for guides.


Well I suppose that you could just bash a bunch of buttons and hope it activates something

Good luck with that. On a Dualshock controller you have 12 buttons that are useful for cheats. If a cheat pattern consists of 10 button presses, you have 1:61,917,364,224 chance of stumbling upon a cheat code just by pressing random buttons :p

Edited by RogerWho
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