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The Official Self-Actualization FM and the Journey Thread


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Self-Actualization is amazing! Best in EFLC.



Fun fact: Since the Aphex Twin song doesn't have a title




It's not exactly the title. Aphex is a twisted mastermind and instead of naming the songs on the album (except for one), he gave a matching picture to each melody. The one featured on the Journey well... it has a picture of a Z-Twig, so that's why it was adopted as an unofficial title :p


I remember making my own titles based on the images, Z-Twig is the non-official title to Warp Records version.

As the Warner/Sire version has the name of "B+W Stripes" coz that version has different images and deleted 2 songs (Hankie and Stone in Focus).



I extracted some dialogues of Audrey from Self-Actualization FM, some closely related with COM cult:


-"You know, I was lost once, I was taking drugs, having a lot of unstructured and unapproved sex, I slept with womem ignoring my own truth..."

-"I love Moonbathing, my breasts loves Moonbathing, this is Moonbathing".

-"I'm so happy to sharing the thoughts of brother Adrian to you, and his songs, dead prophets or dead songs? These songs are alive, celebrate yourself, by worrying all about yourself".

-"This song is called Bike, because cosmos is a Bike"

-"Here I am, there you are, together we are here and there, we are everywhere, it's time to see through the lights, and Into the truth that they cannot hide".

-"COM is not a cult, Brother Adrian helps our truth on the process of Self Actualization, to be personal development beyond the confines of Society, you can't judge me, because I am free and you are value system".

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If Self-Actualisation FM had more 90s, Warp Records-esque tracks in it's playlist (like Bike, Artifacts and Prophecies and that Orb track) I would probably have enjoyed it a bit more.

They remind me a lot of Darren Aronofsky's Pi.

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