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Secondary character losing stats


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I spent a lot of time, sweat, blood and tears making sure my main character has all the stats filled out. Even lung capacity. And excluding Mental State, of course.


So when it was time to start a secondary character, I brought out the same sweat, blood and tears and managed to max out her stats as well. But now she keeps losing a random point of stat at random intervals, most commonly when I'm playing with my main char. But my main doesn't lose stats when I'm playing as my secondary. It's really aggrivating to have to go to the beach and punch NPCs to gain my strength back because I switched to my main for a minute to check what his daily objectives were.


I am thinking of sending a ticket to Rockstar support but first I wanted to hear if anyone else with two maxed-out characters have the same issue? And if they do, maybe they have a fix for it?

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it's on purpose, so no bug/glitch.

usually your 2nd char loses a little skill when you don't use him for a longer time.

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So is it only the second character? And when you say "for a longer time", surely that must be longer than the aforermentioned minute I spent looking at my main character's Daily Objectives...

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same happened with my 2nd character...i do not know why though...before this i had an other 2nd character and the stats on that one stayed up


primary characters stats once were all maxed and they stayed like that


i do not think it counts as a glitch at all though...its was said many times before that character stats are suposed to degrade if you do not use a sertain character to much

i have no idea what the time limit is and when exactly stats start degrading though...same that i got no idea if there is a patern in what stats degrade first

i gues you just better visit every character atleast once every time you play just for the sake of it

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I don't know, it feels like such a waste of time even trying to level my secondary character now, knowing that her stats won't stay unless I force it almost every time I start the game.

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You should contact R* support. It's true that stats were meant to degrade over time. But the rate and intervals you are describing sound suspect.


I've had two characters since January 2014 and will often neglect to play one or the other for months at a time. Both have max stats and neither have degraded. Ever.

Edited by soundism
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