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Things you should never do.


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Don't use more than 50% tint on your window unless you want to drive like a blind person at night.

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Another pet peeve is folk with no knowledge of indicators (turn signals) I've almost got out and had fights with people for that!

So i take it you've almost fought every BMW, Audi and Mercedes driver you've met on the road?


A BMW X5 used her turning signal today BUT moved over painfully slowly and was driving like she was scared.


Haha I drive a BMW X5 :lol:



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Depends, might have been. Usually it's no indicator coupled with blinding HID headlamps that annoys me!

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Depends, might have been. Usually it's no indicator coupled with blinding HID headlamps that annoys me!


Now your talking. Indicators are bad enough, but being passive I tend to avoid the worst of it (mini roundabouts can still be a pain), but High Discharge Lights need to be banned. It is one thing to see better, but when the dipped beam is nearly as bright as the full beam you are nearly defeating a purpose. The human eye has a threshold after which you are effectively blind, so having a projection that illuminates everything really shouldn't be allowed for a dipped headlight (sepecially when you have extra lights to help you coming the other way). More needs to be done to teach drivers to drive at night and aclimatise to the new environment. The sunlight headlight is a sign of amateurness IMO.

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Personal experience time:


Don't accelerate until the engine's RPM hit the rev cut....If the engine of your car operates with a carburetor.

(Yes I thought my old '83 VW air-cooled boxer had a rev limiter, that was a long ago)


Talking about carburetors, don't try to tune them if you don't have the proper tools.


Also, don't let a bolt fall inside the carburetor...Just don't.



....I miss my old beater

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Rev cut on a carburettor ?


Not on my Rover 213S aka Honda ciVic 1.3 .



Things you should not do ?


Sell a car you really like, because your girlfriend says so.

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NEVER put a spoiler on a FWD car, never.

Putting my two cents in, if you don't mind. Wing on the FWD cars actually does provide rear downforce for a better grip and cornering. For example, GT-R LM Nismo (quite extreme example, I know) and Civic Type R.

But yeah, I get what you mean. There are a tons of people putting wings on the cars without a real purpose. And it doesn't really matter, which drivetrain they use

Edited by DeadEnot
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What do you drive now? Just curious :)

My mother's 2010 VW Gol.

Its water cooled and with a proper EFI system with rev limiter, I share the car bills with her :)


But I still miss my beater, that sh*t was loud, leaky, with a fuel gauge that could be better applied as a altimeter and had horrible gas mileage, but damn that car had its character, and its becoming more of a rare sight around here.

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