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B/S/T With Other Players


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Not sure if this idea has been said before as I am pretty new here so I apologize if it's been done before.


Does anybody else think it would be cool if we got a feature where we can sell our vehicles to other players? Have a buy/sell/trade system where we can negotiate for cars, or trade evenly. I would even be okay if rockstar would open up a "dealership" that we would have to buy in order to begin selling our cars. Others can then go into our dealerships and offer either cash or other vehicles for our cars.


Just an idea, please share your opinions

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Have you seen any flying pigs lately? No? Then it's not gonna happen.

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People would sell their vehicles at ridiculous prices. And knowing them, they glitched the thing for free in the first place, so they make a huge profit.


Never going to happen, same with the stock market.

Edited by REXX93
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Maybe put a cap for the highest price one can sell a car for, and allow them to decide if they want it at that price or lower. If that cap is the same as what lsc gives you, than obviously it's nonsense but maybe make the cap at the original prin of the car before modification


I'm just dreaming here, nearly 100% sure it will never happen, but just wondering if it is even a feasible idea for a new addition to the game

Edited by Tenko67
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Would be abused and used to transfer money, regardless of any anti cheat measures put into place.



Life finds a way.

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2 ppl have $1mill cars. They trade even, R* makes $0. They each have to buy the others car, R* makes $2Mill. If the cars are sold first R* makes 60% of the original price, plus the other 60% of the new car purchase (assuming the 40% from the sale is applied to the new car), then R* makes $2.4Mill. Ur idea is neat, but taking money out of R*s virtual wallet isnt gonna happen.

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ill never happed because of the transfer of wealth.


i have seen this feature implemented in other game and while it was a nice thing to have, it got abused.


years ago there was this flash based racing game named Nitto 1320 and while the game had microtransactions you could buy subscriptions, premium cars etc etc, it also had a UCL(used cars lot) where players could either trade or put their vehicles up for sale to other players.


the seller could choose between a public sale or a private one, public auctions and stuff like that.


it could make a great feature for the game, but again with the amount of modded money we still have floating in the game, i just dont see it happening, atleast not on this version of gtao.

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I expected this to be another Bullshark thread.


I'd like something kind of like that, they did it in MCLA, even though it was sh*t, but this game's economy is absolutely disastrous, you'd have stock Ballers on there going for $15,000,000 and sh*t.

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I thought it would work something like the madden card system, where other people drive the prices up/down. That way there's competition. Also since stock cars are worth a certain amount, there would be a cap so people can't sell over (for example) their original retail price stock

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Thought this was a bull shark testosterone thread

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l Marksman God l

It's not a bad idea but it won't happen due to people with modded accounts selling cars at really cheap prices; it would be really hard to make something like that to work without people exploiting it as a money transfer method.

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Maybe do a maximum and a minimum price then


Again, almost sure this will never happen but just thinking if there is a way it would actually function without being exploited... Probably not

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Thought this was a bull shark testosterone thread



OT: it should be like this


The car you're selling has a set price. It cannot be sold for how much it is at retail. Only below it. Mods increase it (like engine increases by let's say 12k)


When you list the car, you cannot drive it anymore, but you can take the listing out.


Once you buy it, you have to go to the player's garage, where the car spawns outside. Get inside and it's yours. It cannot be entered by other players and it cannot be destroyed


Exclusive cars (Fraken Stange, Returning player cars) and free cars cannot be sold



Edited by Fireboy769
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Have you seen any flying pigs lately? No? Then it's not gonna happen.

I wonder how much a flying pig costs.


Yeah, the idea isn't new. I mentioned it ages ago in a few threads that R* could benefit from having a location where you walk in (passive mode) and walk around looking at player vehicles for sell. If you've played Forza then you'll know about the Auction House. Basically you pay an amount to display your vehicle for a certain amount of hours, you pick the price and a buyout. The buyout is there so people who don't want to do a bidding war/want the car right now can buy it out at the price you set. As said in here, the system would be abused but so is the Auction House in the form of supercars worth millions and Honda Civics with a red square on the side with text saying, "remove square to see code for Microsoft Points" but obviously the paint is locked so it can't be removed and the Civic is stock yet put at like 5mill. The issue is that GTA doesn't have a paint editor and you can make most cars look like one you saw with the exception crew/special paints. If there was an Auction House in GTA it would have both cheap cars from millionaires wanting to give away cars and expensive cars from greedy players.


Despite the broken system it would create (well, create more than what is currently broken), I'd be happy! There's no economy at the moment. It's all player trading with Rockstar. It's a one-way banker; you get money from them at a real-life dollar and you sell them stuff in-game at half, if not less, than the original price. We're getting f*cked royally here and we're gladly consenting to it. If R* introduced an Auction House, I guarantee it that they'll monitor it heavily which will make us hate R* more or will monitor it lightly and they'll see less money coming their way - unless they make a buck on the side on each car sold. Adding that virtual dollar towards R* (for in-game legalities such as proper documents or delivering fee, for example) means the buyer loses money so despite not making R* any real money, it does remove some from us which is what R* wants.


@Fireboy: Nah. After seeing Forza 4's Auction House, I want variety in prices. For example, if I want to find a Bobcat, I can input it in a search engine and a listing of Bobcats for sell come up. Seeing it's not popular let's say only 6 pop up. Most have realistic pricing depending what it has been done to it but others are listed as a stock one for 5K while another has tons of mods and a custom crew paint for 500K. Surely no one will buy the 500K Bobcat but I like having varying prices. Having to hunt for a vehicle and the proper price is half the fun of the Auction House. Having the game set the prices is too on rails. Sure, it's gonna remove absurd prices set by players but sellers aren't making a profit, unless the price for selling is higher than what LS Customs sells it for.


I dunno, it just feels too monitored for my taste to have the game set Auction House prices rather than setting it ourselves. On a clearer note, I'd prefer having the car roll out of a warehouse where the car is held and we drive it to our garage instead. Can be blown up but it's covered in our name now.

Edited by livejoker
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