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GTA: Liberty City 1978


Recommended Posts



A collaboration between Akavari and Tyla


Exploring Liberty City at the height of decay, the story follows three seasoned criminals through chaos and disorder as each competes for riches and survival in a dog eat dog underworld. Set in 1978 with the city dangerously close to bankruptcy, the game maintains a theme of decline and presents both risk and reward to those who dare to challenge the chaos.


Crucial to the gameplay are the environment and how the player interacts with Liberty City, both of which are the foundations for expanded & updated features centred around criminal economies and street crime. Each protagonist is crafted with a unique identity and exclusive activities, allowing for the player to engage the Liberty City experience from every possible angle.




Retaining the three-protagonist system of Grand Theft Auto V, LC78 features multiple lead characters who each provide a unique exploration of the many sides of Liberty City. Though much like GTAV, any of the protagonists can be switched to at any time, the protagonists are not connected in their motivations and live separate lives. Instead, the story works much like GTAIV, with multi-faceted plot points being explored from different angles and various references to your eventful acts throughout the storyline.




  • South Bohan based street gangster. Commands the Apaches, known to be competing violently with other gangs for turf in an attempt to step up to the top tiers.
  • Building a wide profile of contacts throughout the extended Liberty City and Alderney underworld.
  • Questionable relationship Mitt Fitzsimmons. In frequent attendance of peacekeeping sitdowns arranged by the LCPD Detective, at which he represents his gang. Suspected of receiving favorable perks for keeping his activities on the down low.



  • Decorated combat veteran.
  • Believed to be operating as a contract killer since the closure of wounded veterans facilities in Liberty State.
  • Served Airborne with gangster Giovanni Rossi, who is suspected of facilitating his involvement in recent Mafia slayings.





  • North Holland native. Ice cold charisma. Known to favor earning his trade using mind over muscle, using his talents to exploit human weakness.
  • Suspected to lead a crew of locally based thieves behind a recent string of ambitious robberies. Moving into narcotics under the guiding hand of Irving "Bunk" Williams.
  • Martial arts expert.




Each protagonist has a fully fleshed cast of supporting characters; individuals with unique personalities that give you, the player, an insight into Liberty City's criminal economy. The focus is again returned to gangs, with the character list featuring wannabe made men, aspiring drug kingpins and established heads of organizations -- in addition to the shadowy government figures who have vested interests in pulling strings. Meet some of the major players:



Victor Quinones

Cisco's childhood friend and second in command. A slick talker with an unpredictable temper, Victor Quinones is responsible for attracting much of the gang's business, wielding equal abilities for diplomacy and carving out a good deal.


Mitt Fitzsimmons

Well respected lawman posted to Fortside police station, heading up so-called 'warriors of wasteland'. Known for his unwavering loyalty to the badge, resisting all attempts to take bribe money, Mitt Fitzsimmons takes the unorthodox approach of keeping in direct contact with the street gangs that plague South Bohan, negotiating territories and calling sit downs in attempts to broker short periods of peace. Despite the initial success of these, Fitzsimmons often finds himself under the scrutiny of his superiors, who are short both on budget and patience.


Augie Ciquala

Ruthless gang chief, edging his way further into the South Bohan heroin trade. Connections with the Mafia, notably Messina figurehead Leer Valente, allow Augie to control a considerable proportion of the drugs that pass down the chain to street gangs such as the Apaches. Such is his worth as a contact that the protagonist it out to impress him at all costs.


Sixto Callejas

Legendary Puerto Rican gangster, fabled for his sheer ambition and unchallenged reign at the top prior to his imprisonment.


Papi Joe

Old time Alderney pimp and bolita kingpin, succumbing to being pushed out by younger cohorts.


Wong Lee

Chinese heroin pioneer, competing with Mafia backed importers to flood Liberty City with potent consignments of narcotics. Doing so has brought Mr. Lee to the attention of both the Mafia and the IAA, who each attempt to prevent him encroaching on established turf.


Nelson Chivirico

Alderney City based Cuban cocaine peddler, attempting to bring blow to a broader market.



Calogero "Leer" Valente ALL

Psychopathic crime boss recently paroled from prison. The consummate narcissist, Leer Valente returns to Liberty City feeling entitled to seize control of the Messina Crime Family, which has recently fallen into a period of inner turmoil. Ordering unauthorized killings of made men and orchestrating a hostile takeover of the Star Junction sex trade, Leer wastes little time in pissing many people off. Recently quoted as having a desire to have "Jon Gravelli sh*t in Star Junction", he wages war against his old enemy, intent on realizing his grand dream of ruling over the entire Commission and leading the Mafia towards overall control of the drugs trade.


Calogera Valente

Coming soon.


Roy DeMare

Murderous and ruthlessly ambitious affiliate to the Gambetti Family. Impressed with the protagonists ability to handle pressure without breaking a sweat, Roy DeMare quickly absorbs him into a dedicated crew of killers-for-hire, a Broker based enterprise of murder that soon begins to unravel. Overseeing a major shipping operation transporting and receiving goods from the Middle East, he starts purchasing loads of Golden Crescent heroin at knockdown prices, taking his previously small-time antics into the pressures of the big leagues.


With his aim being to secure a position as a made man within the organization, Roy has his fingers in all kinds of pies. While on the surface, his hunger for money appears as greed, his appetite for increasingly audacious schemes is the desperation of the man facing the daily threat of being killed. Family boss Sonny Cangelosi had previously let Roy's operation slip through the cracks, and now cannot do without his income. Having turned a blind eye to his dealings in drugs and pr0nography, he does so only because of the sheer amount of money involved. Seeing the protagonist as an opportunity to perform even more ambitious crimes, he intends on keeping him close.


Sonny Cangelosi

Mafia Don with the required vision necessary to bring the Gambetti Family to new heights of power, but possesses none of the street-smarts desired to execute his skills. Sonny Cangelosi's ascent to the head of the organization is a case of sheer nepotism; the nephew of previously deceased boss Carlo Gambetti, he is rumored to have never pulled the trigger himself on a hit. Despite this, he favors the use of unruly contract killers to take care of his dirty work, operating a world away in his luxury Westdyke estate. This only serves to isolate him further from day-to-day operations. Cangelosi simply cannot translate his lofty schemes to his men on the street, and relies on Jon Gravelli to keep them in check.


Jon Gravelli

Tough as nails mobster secretly considering his ascent to leader of the Gambetti Family. Widely anticipated to have succeeded ailing godfather Carlo Gambetti as head of the organization, Jon Gravelli was ultimately passed over in favor of white-collar racketeer Sonny Cangelosi. Playing the loyal Capo and pledging his commitment to the new boss, privately he orchestrates opportunities that will allow him his shot at the big time.


Federico "Freddie" DeSciglia
Handsome, charismatic: gangster's gangster. Ex-linebacker and neighbourhood hero. Gravelli's right-hand-man. IAA liason.


Matthew "Matty" Santangelo
Gambetti union man. Low-key capo. Old school. Loyal. Sacrificed anyway.

"Young Sonny" Bottino
Bops around with the Crockett Avenue Cheetahs. Drawn to DeSciglia. Close to "Bootnose Johnny" Calabria. On the fast-track.

Bobby Improta
Major skag dealer. East Holland Gambettis. Big mouth. Flight risk.


Tony Genna
Mean. Just mean. Valente's top gun: very much of the same mold. Big-time standover man. Moodswings for days. Done lots of time. Frequents Studio 69. Has actress girlfriends on rotation.


Sonny Kenpo
Valente's pet killer. Expert marksman. Violent martial artist.


Sal Merkin
King of Star Junction. Runs block-on-block of peeps, parlours and adult bookstores. Saturating Algonquin with filth. Career enforcer with the Lupisellas. Fierce with his hands. In constant contention with the Gambetti & Montagna families.

Jack LaRocca
One-time Welterweight champ. Now a general lackey for Merkin. Works the door at Fascination. Wears a coin-belt where his Welterweight title used to be. Punchdrunk.



A defector with ties to insurgents in the Middle East. Sinclair has access to flood of Golden Crescent heroin that he options the sale of through an ambitious Mafia thug out of Broker, in return for the organizations assistance in protecting and distributing the drugs throughout the country. Using the Iranian Revolution as a cover, Sinclair begins shipping product into the United States via containers used to smuggle stolen vehicles into the Middle East. When things inevitably go wrong, he resorts to desperate measures to keep his skin intact.


IAA Contact

Responsible for managing the IAA's vested interests in the Mafia families of Liberty City. The IAA contact is tasked to liaise with current Gambetti don Sonny Cangelosi to preserve the partnership between his organization, though his own thoughts are later responsible for the agencies belief that a more adept pair-of-hands would be better in charge of things...


Giovanni Rossi

Well connected player in Mafia controlled acquisitions of nightclubs, expanding throughout Algonquin with the blessing of his godfather, Jon Gravelli. Rossi returned to Liberty City as a war hero after opting to serve Airborne in Vietnam opposed to taking a heavy stretch in the joint, trading on his good name to move within circles of high-society. Young, impulsive and with combat experience behind him, Rossi is a fast-talker whose lofty ambitions frequently place him in conflict with those above him in the food chain.


