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Possible to change certain Ped behavior?

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What I mean by behavior is what they do in certain situations. For example, some will always drive off if their car gets punched or something, while others like the gang members and criminals will get out and attack whoever damaged their car.


This is different than when they road rage, for some reason. That happens when a vehicle rams into theirs and they get out and give whoever hit them the finger before attacking them. If they're in the ped group for gangs, they have 9mms but otherwise have random melee weapons.


I managed to put a random female ped into the grove street gang, simply by putting her name in the indicated line. All you have to do for this is play with your pedgrp folder, you can add any ped to any gangs and even make other gang members work for grove street (and vice versa). What I want to know however is if you can change the aggression of some of these peds, for example, the female one that I added to the GSF line always drives off crazily whenever someone punches her car or hits it with a weapon. She also tends to run off a little more than the GSF members do, and I was wondering if there was a folder or something that you can edit to change these behaviors.


For clarification, nothing I spoke of is done with downloadable mods. All you do is edit your files a little bit. Any help is appreciated. I'm doing this because I want to edit my game as much as possible, without directly modding it.

Edited by Veigar

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lil weasel

Whatever you want to call. changing the codes is modding:



Modding requests

Modding requests are made <click> here.


WELCOME to the San Andreas forum!


Edited by lil weasel

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