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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Hacked money question

chronic lumbago

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chronic lumbago

Hey, I haven't seen a good question dedicated topic around here, redirect me if there is one. Thanks! (and sorry)


A few months ago or so a friend of mine was gifted with over 200 million GTA$ on PS3. Now he's barely playing the game and isn't exactly planning to buy a PS4 anytime soon so he lets me use his account on my ps4. A few days ago I transfered his character and went on a huge shopping spree since I haven't touched this game since the first Lowriders update.


Will this account be blocked? I haven't modded anything at all. I was lucky enough to recieve basically unlimited money, bought everything I desire, from yachts to warehouses and I enjoy this a lot. It's a blessing not having to worry about cash.


Btw, I'm not your random hydra-sh*tting-microfiend with an age less than the amount of your fingers on your left hand. I just like to buy cars, clothes and use the new office features and yachts. I enjoy this game more than I ever did right now. Other than that I do all kinds of missions just to have some fun or currently, trying to get people into my group to fill all the warehouses I can with dope. Hell, I don't even play deathmatches.


To put it short, I, a "good hearted" player got his hands on a current gen "unlimited" money account. Can I be banned or have my account emptied?

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How To Get Away with M

Most likely not, however due to the increasing number of Modded accounts lately, R* may take further steps through a maintanance or similar against Modded accounts.


In the very worst(or best) case scenario your account would be reset.

Currently you do not have to worry about anything, but then again, R* might take additional steps in the future.

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Contrary to popular belief, R* has modded accounts under their radar, it wasn't long ago people complaining their accounts had been wiped and even garages full of T20's collatoral becoming worthless. R* most likely review accounts where there is a substantial spending spree as you described but they probs won't catch up with you for a few months, but then maybe you'll get lucky and slip through the net

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Well since you asked, there is a dedicated quick question thread as well as a Help & Support section.


You're also not the first to ask this, even if your scenario is real or not that friend route is used since GTA came out. As Heaven said, you'll probably slip through the cracks. Just calm down with your spending and enjoy the gameplay mechanics instead of the virtual possessions. Explore the world. Join car meets. Meet people. Meet randoms. Get killed by randoms. Stick to Invite Only because randoms are dicks. There's tons of stuff you can do without spending rich man money.

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If you think that $200M is a lot of money, just wait and see for yourself how it quickly goes down to about $10M.

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chronic lumbago

..I spend 40 million in 3 days.


I understand nobody trusts the friend story but it's true and that's all there's to it. A brother to be more accturate but there's no need to go into detail.


I've already bought all I desire and am busy with the new stunt races and ceo stuff like mentioned before, also there were quite a few cash cards bought with this account so I hope I'll be lucky and this will go unnoticed.

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I believe your friend story.


IMHO your real risk is your friend taking back his ac.

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chronic lumbago

The thing is, he's keeping his PS3 account exactly the way it was. Transfering makes a completely new, seperate GTAO account like a one way ticket.

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its a miracle your "friend" didnt have his money wiped on ps3...


contrary to popular belief, theres a anticheat running on ps3 that is mainly for money detection, modded money normally get removed within 2 days and bans are being handed.


i have seen this first hand with my kid, he still on ps3 and receive modded money almost on a daily basis and the thing get removed all the time, just yesterday he had his account corrected by R*, he when from close to 175million down to 18million sfter the correction.


anyway if you already transfered, chances of getting in trouble now are very slim.

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chronic lumbago

Haha trust me, seeing the game on ps3 is almost like counter strike on pc or garry's mod lol. You're lucky if you enter a modder free lobby. Altough I have to add, most modders don't do anything too bad and even give you cash, while back in the GTAIV times most modders were total pricks.

It doesn't even slightly look like R* is doing anything at all to fix old gen issues, though that's just from what I've seen..


But anyways, that's all I needed to know, thanks for the answers.

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