Napoleon "Nappy" Scaramozzino
Marseilles native. Shipped heroin and did a stint in Canadian jail. Succumbed to the habit himself. Later worked closely with the Dutoit Gang. Pointman for The Hitman. Makes the arrangements.


Josef Dunin

A sociopathic Polish-American contract killer based out of Alderney City. Initially developing a reputation as a con-artist and a brutal loan shark, his total commitment into fashioning murder-for-hire into ingenious and untraceable methods caught the eye of certain like minded Gambetti mobsters, who put him and his enormous frame to use as an enforcer. However, Dunin's obsessive behaviors and uncontrollable rages are beginning to impact severely on those around him, most notably his family, who are led to believe he paints houses in Algonquin.


Jack McReary

Unbalanced and pessimistic Irish Mob chief based out of Dukes and operating from Purgatory, heading an outfit known on the streets as the "Easties." Give him enough time and Big Jack will thoroughly dismiss any idea of the "Easties" as bullsh*t, revering the days when the mere mention of the McReary name was enough to stake fear in the heart of even the toughest Liberty City hood. Reduced to operating at the behest of other syndicates, he is involved in a burgeoning alliance with Gambetti mobster Roy DeMare, supplying protection to shipments passing through Purgatory's waterfront. Weary with a fourth child on the way and descending into paranoia, Big Jack is looking for ways to set himself up for life.


Derrick McReary

Young and passionate heir apparent to the McReary Mob who prefers culture over crime. Well-read and overly romantic about the world, Derrick attended school for a couple of years and indulged his love of Irish history; an act dismissed by his father who, despite attempts to harden him up, has come to accept his son as too soft for the family business and hinges hopes on his two youngest sons, Francis and Gerald. Briefly jailed for his involvement in violent protests, he dines out on his stories and his families' past to high-society friends Downtown, to all of whom he can't stop talking about "the cause."


Influencing his toughest friend Bucky Sligo and the impressionable Aiden O'Malley, Derrick becomes involved with smuggling guns for IRA sympathizer Brendan Lennon out of Broker.


Maureen McReary
Matriarch. Settles debts walking around with Purgatory with a baby on her breast and a gun in her hand.

Ariel Gara
Criminal failure. Will never amount to anything.

Walter Knox
Killer-for-hire. Useless.

Killer-for-hire. Not so useless.


Homer Monet
Loan shark. Ties to all five families and that pygmy thing in Alderney.

Cullen and Cillian Roughan
Purgatory hoods. Nasty f*ckers. Given the task of protecting Homer Monet. Decide to chop him up instead.


Arturo Alcibiade
Zip. Assumes control of the Saponi Avenue faction of the Messinas. Responsible for imported muscle. Flashy dresser. High-opinion of himself.

Renzo Renzulli
Ineffective acting boss. Brought all this together and desperately wants to pull it off. Previously let the drug business lapse and hires The Hitman to take it back from the Cubans, blacks and Puerto Ricans. Underestimates them. Easily undermined.

Harvey Noto & Richie Weir
The protege and the pigeon. Hold a lucrative piece of Francis International Airport and run hijackings & strongarm out of BOABO. Five years ago, Harvey was a sausage stuffer; Weir a window cleaner in London. Harvey bought his button but Richie can never be made. Big falling out. Gravelli to the rescue.

Tommy Calabrese
Legendary Ancelotti capo. Paroled. Straight back into it. Too much heat on him in Liberty. Operates out of Alderney now. Feeds armed robberies to Jack McReary and his crew of misfits. Backstabber.

Gino Calabrese
Adopted son of Tommy. Arrogant. Vice City tan. Met Derrick McReary at Vespucci University. King sh*t because he's read Machiavelli. Weaseled his way into a gas-tax scam. Would give this 1/5 on Mafia Mondays.

Gustavo "Gus" Sciarra
Last of the South Broker holdouts. Ancelotti soldier. Untouchable. Possesses a scary level of access to inside information. Grand larcenies and hijackings are his bread-and-butter. Moving in on the drug trade.

Lyndsey Albanese
FIB. Handles Gus Sciarra and others. Cues up scores for an end. Funding three wives. Drink problem. Joining Sciarra in the drug trade.

Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith
Frontman of Crystal Ship. Fading to the fringes. Speedball enthusiast. Target.

Charles "Chubby Charlie" Matteo
Mafia royalty. Son of deceased former Matteo Family don. Now represents new-man Giovanni Ancelotti. Businessman -- owns Bari Produce in Tudor. Essential.

Charles "Charlie Brown" Matteo
Namesake. Distant royalty: favourite cousin. Very confusing. Big-time heroin guy. Opening pizza parlours all over Alderney. Handles wholesale to the Carcer City Crime Family. Married into them: hates his wife. Expanding further out West. Belts out big-band under the name "Charles Bennett".

Toni Zanimacchia
Alderney Zip. Represents Valente. Old world provincial connection to the Matteos. Makes sure everything runs smoothly with the distribution network.

Giuseppe Ancelotti
Bossman Ancelotti -- in name only. Vegetative state since the mid-1970s. Useful to his nephew Giovanni. Care facilities are a meeting place.

Vincent Lupisella
Stringpuller. 1950s heroin baron. Lives large. Makes his money leasing real-estate. Owns most of the old theaters in Star Junction -- leases them to the other families. Getting rich off the sex trade. Controls low-income South Bohan apartments. Rents them to dealers through his slumlord brother [Father Lupisella]. Employs son "Loopy" as a rent-collector. Strong opinions. Nasty temper.


Vic "Slick Vic" Conti
Longtime Pavano brokester. Triggerman. No longer so slick. Disappointed and disillusioned. About to pack a 'f*ck-it' bag and head to Vice City.

"Big Tuna" DiLeo
Trusted gofer to Fat Joey. Lives and breathes Italian Holland. Sellout.

Pasquale D'Avanzo
Man's man. Runs the Fortside Fish Market. Encroaching on Mammon Heights.

"Dapper Nat" Gappa
Dapper and fat. What else do you want from me?

Stefano Montagna
Frail Alderney crime boss. Well-liked. Feeble. About to be overthrown.

"Beefy" Alberga
Caregiver. Emotional eater.

Richard "Dickie" DeBenedetto
Soldier in the Montagna Crime Family. Affiliated with the East Hook crew but works lone-wolf. Massive earner. Involved in the most depraved areas of Algonquin sex trade. Totally repulsive. Later throws in with the Gambettis.

Anthony "Tony in the Toucan Shirt" Cavallo
Psychotic Alderney-based mobster. No allegiance. Preys on the other families. Has done for years. Outlaw cop killer and drug dealer. Works exclusively with his crew of equally violent brothers.

Pepe Martelli
Saint Denis crime boss. Succeeded his father. The broker.

Lillo Brancaccio, JR.
The other broker. Has the run of South Florida. Partnered with Pepe Martelli.

Vince Crotone & Albert Dutoit
Montreal blood rivals finally married together by drug spoils. Backing Leer Valente in Florida. Expanded into Tequesta with his blessing: now control the stateside Quaalude market. Tasting power and getting greedy. Thinking of making a switch.

Colcalone-Castracani Clan
Faceless Sicilian kingmakers. Intermarried. Homebase in Venezuela. Penetrated high-society. Now targeting Canadian financial centers to launder the vast riches of the mob. Responsible for organizing the South American route.

Bruno Indacoechea
Exile. Building political connections in Argentina with eyes on the cocaine game. Jumps around the world under the alias Bruce Campbell.

Tommaso Petretta
Liason. Initially based in Sao Paolo. Organizes historic meetings between the Five Families and representatives of the Sicilian Mafia.

Giangiacamo Masciangelo
International drug czar. Massive. Controls governments. Involved in high-level political killings. Orchestrating open warfare with the police and Leonesi. Owns the heroin trade.


Maurice Chamberlain

British born failed writer and descriptive genius, now scripting blockbuster pr0nographic features and managing Algonquin nightclubs for John Rossi.


Mr. Whoopee

Mentally disturbed weapons expert and gun-for-hire whose alias derives from his operation from a Mr. Whoopee ice-cream truck in Middle Park. He claims to have seen extensive combat and is the star of every hard-won war story he recounts, dealing you favorable rates due to your military history.


Harvey Rosenthal

Ambitious car thief and low-level drug dealer considered the protege to Roy DeMare. Operating out of Hairy Al's junkyard in South Slopes, Rosenthal is at the forefront of a significant vehicle theft racket and plans to use his proceeds to further his progress with the Gambetti Family, despite his Jewish heritage. Lack of Italian blood is a problem for Rosenthal, who begins to take options outside the organization to make a comfortable living.



Brutal thug serving as the full-time bodyguard and driver to Gambetti boss Sonny Cangelosi. Despite his propensity for violence and low measure of intellect, his loyalty to the Don saw his recent ascension to the coveted position of underboss.


Sonny Honorato

Legendary Lupisella enforcer working with the Irish Mob against the Ancelotti Family.


Albert de Alquizar

Cocaine dealer based in Vice City, opening ties with the Mafia up north.


