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GTA LCS: Contra-Banned: Toni and the Leones went to the meeting in Portland with the colombian cartel, Miguel makes another apparition, after a few dialogues, the LCPD set the dealers up and you have to take Miguel and his crew out. Year: 1998


GTA III: Miguel's death: After Miguel being tortured by Asuka and Maria, he got taken out by a stick sticking out his upper body, killing him. Year: 2001


I guess he respawned at the nearest hospital or used a cheat???




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The game never says it but he survives. Its as simple as that.


Another case of R* logic? Too obvious.

Edited by Still Madd
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You don't HAVE to kill him to pass the mission as far as im concerned.

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Toni shot him but he survived. simple ;)

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