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★ GTA SA Xbox 360 remastered official topic★

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I personally didn't really like Xbox 360 version it had waaay too many flaws in gameplay I remember once I couldn't even recruit some gsf homies from ganton for a minute it had too much delays in stuff I personally like the ps2 port on the ps4 I didn't have no problems with it at all GTA sa on the 360 remastered sound good for a minute but not really once you actually play it

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Yeah it's a terrible port job, an emulation of the Android version of the game, a complete disgrace that Rockstar actually boxed this and pushed it as a remaster when a lot of things were worse.

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I know this is an old topic, but I'm gonna leave my 2 cents anyway.

1. Crashes, MAINLY (I had random crashes when free roaming) in the mission "Sweet's Girl" and after you finish the Flight School missions, you can't get on the marker to try and beat your high scores because the game will crash. So I Suggest any1 that wants to try this version to get gold in all challenges before leaving the monitor for the first time. Note that you can retry the tests, you just can't leave the monitor and then enter the marker again.

2. Clunky controls

3. Some songs cut

4. Glitched cutscenes

5. Once I saved my game and CJ would not move at all. I had to restart the game. I don't know what the hell happened.

If you have access to ANY other version, play it.

Edited by BowlingMaster

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