Lyle Cleethorpes IV

Wishing to bring the Cleethorpes dynasty to new heights, Lyle IV throws his lot in with the mob to acquire and develop large amounts of property throughout the Liberty City area.




Marvin Rhodes
Major heroin player. Longstanding connections to multiple organised crime families. Takes control of the major narcotics network in North Holland after the imprisonment of "Brownfinger" Powell. Envisions "The Council" -- a co-operative of Uptown and Bohan drug kingpins. Prison educated and violently ambitious.

Irving "Bunk" Williams
Former crime boss. Jaded and cynical after eating a twenty-year prison sentence. Old fashioned principles at odds with contemporary gangland. World War II vet. Purple Heart.

Ira "Bull" Williams
Consumed by greed. Living off his father's rep. Popcorn Pimp.

Pretty Willie
Master of the con. Openly gay. Relationships with old white men afford him access Downtown. Accompanies Darius as a bodyguard and companion. Later comes unstuck running game on an associate of John "The Ox" Cifra.

War hero. Thrown out of Veteran's Hospital. Stranded in Northwood. Finds fortune as a highly efficient gunman.

Marcus Forge
Abusive pimp and thief. Thinks he's invincible. Irresponsible and classless in his approach to business. Currently trying to impress his way into the graces of mobsters Nino & Reinaldo Conte. Resents their treatment of him. Takes it out on his long-suffering wife and son and his blighted neighbourhood of Northwood.

Salty Powers
Successful organised crime boss. Made it from the Deep South. Different game. Now semi-retired. Lives in a massive Westdyke mansion next to the home of Gambetti boss Sonny Cangelosi. Spends his days taunting the old Don. Takes great pleasure in being outrageous. Frustrated at fruitless attempts to break into legitimate business. Finds his empire suddenly and violently torn apart.

"Brownfinger" Powell
Former North Holland heroin kingpin. Recently imprisoned. Relinquishes control of his organisation to Marvin Rhodes. Making connections on the inside.

"Vinewood" Val Matthews
Pioneer of the "factory" processing of heroin. Also facing imprisonment. Looking to auction his connects. Controls block-on-block of real estate throughout Uptown and Bohan. Continues to extract a profit. Awesome aura.

Julius St. Clair
Bohan drug chief. Formerly partnered with Vinewood Val. Now an independent operator. His street-level organisation caters to visiting traffic from Acter, Belmore and Jefferson.

Hollis McDonald
Operates the territory owned by Marvin Rhodes. Oversees the movement of hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars of drug money daily. Struggling with the logistics.

Brother Zaeim
Influential member of the Lenapia Black Mafia. Strict Muslim. Expands not only the reach of The Council but their minds.

Benjamin Stokes
Young racketeer. Greedy and pompous. Violent rep as a pimp. Hooks his girls on heroin and sends them out to turn tricks. Owns the famed Neptune Theater -- now derelict and functioning as a peep show. Close to Ezekiel Turner.

Ezekiel Turner
Controls towers in Bohan's Co-Op City. Links to Bobby Improta and underlings. Caters to Greater and Metropolitan LC. God Complex. Owns the Platinum Lounge.  

George Louis
Dwindling rival to The Council. Once orchestrated an operation which imported heroin directly from the source. Rivaled the Mafia. Blew his fortune and served time. Wanted for skipping bail in Lonestar. Lives with his mother in Acter. Ultra-conservative. Reinforcing his former organisation with an endless supply of relatives transplanted from the Deep South. Territory mainly in Dukes now. Feels he is owed compensation and recognition from The Council. Doesn't get it.

P.G. Jackson
Bit player. Big front. Known in all the nightclubs throughout North Holland. Possesses a charisma and magnetism that lets the world know the party has arrived. Ask him and he'll tell you P.G. stands for Pretty Genius. Finds himself organising logistics. Way out of his depth. Doomed dimedropper.

Roger Byrd
Financier. Big influence in the Beechwood City drug trade. Operates an open-air heroin "supermarket" in a nearby garage. Fiercely independent. Resisting attempts by outside organisations to encroach on his territory. Former race-car driver. Lost three-inches of height when a spinal fusion went wrong. Still drives a souped up Coyote.

"Bunny" Purcell
Mid-level drug trafficker. Works with Lupisella associate Bill Barr to operate a multi-state heroin, cocaine and quaalude ring. Deals almost exclusively to out-of-towners from his operation in Dukes. Receives his supply from Gerardo Germanotta, who introduced him to the drug trade. Formerly strong in gambling and girls. Tight with P.G. Jackson. Also involved in armed robberies and point-shaving schemes with Barr.

Bill Barr
Irish-American career criminal. Badfella. Has Italian blood on side that doesn't count. Enjoys the protection of being close to the Lupisella Family but doesn't want to play by their rules. Hopped up. Twitchy. Would sell his mother for a nickel. A mistake waiting to happen.  

Gerardo Germanotta
Lupisella rising star. Widely feared. Has developed a network of corrupt cops to enable him to do his bidding. Often farms out work to them.

Detectives Bluto & Slim
East Holland team of detectives. Both emerged unscathed from attempts to reform their troubled precinct. Operate a 'pad sheet' of money extorted from drug dealers on a regular basis. Now distancing themselves from regular 'graft' by operating on retainer for gangster Gerardo Germanotta.

Bernie "Bugsy" Sterling
Legendary Jewish gangster. Drug trafficker of notorious reputation. Has spent most of his life in prison. Lives by a strict criminal code that he will not compromise. Despises rats. Frequently launches into violent tirades about people he believes have wronged him. Invested in Mexican Poppy fields in the mid-1940s. Suppliers a lesser quality heroin -- "Mexican Mud" -- throughout Liberty City.

"Baby Bug" Sterling
Useless stand-in for his father. Can't see the angles. Short-man complex.


Alfonso Vasquez
Mexican poppy grower. Brought to Liberty City by Baby Bug. Overwhelmed.

Victor Babbo
Lupisella-affiliated wholesaler. Loses a massive shipment when he is arrested. Believed to be squealing in prison. Eventually transferred to a mental hospital in Bohan.

Victor Babbo Jr.
Leads the Crockett Avenue Cheetahs. Tough as nails. Stepping up for his father.

Nino & Reinaldo Conte
Brothers. Operate from Firefly Island. Ancelotti holdouts. Know Marcus Forge from prison. Golf lovers. Despicable.

John "The Ox" Cifra
Pavano mobster. Sits on a three-man panel. Controls the family with "Fat Joey" Spargo and Peter Farina. Has secret interests in S&M clubs in Westminster. Called to act when "Pretty Willie" and the protagonist rip off a friend.

Detective John Stancampiano
Alcoholic detective. Downtrodden. Sells his services to the highest bidder.

Native of Belmore. Controls the drug trade there. Deals direct with LC heroin suppliers.

Gilberto Bobadilla
Dominican dealer. Works the fringes of North Holland. Branching out into Purgatory & Upper West Side. Putting together a co-operative to purchase bulk from the Colombians. Can't be trusted.

Sincelejo Severo
Represents the Entrometerse Cartel in Liberty City. Runs markets out of Willis and East Island City. Out of favour. Personally deplorable. Monster of a man.

Vida Negro
Battered wife. Runs a ring of mules from Colombia and Cuba. Facing a terrible predicament.

Estelita "Lita" Marcheco
Cuban drug mule. Came to Liberty City for a better life. Chained and kept captive in a Dukes apartment.

Rip-off merchant. Standover man. Fearless. Has the top dealers in North Holland terrified.

Dice-player. Feels Marcus has hustled him. Pulls a gun. Wrong move.

West Indian conman. Currently working the Haitian community in Schottler. Raising funds for what he claims is the Back to Africa movement.

Solidly-built ex-sportsman. Known around The Loop.

Brother AA
Housing police. Affirmative Action. Subject of ridicule.

The Brazilian
Chissano Candeira. Chiz. Figure of mystery. Operates from a waterfront diner in Hove Beach.



The seventies are new territory for the Grand Theft Auto games, and it's only right that the story builds upon the series' reputation for storytelling by revisiting the pinnacle of its success: Liberty City. Explore some of the themes that the story here challenges, including:


  • 1978: a big year in the HD Universe. The gift that was the LCPD Database tells us much happened in the HD Universe during 1978 specifically, and the story here aims to flesh these incidents out. Consider the conflicts between the five Mafia families, the McRearys and Irish Mob in their heyday, and the downfall of Mr. Forge.
  • Decline: Liberty City is at its knees, rotten at the core thanks to rampant street crime and lack of funding. As the storyline progresses, the city progressively worsens; the West Side Highway collapses and turns into a wasteland; buildings collapse. You will witness neighborhoods flattened as decay sets in. The 1978 Liberty City blackout stokes fears that the city has been cut off by the government. Further explored is the decline of industry, which also manifests itself through the decline of criminal industry. The Mafia have reached the peak of their power and are now being challenged by other elements. Morals are challenged, with it now acceptable to rob old ladies to fix up your next nickle bag and Star Junction a cesspit of cheap pr0nography.
  • Hostility: You are presented with a reactive environment, one that is incredibly volatile. The city is overbearingly hot. It's a heatwave and there's no AC. People are going crazy in the streets, losing their minds in open water fountains. Walking down the street with your character feels like someone's going to jump out and carve you up for so much as looking at them the wrong way. Mayor Winkler, a prominent voice throughout the game, is the subject of constant ridicule.
  • Inspiration: Much like Vice City, the storyline has clear film inspiration, with the Blaxploitation genre providing a unique flavor to proceedings; think Shaft, Superfly, Foxy Brown. References include Carlito's Way, The French Connection, Goodfellas, Serpico and Across 110th Street among others. Beyond films, the game also takes from real life events, and you will encounter such random characters as the Boy of Bohan, who strikes fear into your movements through the map at night time.
  • Race: Playing as each of the protagonists, you're going to be an unwelcome face in some neighborhoods. More than this, playing as Darius and Apache, you're going to come under increased scrutiny of law enforcement.




