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Create your own gang

Rocket man FI

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Rocket man FI

Guys,You always seen gta gangs.Now lets see your own gang.Well,The game is simple,Just create a gang,the gang will have money,weapons.You can use money for buying weapons,drugs or another business,Business is your choice.Well,


Create a gang,just show me your posts,If i see you post useful,You will recieve money.Any forums member can be your gang member.If they cant make their own gang.It is a game against spammers,who doesnt post useful,


Gangs fill up form



Gang Type:

Location(anywhere,only locations in gta games):



Radio stations:


Drugs(optional,Just post what drugs you want to):





Drugs list:






More will come soon









More features will be update day by day,Your gang will start two hundred dollar with two members,



If u have anything to say,Feel free to post.


Gang participaters:












1.You cant troll or annoy.

2.Respect everyone in this game because they are fighting for spammers

3.Dont spam,cuz it is a game against spammers

4.If u have anything offense,Dont reply,just report it to that.Mod will check about it

5.If u want to ally with any gang,pls PM me,One thing,You have to ask the gang leaders if u want to ally with it



During my absence,I will choose my assistant,




More features is coming,Hope it will be fun,You can give me idea,Good luck

Edited by Rocket Man FI
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Rocket man FI

Simple,Just post your own gang,if u want to join,guys

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This is what this topic is for here http://gtaforums.com/topic/817363-create-your-own-criminal-organization/



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