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"Pride and joy and greed and sex. That's what makes our town the best."
-- Rolling Stones, Shattered, 1978.


Revisiting GTAIV's rendition of Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City 1978 expands on the depiction of Algonquin, Bohan, Broker and Dukes in addition to Alderney State by taking advantage of increased hardware capabilities to redefine the existing map completely. With a focus on interiors and populating each neighborhood with its own diverse flavor, LC78 delivers the ultimate NYC experience.





Set 30 years previous to the prior incarnation of Liberty City, the map incurs some major changes and feels almost like an entirely new location altogether. With the backdrop of the game being set to decay and the city facing financial ruin, ample reasons are provided for these locations to exist in 1978 yet be completely absent in 2008.


The death of the labor and industrial industries also play a massive impact in changes to the Algonquin and Broker maps in-particular, especially the West Side of Algonquin. Both boroughs once thrived on imports and exports, but by 1978 are facing death. In 2008, all indications of their existence are mere memories.






Area 2008

Transport Authority Location 2008


Once (and later once again) a thriving strip of shows and theaters, Kunzite Street began its decline into the Red Light capital of the world in the early 70s. Highlighted as a bright-neon beacon of filth to all those entering Algonquin from the suburbs of Alderney and Broker-Dukes, and those arriving from out of town at the Transport Authority, Kunzite Street runs through the heart of Midtown Algonquin and is unavoidable to those passing through from any direction.


Come 2008, a tuna sandwich at O.O.T.'s costs more than it would to get a blowjob here in 1978.






Location in 2008


A bustling and inviting entertainment complex and casino (see: gambling -- side missions), Alderney Casino and the adjoining boardwalk populate the otherwise suburban neighborhood of Westdyke. Despite falling into ownership conflicts throughout the 70s, people still frequent in droves and famous property developer Lyle Cleethorpes IV is known to be taking an interest in developing the site further.






Location in 2008


Built of and surrounded by white marble, this massive plot of land in Westdyke operates as the residence of Sonny Cangelosi. The current Gambetti Don is known to have such extravagant luxuries inside as a heated underground swimming pool, multi-car garages and Cuban maids by the dozen. It is accessible only by getting through the towering gates and scaling the lengthy gravel driveway -- invited visitors are usually collected and driven to the "White House" by Cangelosi's personal bodyguard, Battaglia.






Area in 2008


Completely engrossing Mohegan Avenue is a vast landfill, notorious for the dumping of dead bodies by the Mafia. Overlooked by project blocks built on unused areas of the dump and with the Broker-Dukes Expressway running alongside it, there are two main entrances and exits to this maze of trash. The first is opposite the Homebrew Cafe, a gated area running next to the projects: it isn't uncommon for the playgrounds to be overcome with blowing mounds of garbage. The second is at the head of Carson Avenue, leading onto the Broker-Dukes Expressway.






Location in 2008


Alongside East Hook, the BOABO docks is Broker's major seaport. Placed next to the Twitchin's Sugar Factory, the dock receives goods from all over the country via train (see: robberes -- goods train) with the tracks running underground into Cerveza Heights. Car Floats are used to get goods out of the Eastern boroughs and into Algonquin.







Location in 2008



A revolutionary hospital for the physically and mentally disabled, the East Bohan Developmental Center is located within the Industrial district, an odd beacon of hope among a financially decrepit borough.


By the end of the story, funding will be pulled and the hospital will close.






Location in 2008


Disused landfill being built over, Castle Gardens in 1978 is no more than sprawl of empty lot undergoing sporadic construction. Liberty City intends to build over the rubbish the same as they constructed the WCC on the same wasteland -- but not for many, many years.






Area in 2008


Considered by many to be the blight of Bohan, this poorly constructed (evidenced by its collapse in mid-2000s) expressway connecting South Bohan with the Industrial area covers the south end of the Northern Expressway. Running over Bohan River, it exits onto Rocket ST and receives Northbound traffic from San Quentin Ave/Hollowback ST, where the lane runs through what would become the construction site in 2008.






Area in 2008


Connecting Downtown Algonquin with Uptown, the elevated portion of Union Drive West begins in the shadows of the World Commerce Center at Castle Gardens and ends at the Hickey Bridge, with exits throughout. In a state of deep disrepair, it will collapse after a portion of the storyline and be rendered unusable by pedestrian traffic.






Area in 2008

Hematite ST Yard in 2008


Turned into an urban park by 2008, the High-Line functions through Westminster & The Meat Quarter as a goods delivery route to the West Side Yards at Purgatory, coming to rest at Hematite ST. The High-Line Train receives its loads at Garnet ST Station -- itself accessible by the notorious underground Garnet Corridor linking the station with the subway -- and the train cars are often shipped over to Port Tudor via the famous rail bridge.


The Suffolk Trainyard has become somewhat of a graveyard by 1978, with closure on the horizon and development in its future.






Location in 2008


Replacing the Time Warner Building at the border of Middle Park and Purgatory is the Liberty City Colosseum, a relic of old Liberty City that houses shows, events, and generally serves as the series' missing rendition of Madison Square Garden.







Location in 2008


Sleazy, dangerous, and downright dirty in the era before it became a tourist theme-park, Star Junction dominates Algonquin and a major portion of Liberty City's criminal elements congregate here -- from the street hustlers to the Mafia capos who control the pr0no theaters. Chain restaurants are few and far between; the main eateries here are Big Johnson's and Mamma Cipriani's, as well as the $2 Nuts & Sprunk combos you can pick up with any XXX movie. For things to do, why not shoot 8-BALL at the pool hall, visit the Fascination amusement arcade or ring a cousin to bowl at Liberty City Lanes? Looking for high-class? Pay a visit to Studio 69 on the precipice of Middle Park or catch a musical on Burlesque.

to the filth and explore -- you won't regret it.





Location in 2008


The end of the road for elevated travel in the Eastern Boroughs, one step beyond the functioning Dukes Boulevard station. Located in the shadows of the East Borough Bridge and in close proximity to the Irish Mob controlled neighborhood of Steinway, the area is the host of many a shady deal. While protected by Transit Police and regular rent-a-cops, at night this is the favored location of ambitious street gangs looking to throw up a tag on a subway car.






Area in 2008


In a state of disrepair akin to the rest of Bohan, the legendary Swingers Stadium occupies Boulevard on the banks of the Humboldt River, receiving traffic from and directly overlooking Northwood. It will close someway through the story, being occupied by ambitious and revolutionary street gangs.






Location in 2008


With the exception of Purgatory railyard, this once thriving dockland is now abandoned to the elements, the West Side Piers sitting along the banks of the West River in various states of disrepair, though still able to be walked for unique views of both the Downtown skyline and Alderney State. Men of hard labor once occupied these piers. Now they are lost to freaks, junkies and crazed old wharf rats.








Dominating Castle Gardens and the Liberty City skyline, the iconic World Commerce Center towers are the go-to for high stakes trade. Always surrounded by an abundance of foot and road traffic, pay a visit for majestic views of the city from heights never before realized in Liberty City.




The following section contains a selection of pictures showing Liberty City as is in 1978 versus the GTAIV rendition in 2008.


You will notice the immense amount of decay and the progress realized 30 years later, seeing entire blocks in states of total destruction. Some neighborhoods such as East Holland are in the midst of transitions from slum housing to public housing, with the major project towers in that area undergoing construction -- people sleep under the cranes as they await the finished buildings.


Demographics impact greatly on neighborhood changes. Hove Beach -- almost entirely Russian and Eastern European in 2008, is majority Italian in 1978, presided over by the feuding Ancelotti & Lupisella families, both of whom have extensive interests in the nearby stretch of Broker waterfront; the eastern district -- that closest to Firefly Projects -- is represented by an entirely different -- and Gambetti controlled -- neighborhood: Firefly Beach.


Similarly, Little Italy is more expansive, with Italian influence clearly visible into neighboring Suffolk and Chinatown. Bordella -- the area that would later become Fishmarket North -- and Fishmarket South, are also heavy on Mafia control, with operations at the Fortside Fish Market supervised by the Pavano Family. The Pavanos are also present in a dwindling pocket of East Holland at the north end of Bismark Avenue-- Italian Holland.


Purgatory and The Meat Quarter -- both of which later develop into trendy, upscale areas -- are homes of men of hard labor and caters to their vices accordingly. The Irish Mob have a significant presence in Purgatory and the surrounding area, reflecting the fateful stories Patrick McReary would recount thirty years later.


Cuban migrants -- mostly from the initial exile of the 1960s -- frequently populate the then downtrodden areas of Berchem and Alderney City, partnering with like minded Puerto Rican migrants. Soviets are present in small numbers, mostly as hustlers and conmen in areas of Hove Beach, all viewed with suspicion at the height of the Cold War.


Take a look at the following images to be immersed in the Liberty City of 1978:

Place them without looking at the comparisons for extra points!



















2008: #1





2008: #1





LOWER EASTON #1 #2, #3









2008 #2



2008 #1 #3













STAR JUNCTION #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

2008 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6



2008 #1



2008 #1














2008 #1





2008 #1









2008 #2






BOABO #1 #2



































WILLIS #1 #2 #3


2008 #2 #3


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With a focus on the player enacting and evolving their criminal means in free-roam gameplay, Liberty City 1978 introduces a series of innovative features of which aim to place each of the protagonists in a tough and fluctuating criminal underworld. You will navigate the riches the city has to offer from the ground up, from pick-pocketing businessmen at the World Commerce Centre to planning your own daring heists in the warehouses of Bordella.


Rooted in the overarching themes of identity, race and interaction, each feature considers all protagonists in equal measure with facets of their personalities determining the features they prefer to engage. Introducing an Inventory System that allows the character to build up, buy & sell and use various items acquired throughout the game, expanded Physical and Mental attributes that can be increased throughout the game, and criminal enterprises of which increase in generated income the more you invest time in, Liberty City 1978 makes use of both the city and the criminal climate of the 1970s to the fullest extent.


Innovative features expand interactions with the game world and those who populate it. Being set in a time before mobile phones and internet use, LC78 draws heavily on player vs NPC communication to introduce new levels of immersion.


For further discussions and suggestions, please feel encouraged to leave a reply.


HIT denotes a feature available to The Hitman, with HUSTLER and CON representing The Hustler & Connection.




Later evolving to full on armed combat, gang brawls are The Connection's means of evolving the Apache's status as a heavy set throughout Liberty City. At first limited to strictly hand-to-hand combat, with a handful of your toughest soldiers going head-to-head with rivals throughout the city, brawling quickly progresses to increasingly challenging melee encounters. The outcome of these, and the more battle hardened your soldiers become, develops into points-based reputation for the Apaches. The greater points you amass in-game, the more contacts you'll unlock. Conversely, the more challenging battles will become.


Territory and influence can be gained through completing gang wars, after which you will station your men in the turf you acquire. More about this soon.

With all three protagonists versed in the art of letter writing -- The Hitman from his tours in Vietnam, The Connection and The Hustler from their stints in prison -- mail communication replaces the email function from GTAIV & GTAV respectively. You'll simply collect your pending letters at the mailbox and the protagonist will respond to them accordingly, with the choice of a positive or negative response being entirely the player's choice. In addition to mail from unseen characters, which serves as additional background development, the player will also receive catalogues that serve a similar purpose to websites in GTAV. Interested in that shiny new weapon or the latest Albany Esperanto? Simply mail an order and have it delivered the next day.


Mental & Physical Attributes:

Player stats return from GTAV and GTA: Online, expanded and redefined.

Each protagonist has his own measure of physical and mental attributes. These attributes can be increased individually by both progressing throughout the game naturally, or through the player's own excursions in free-roam.

While physical attributes place the majority of focus upon how the character handles themselves when they are in a situation -- how hard they can hit, how fast they can navigate corners in a vehicle -- mental stats contribute to how the protagonist functions psychologically, effecting how the player interacts with the malestrom of Liberty City and the seedy individuals that populate it. This goes hand in hand with the increased NPC interaction featured in LC78.

Like GTAV, all three protagonists begin proficient and deficient in their own specific areas. The Hitman, being a hardened combat veteran, is in peak physical condition and freakishly composed with weapons; he is, however, the consumate outcast, lacking in awareness and charisma. The Hustler is the polar opposite; ice-cold confident, streetwise and strikingly intelligent. The Connection begins with a boost in resilience, battle hardened from many violent gang battles out in Bohan.


Strength is the damage that the protagonist deals out hand-to-hand. It is built up by engaging any type of physical activity; training with weights at one of the gym's or in prison, doing pull-ups and press-ups in the gang clubhouse.

Resilience is how well the protagonist absorbs damage, both from fists and firearms. The more you increase this stat, the fewer health points the character loses when damaged. Increase resilience by taking blows during a fist fight and staying on your feet, or by surviving six-star rampages when you're down to your last amounts of health.

Awareness functions as the protagonist's level of street smarts, literally how well they know the map, the shady back-alley dealers, and the mistakes that can be made & how to avoid them. Boosting awareness not only places icons on your mini-map as to where NPC dealers can be found lurking, but also gives you a heads up to danger before you walk into it.

Charisma is your magnetism, your leadership credentials; it is also your ability to not only charm the pants off women, but talk your way out of a fight if need be. Ways to increase this are two-fold, as are the effects. Firstly, you'll boost this stat by engaging NPCs in conversation; the more charismatic the player is, the less incidents you'll have of pedestrians getting randomly pissed off at you and calling for cops. Charisma also effects how well you perform as a leader, and increasing this skill will reward you with the increased capabilities of crew members when you're out on a heist.

Composure is your ability to remain calm under pressure, and can influence the game's core mechanics of driving, shooting and fighting. Boost this by doing difficult things and by doing them well. You'll have a steadier shot, a cooler hand on the driving wheel and won't get overwhelmed in a fist-fight.

Intelligence is the sum of your book smarts and the skill of processing complex ideas. This translates to gameplay in unique ways. By reading books, or by attending classes at the local YMCA, the protagonist can gain the skills to create more accurate & detailed plans for more successful heists. In addition to this, protagonists can also become more proficient with second languages. This is reflected in gameplay by subtitles offering an English translation to what is being said around you. Very useful for when you're knee-deep in Spanish Holland and have a running chance at avoiding being jumped by the Lords, or when you're navigating the backalleys of Chinatown trying to avoid captors.

LC78 introduces the ability to read about your antics within an actual, physical newspaper. These can be purchased for $1 from many of the street vendors around the city. Newspapers also serve to provide in-game parody and advertisements concerning unique, one-off items, as well as personal ads if the protagonist wants to hit up some lonely kitty.

Phone Communication:
Beyond face-to-face meets, which are the backbone of mission progression, phones are your primary mode of communication and are located throughout the map. Though sparse in the more rural areas of the map, such as Alderney State, payphones are everywhere; street corners, subway stations, interiors. These can be used to dial any contact in the protagonist's black book and initiate missions when necessary.


Furthermore, car phones provide the most luxurious form of phone communication in the game. These are able to be purchased as you acquire greater fortunes throughout the storyline, and can be installed in any car you own to allow you to receive communication as and when you please.

Tagging & Murals:
An artistic way of immortalizing your most fierce gang battles and fallen soldiers. Murals can be placed on many sizable, spacious walls throughout the map. You'll need spray cans aplenty and a healthy amount of backup if you're spraying in enemy territory. Completing a mural earns you massive reputation bonuses.


Tagging is more common, available in more areas and more forms than murals. Throw up an Apache tag in rival turf or on the side of a subway car to let everyone in town know you were there.




Arms Dealing HIT

Based heavily around Derrick McReary and Bucky Sligo's interactions with the IRA, arms dealing involves The Hitman acquiring, transporting and overseeing the sale of various armament throughout Liberty City and Alderney.


Arson CON

Liberty City is burning -- rents are too high and with vandalism hitting profits, merchants want out.


The Connection will be approached by ten property owners throughout the city -- though mostly around Bohan and Uptown -- to burn down their dwellings. In return for his fire-starting expertise, he will collect a generous sum of the insurance claim.


Assassinations HIT

Encountering shady government operatives through his dealings with Liberty City's Mafia families, The Hitman is recruited by a determined IAA operative to take down a series of politically motivated assassinations for the greater good of the United States safety and stability.


Bodyguard HIT

With John Rossi intent on expanding his profile of Algonquin based nightspots, his ambitions attract an increasing number of high-profile clientele who wish their debauched antics to remain beyond the confines of the velvet rope. From Studio 69 you will escort and protect the interests of several celebrities and VIPS from the gossip columns, crazed fans and insane stalkers that prowl the city.


Drug Dealing CON -- HUSTLER

Focused on both degrees of street sales and supplier deals, you will explore Liberty City's drug economy from the ground up. Taking inspiration from both Chinatown Wars and early computer game Dope Wars, you will compete for corners and navigate the city looking for the best prices, transporting between boroughs to turn the best profit.


Of course, the city is a big place and you aren't the only people with ambition. Be wary of rival gangs who lay down claims to territory. If you want to maximize your profits and eventual growth of your business, you will need to take over real estate. This is where the quality of your supply matters -- the fear you bring into a neighborhood by forcefully taking it over does not turn you a steady profit, but how good your product is. All of this you will have to consider when forming your street deals.


As well as quality, consider the availability of the drugs you are buying and selling -- this is where the money is. This is 1978 and Cocaine isn't big yet. You'll only find it in Algonquin, not the other boroughs, and even then only in limited qualities. Heroin is everywhere -- but The Council and the Italians supply the best. Ludes and Bennies are something you'll find around most nightclubs, while Weed and Angel Dust are common throughout the map.


Gambling ALL

Gambling is extensive in Liberty City 1978, featured in various degrees throughout the entirety of the map. This pastime will become your favorite way of losing (or occasionally doubling) your money, with a variety of games available to each of the protagonists:



Take on sports gambling and heavy debts with your local Italian gambling chief. As with the drug dealing feature, roaming the map will grant you access to better or worse odds on various sports spreads, depending on the family you lay your action with:

  • The Gambettis from Rotterdam Hill in Broker and Willis in Dukes.
  • The Pavanos from East Holland in Algonquin and throughout the Alderney waterfront.
  • The Lupisellas from Fortside and Boulevard in Bohan.
  • The Ancelottis from Hove Beach in Broker and both Acter and Berchem in Alderney.
  • The Messinas from Little Italy in Algonquin and Cerveza Heights in Dukes.

Depending on your standing with the families, bookies may be willing to lend you gambling money at 5% interest a week.



Visit the thriving Alderney Casino along the Westdyke shoreline and play poker, roulette, blackjack or the slot machines among other games. Also functioning as an amusement gallery, bring your friends and lay wagers on midget boxing and the shooting gallery.


Off-Track Betting:

Located throughout the city as an alternative to mob bookies.


Street Gambling:

A huge focus is placed on the number of street games available for the player to participate in, often exclusive to one area of the city, all equally willing to take your hard earned cash. By far the most popular are the Numbers Lotteries, with one set up in every ghetto and ethnic enclave in the map. The Cubans operate their own unique version of the lottery: Bolita. In both games, the player chooses three numbers and places their bet with a runner, and the lottery is drawn the following game day.


Popular confidence games operated by fast-talking hustlers are dice and three-card monte, both of which you can also operate whilst playing as The Hustler.



Back up your big talk with wagers requiring varying degrees of skill. The quality of your physical and mental stats also contribute to how good you are under pressure.


Settle bets over Pool (8-Ball or trick shots, depending how flash you are), Dwarf Tossing, defy death over Russian Roulette or challenge the AOD Clubhouse to an Arm Wrestle.


Hustling HUSTLE

Practicing the art of the con, Darius is able to operate within this side-mission from several perspectives: that of the street level con-artist or the player within one of ten hustles that have been suckered as marks by his accomplice, Pretty Willie.


To continue the theme of interaction, Darius is a keen observer of exchanges between pedestrians and providing you keep your ear to the ground, you'll be able to work out suckers for yourself. Simply approach these people once you identify them in the crowds, and interact with them as you would a normal conversation in San Andreas or GTAV. Increasing your mental skill of charisma will boost the dialogue options available to you, allowing Darius to run a scheme on the spot and con unsuspecting NPCs out of their money. The further you attempt and progress through street hustles, the more Darius will become aware of them in free-roam gameplay.


Hustling marks runs a little differently. You'll be partnered with Sport and have to fulfill a specific role in the scam for it to work correctly and the mark to fall prey to it. Marks may not always be people -- the job may be to run up lines of credit through a dummy company, or to pass counterfeit bills at certain soft target stores throughout Liberty City.


Loan Sharking HIT

With your ties to both the Italian and Irish elements of crime, from very early on Michael will be called upon to collect debts owed to the Gambetti and McReary families. While these side-missions can be simple enough -- or extremely difficult if collecting a debt from someone who is also mobbed up -- progressing through them allows you the ability to loan money yourself.


Michael will need to establish a base; setting one up in an Italian or an Irish neighborhood will determine his backup and the investors in the business. You will profile and loan money to clients, turning a profit based on your ability to collect money owed to you and enforce punishment on those who late pay you. Be too easy and people will start to avoid paying you altogether.


Mugging CON -- HUSTLER

By far the easiest way to get your hands on fast cash, plan this street crime by impulse and grab some wallets, or a little more thoroughly and stick up public transport:


Bus Robberies:

Simply get onto any bus at any spot around the city and start waving a piece around. Keep the driver & passengers under control and force them to hand over their belongings.


Jack 'N Run:

Hit up an unsuspecting civilian and run off with their valuables. Fence stolen watches and jewelry at Suffolk Open Market or attempt to sell them yourself.


The Stick-Up:

Corner your victim and demand their cash at knife-point.


Subway Robberies:

Corner an entire car of commuters with your gang and take them for everything they have.


Pickpocketing CON -- HUSTLER

Like mugging, there are various ways to operate as a pickpocket throughout Liberty City, expanding on existing game mechanics.


The Bump:

Time your approach right and simply bump into your target. How fast you are to press Triangle/Y determines if you're able to swipe anything. The more you work on your mental skills, the more you will tend to steal watches instead of 'dummy wallets'.


The Rear Pocket:

Hit the action button from behind and dive into your mark's back pocket. How skilled you are with your time will get you either a wallet full of dollars or a punch on the nose.


Pimping CON -- HUSTLER

Building on the simple provision of sex to clients around the map, pimping in Liberty City 1978 is a multi-faceted feature that relies on how your build your appearance, manage your corners and treat your hoes to determine your success.


To first begin pimping, you'll need to establish your front. A Pimpmobile is required: get a dealership to supply you with a stock Albany or Dundreary and visit Mothers of Suspension to add the necessary upgrades. Usually, a fat helping of chrome trim and an extra back tire is more than enough to suffice. Once you have your wheels looking fly, you need to upgrade your vine. Assemble any outfit that totals more than $5,000, sourcing furs and exotic silks from stores throughout the city.


Now you look the part, you need to recruit some pussy. You can cruise known red-light-districts such as Chase Point and impress experienced whores, making their pimps look like two-dollar chumps, or head to the Transport Authority to sucker some fresh blood.


Once you've started to build your stable, you need to put your girls on a corner. When you're active in pimping, it will become clear on the map as to which corners are available and which corners are taken. If you choose to seize a corner, you need to come by every so often to collect your money and keep your hoes in line.


Be warned -- rivals and the LCPD will interfere with your game and you need to be active in this area to keep it successful.


Robberies ALL

Expanded beyond its previous incarnations in Vice City and GTAV, LC78 provides you with a wealth of opportunity to lay down heists of varying degrees of risk and reward. Through your interactions with NPCs, you'll be able to establish your own crew and train them to your specific requirements. The reputation your crew acquires as you continue to take down scores together rewards you with contract heists; jobs that are pre-planned by master criminals who will hire you to lay down robberies to their specific plans.


Armored Cars:

Target a cash transport and steal the contents. The longer you observe a truck making its rounds, the more money you can potentially escape with.



Enter a Savings & Loan with crew and clean them out. You'll require a Driver, Entryman, Gunmen and Logistic experts of reasonable skill to succeed, as well as a cool head of your own.


Counter Robberies:

Threaten a store owner and clean out the cash register. Be careful they aren't packing a Saturday Night Special.


Goods Train:

Hold up the Goods Train as it makes its way over the High Line in Westminster.


Inside Job:

Pay off unhappy workers to get privy about shipments both legal and illegal, from the Airport to the Docks.


Poker Game:

Use your obtained knowledge of gambling in Liberty City to locate and rob Mafia controlled card games or policy banks. Expect repercussions and always bring a gunman.



Similar to Armored Cars with a focus on goods. Find trucks in plentiful amounts around Francis International Airport. Offload the cargo to your fence for a heavy payday.


Street Fighting ALL

Returning from TBOGT with expanded scope, street fighting is the combination of a broad spectrum of organized bouts that each protagonist can compete in.


With each protagonist possessing their own unique brawling style, you will first need to go about establishing a reputation for yourself. This can be as simple as participating in an existing underground fight circuit and earning their respect, or getting yourself known as someone who's good with your fists by favoring non-lethal takedowns in combat over gun-play. Over time, your reputation culminates as a record as your successes on the street fighting scene.


Reputation serves as your currency. You will be challenged by tougher opponents with bigger purses at stake as you progress. Be warned though. Should you lose, your reputation resets itself and you'll have to work your way back up to infamy.


Taxi Driver ALL

Grab a Bickle Cabbie and start hacking, no background check required.



Engage in the many avenues of low-level theft. You will need to find a fence to offload the goods to or know the location of a pawn shop to earn a profit.



Prowl the night and empty homes of their valuables.


Car Radios:

Break a window and unscrew soundsystems for your own profit.



Walk in with a big bag and start taking what you want. Who's going to stop you?


Vehicle Theft ALL

Targeted car thefts, available throughout the map. Each protagonist will have a specific list of 15 vehicles that unique contacts will require them to boost.


Vigilante ALL

Lash out at the filth and grime by joining the Avenging Angels in any of the four boroughs and Alderney.


Equipping the Avenging Angels fatigues of a combat jacket and beret, you'll march through the map attending to various levels of street crime. Your fellow Angels become battle hardened much like The Lost -- the more you fight crime alongside each other as a team, the more effective you'll become.


While you are acting as Vigilante, your map in the immediate vicinity -- similar to both San Andreas and True Crime: New York City -- will appear in various shades: green, yellow and red. This indicates the level of crime in the area. It is your job as a crime fighter to turn reds into greens and keep them that way.


In addition to the Vigilante side missions, The Connection is provided with a list of the 20 Most Wanted fugitives in Liberty City by Mitt Fitzsimmons after reaching a certain point in the story. Much like GTAIV, you'll be able to stalk and kill these individuals.




Arcade Games

The new big thing. Visit Fascination in Star Junction to take on Armies of the Night, Shlong and Womb Polluter. Driving games more your thing? Have a crack at Speedway 400.



Shoot hoops at your local ball court.



Get down and breakdance in the streets of Bohan. Bring your boombox and face down the competition.


Take in the famous Liberty City pasttime at the lanes in Star Junction.



The thinking man's game. Boost your intelligence by facing off against old Cuban exiles in Acter park. Contributes significantly to the player's intelligence stat.


Disco Dancing

Strut your stuff at Studio 69 or Paradise.

Firefly Island Carnival

The legendary Firefly Island Funland. Ride the Liberty Eye, brave The Screamer and enjoy the Go-Karts. Try and avoid the Crockett Avenue Cheetahs -- they run this part of town.



Take a boat out and see what you can ring in. Don't be too surprised if it's a rotten, three-fingered hand or one-eyed fish.


Resistance based weight training, forming a great contributor to your strength based physical stats. Develop your punching power with the bench press, your ability to jump and scale walls quicker by mastering the squat, and overall resistance by maxing out your deadlift. Each protagonist can additionally perform pull-ups, press-ups and sit-ups in their desired home properties.



Watch something on the big screen. Recent hits are Padrino, Rum Runner and Glassjaw, while Richards Majestic classics High School! and Nelson in Naples still pull in the crowds.



You stick it through a hole in the wall and come out with full health. Need I say more?


Go underground with illegal street racing.



It was born on the streets of South Bohan. Plug your gear into a streetlight, face down that sucker from around the way and lyrically tear them to shreds over a beat from W-JIVE. Hit the combinations at the right time to maintain your flow.



Dine out Liberty City style, sampling the fine fare of Big Johnson's and Mamma Cipriani's.



Catch something abstract on Burlesque.



Stoopball, an old neighborhood favorite. Join in a street game the next time you find yourself in East Holland.







Grand Theft Auto's wanted system and its effects receive a substantial overhaul in LC78. Considering more complex interactions with Liberty City's wasteland warriors and Alderney's state troopers, factors including heat levels, bribery and visibility are introduced.


Owing to the grittiness of the game's 1970s Liberty City setting and the brutal circumstances under which they must operate, the game's police officers are the toughest of the series, revered for their bravery and outright tenacity, with their own unique measures with which they will attempt to clip your wings.


Police in your radius - when your 'awareness' mental stat is high enough - will appear as small blue blips on your mini-map. A small arrow will indicate which direction they are looking or heading, and this is crucial to you getting away with your crimes.


While the police you encounter on the streets will respond to any crime you commit within their line of sight -- unless they have been bribed -- throughout both the storyline and free-roam, you will encounter police officers who act more like gang members. They will rival your protection rackets, going into stores to collect money. The Mafia hire Detectives out as hitmen. Often, your best source and supply of drugs in Liberty City will be narcotics detectives.

Reconsidering "Busted" - Methods of the LCPD from the 1970s

You can get yourself hospitalized 50 times in any playthrough by messing with the cops, but how many times have you been "busted?"

And even then, what comes of you surrendering to cops? You'll lose $5,000 and your weapons. Not in LC78.

Arrest: The LCPD favor placing you in cuffs as opposed to hospital, and will take you downtown if you give them any jive. Arrest is the outcome of surrendering -- dropping your weapon and standing unarmed -- being cuffed during a brawl with street cops or being busted by Detectives if you let your heat run out of control. Rarely, you will be the victim of profiling and have to fight arrest to make an escape.

If "Busted" for a serious enough crime, the player will spend time in Alderney State Correctional Facility.

Backup: Officers call for backup using police whistles, or via radio if you're in a car chase. Hearing the whistle of a brother officer will bring all cops in the vicinity down on your ass, so be ready to move.

Bribery: Overworked and underpaid, Liberty City's finest are always interested in earning a little extra scratch -- so long as there aren't any prying eyes around. Pay off beat cops to keep the heat off your score, or deliver a brown paper bag to your local precinct to make sure activities go smoothly for the foreseeable future.

Confiscation: The most likely outcome of any low wanted level police attention (2 stars and below) when you're unarmed. If you're beaten into submission by the LCPD after resisting arrest or, God help you, assaulting a cop, you will have the sh*t kicked out of you and be dumped in the nearest back alley. When dealing with street cops and plainclothesmen, you will have a portion of your on-hand cash (10-20%) taken from you, your drugs and weapons confiscated. Hardened detectives will take all your cash and your drugs, and dump you in a bad neighborhood for your trouble. If you're feeling brave, you can strike back at street cops to get your stuff back. When you're dealing with Detectives, you'll have to break into their precinct and get your drugs back before they sell them.

Extortion: In certain precincts, the police are organized more like a gang. Street cops collect protection money from local businesses, and will drop this money if you attack them. This also makes the extortion side-mission harder for the player, as they will have to compete with the LCPD for control of a business.

Patrol: The LCPD and Alderney State Patrol are a visible presence on the streets and subways, cruising in squad cars and patrolling their beat in pairs. Less visible are plainclothesmen, who dress to blend in with the neighborhood and are ready to pounce on you in high-crime districts. Patrolling cops, including street detectives, usually carry Service Revolvers, but will mix it up with batons and fists if you resist arrest without pulling your gun.

Shakedown: Similar to resisting arrest in The Warriors, the shakedown mini-game occurs at any point when you are cornered by street cops. You'll fight to give up as little of your stash as possible, at best smooth talking your way out of a trip to the precinct

Taken For A Ride: Occurring when you piss off gangs that are powerful enough to have corrupt detectives on the payroll. You'll be ambushed on the street you are walking down by unmarked cruisers that close in on you. Assuming they arrest you before you fight them off, they will beat you black and blue in the back seats of their car, take your cash and your drugs and dump you on the street.

Vehicles: The main mode of transport used by the police in the game are their cruisers. The LCPD favor Argyle and Imponte squad cars; Alderney State Patrol use souped up Bravados and Vapids for their fleet. However, in the borough of Algonquin, the LCPD also patrol on Horseback and by Scooter, adding to the diversity of your pursuit.


Your level of police heat is how aggressively the police pursue you, both when you have a wanted level and when you do not. Depending how well you bribe the LCPD, there are four levels of police heat:

Level 1: Increased police response to you visibly committing crimes. They'll arrive faster and come down on you harder.

Level 2: Undercover cops begin to tail you. Unless you lose them, they'll jump on you with shotguns at the first sign of trouble. Worse still, they'll take down your deals if you're lax enough not to lose them before a big drugs meet.

Level 3: The LCPD begin to raid your businesses, cracking down on your rackets and terrorizing your profits.

Level 4: At this point you're too much trouble to be kept on the streets and at you're next save, you are busted and thrown in prison. This may happen at your safehouse, with LCPD busting down the doors with sledgehammers and carting you off, or if you quick save you will be surrounded and subdued.


Police heat also effects how the police operate. If you've generated a high enough level of heat, expect to see four officers patrolling in cars instead of the usual two. At the highest levels, the FIB will respond directly to your crimes as opposed to Liberty City's finest.




Visibility occurs when you're committing a crime out in the open. Every car you hotwire, every sucker you mug out in the open, earns you a certain level of visibility. This is indicated by the six wanted stars appearing in the right corner of the screen and becoming partially filled according to your actions.


How visible you are relates to your environment. Committing crimes no longer earns you an instant wanted level. Instead, depending on how obviously you're performing your criminal acts, your wanted stars will begin to fill with visibility. Murder a hobo on a dark unpopulated street, and you're not going to register any visibility, let alone pick up a wanted level. Start killing civilians in public and you're going to attract a serious police response if you haven't fled the scene.


These areas of the map remain 'hot' for a period of time, depending on the severity of your crimes. If you've blown up Star Junction in a six-star rampage, you can expect to receive some police attention if you pass through there any time soon.


Eyewitness reports (witnesses being indicated on your mini-map) contribute to your heat levels, should you fail to kill them during your rampage. The amount of heat again depends on the crime you've committed. The LCPD won't care too much about stolen cars and picked pockets. They will, however, come down hard on random killings. Plan things out and be stealthy.

Edited by Tyla
Fixing things.
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Albany Buccaneer -- Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Albany Emperor -- Cadillac Fleetwood (1971)
Albany Empress -- Cadillac Seville Grand Opera
Albany Esperanto -- Cadillac Eldorado (1978)
Albany Manana -- Cadillac Calais (1966)
Albany Presidente -- Cadillac Sixty-Six Special (1965)
Albany Primo -- Cadillac Seville
Albany Washington -- Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine (1978)
AMA Altruist -- AMC Gremlin

AMA Deviant -- AMC Javelin AMX (1972)
AMA Renegade -- AMC Rebel
AMA Vespid -- AMC Hornet
Annis Elegy -- Nissan Skyline
Annis Remus -- Datsun 610 (1973)

Annis Savestra -- Mazda RX3 (1973)
Argyle Brutta -- Plymouth Belvedare (1962)
Argyle Cobia -- Plymouth Barracuda (1973)
Argyle Coyote -- Plymouth Road Runner (1969)
Argyle Fuselage -- Plymouth Fury III (1968)
Argyle Greenwood -- Plymouth Fury (1977)
Argyle Oceanic -- Dodge Polara (1961)
Benefactor Feltzer -- Mercedes Benz R107
Benefactor Glendale -- Mercedes Benz W115
Benefactor Schafter -- Mercedes Benz W123
BF Bug -- Volkswagen Beetle
BF Club -- Volkswagen Golf (1976)
Bravado Feroci -- Dodge Colt (1977)
Bravado Gauntlet -- Dodge Challenger (1970)

Bravado Gauntlet Custom -- Dodge Charger Daytona (1974)
Bravado Marsielle -- Dodge Monaco (1975)
Bravado Verlierer -- TVR 3000M (1974)
Cheval Clover -- Chevrolet Nova (1970)
Cheval Fugitive -- Chevrolet Impala (1967)
Cheval Picador -- Chevrolet El Camino (1977)
Cheval Sabre -- Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1978)
Classique Bravura -- Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (1977)
Classique Destrier -- Oldsmobile Toronado (1968)
Classique Epsilon -- Oldsmobile Omega (1973)
Classique Estoria -- Oldsmobile Starfire (1976)
Classique Frigate -- Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (1970)
Classique Nebula -- Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1971)
Classique Stallion -- Oldsmobile 442 (1974)
Declasse Antelope -- Chevrolet Impala (1970)
Declasse Asea -- Chevrolet Chevette (1978)
Declasse Mamba -- AC Cobra
Declasse Merit -- Chevrolet Impala (1977)
Declasse Premier -- Chevrolet Caprice (1975)
Declasse Rhapsody -- AMC Pacer (1975)
Declasse Sabre GT -- Chevrolet Chevelle (1970)
Declasse Tampa -- Dodge Dart (1970)
Declasse Tornado -- Chevrolet Bel Air (1958)

Declasse Tulip -- Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Sedan (1971)
Declasse Vigero -- Chevrolet Camaro (1978)
Declasse Voodoo -- Chevrolet Impala (1960)
Deimos Crapi -- Mercury Capri
Deimos Hellenbach GT -- Mercury Montego GT (1972)
Deimos Mainland -- Mercury Marauder (1969)
Deimos Remington -- Mercury Grand Marquis (1978)
Dewbauchee Exemplar -- Aston Martin Lagonda
Dewbauchee Rapid GT -- Aston Martin V8 Vantage (1977)
Dinka Blista Compact -- Honda Civic (1978)

Dinka Hakumai -- Honda Accord (1978)
Dinka Jester -- Toyota Supra (1978)
Dinka Perrenial -- Toyota Crown Wagon

Dinka Sugoi -- Honda 1300 Coupe S (1971)
Dundreary Admiral -- Lincoln Town Car (1973)
Dundreary Broadway -- Ford Mainline (1955)
Dundreary Regina -- Mercury Colony Park (1972)
Dundreary Virgo -- Lincoln Mark V (1978)
Enus Stafford -- Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Enus Super Diamond -- Bentley T1 Coupe (1968)
Grotti Brioso -- Fiat 500 (1965)
Grotti Cheetah -- Ferrari 308 GTS

Grotti GT500 -- Ferrari 250 LM
Grotti Stinger -- Ferrari Daytona
Imponte Angelus -- Pontiac Le Mans (1977)
Imponte Devastator -- Pontiac Grand AM (1978)
Imponte Dukes -- Dodge Charger R/T (1969)
Imponte Nightshade -- BM Camaro Phase III (1970)
Imponte Phoenix -- Pontiac Trans AM
Imponte Ruiner -- Pontiac Firebird (1969)
Imponte Tahoma -- Pontiac Bonneville (1967)
Invetro Coquette -- Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (1969)

Karin 190Z -- Datsun 240Z

Karin Calico -- Toyota 2000GT (1967)

Karin Futo GTX -- Toyota Corolla TE37 (1977)

Karin Intruder -- Toyota Corolla (1978)
Karin Sultan -- Toyota Celica (1976)
Lampadati Casco -- Maserati Khamsin (1975)
Lampadati Felon GT -- Maserati Bora (1974)

Lampadati Michelli GT -- Alfa Giulia Sprint GT Veloce
Lampadati Pigalle -- Citroen SM
Lampadati Tropos -- Lancia Stratos

Lampadati Viseris -- DeTomaso Pantera
Maibatsu ZR250 -- Mazda RX-7 (1978)
Marcel Chamon -- Peugeot 504 (1977)
Marcel Rocket -- Alpine A310
Obey Tailgator -- Audi 100

Ocelot Ardent -- Lotus Esprit
Ocelot Jackal -- Daimler Double Six
Ocelot Lynx -- Jaguar E-Type
Ocelot Windsor -- Jaguar XJS (1978)
Overflod Destiny -- SAAB 900 (1978)
Overflod Previon -- SAAB 99 Turbo (1978)
Pegassi Infernus -- Lamborghini Countach

Pegassi Toreador -- Lamborghini Marzal Concept (1967)
Pegassi Vacca -- Lamborghini Silhouette
Pfister Centaur -- Porsche 928
Pfister Comet -- Porsche 930
Putz Chazal -- Stutz Blackhawk (1974)
Schyster Ambassador -- Chrysler Windsor (1957)
Schyster Envoy -- Chrysler Imperial Le Baron (1968)
Schyster Fusilade -- Chrysler Hurst 300 (1970)
Schyster Legate -- Chrysler Le Baron (1978)
Schyster Majestic -- Chrysler Imperial Le Baron (1974)
Schyster PMP -- Chrysler Cordoba (1975)
Schyster Statesman -- Chrysler Imperial (1972)
Ubermacht Oracle -- BMW 728I
Ubermacht Sentinel -- BMW 635CSI
Ubermacht Zion -- BMW M1
Vapid Blade -- Ford Mustang (1965)
Vapid Chino -- Mercury Monterey (1968)

Vapid Clique -- Ford Custom (1951)
Vapid Dominator -- Ford Mustang II Cobra (1978)

Vapid Dominator GTT -- Ford Mustang GT (1969)
Vapid Esquire -- Ford Galaxie 500 (1963)
Vapid Fortune -- Ford Thunderbird (1972)

Vapid Hustler -- Ford Coupe (1933)

Vapid Imperator -- Ford Falcon XB GT

Vapid Panto -- Ford Pinto
Vapid Peyote -- Ford Thunderbird (1957)
Vapid Radius -- Ford Fiesta (1978)
Vapid Stanier -- Ford LTD (1973)
Vapid Torero -- Ford Gran Torino (1974)
Vapid Uranus -- Ford Maverick (1977)

Vulcar Fagaloa -- Volvo Amazon (1967)

Vulcar Nebula -- Volvo 242
Walter Walter -- DeSoto (1961)
Willard Convoy -- Buick LeSabre (1977)
Willard Faction -- Buick Century (1976)
Willard Idaho -- Buick Rivera (1974)
Willard Marbelle -- Ford Granada (1975)
Willard Solair -- Buick Skylark Sport Wagon (1964)
Zirconium Stratus -- Subaru Leone (1971)


Emergency & Fleet


Albany Meat Wagon -- Cadillac Fleetwood Ambulance
Argyle Taxi -- Plymouth Fury (1977)
Bickle Cabbie -- Checker Marathon
Brute Bonebox -- Chevrolet "Bread Box" Step Van
Brute Paddy Wagon -- Boyertown Merchandiser (1962)
Declasse Fishtank -- GM Fishbowl
LCHP Cruiser -- Plymouth Fury (1977)
LCPD Cruiser -- Plymouth Fury (1977)
LCPD Patrol -- Pontiac LeMans (1977)
LCPD Wagon -- Pontiac Catalina Wagon
MTL Fire Truck -- Mack CF
Police Faggio -- NYPD Lambretta
Police Wintergreen -- Harley Davidson Electra Glide
State APD Cruiser -- Ford LTD II (1978)
State APD Patrol -- Dodge Monaco (1975)
SWAT Boxville -- Chevrolet Step Van
Vapid Ambulance -- Ford F-Series Type I Ambulance
Vapid Detective Special -- Ford LTD (1973)
Vapid Enforcer -- Ford C-Series
Vapid Taxi -- Ford LTD (1973)




Bravado Bison -- Dodge D100
Bravado Gouranga -- Dodge Warlock (1977)
Bravado Rat Loader -- Rat Loader
Bravado Youga -- Dodge Sport Van
Canis Bodhi -- Kaiser M715
Canis Seminole -- Jeep Cherokee SJ
Declasse Bobcat -- Chevrolet C10 Stepside (1969)
Declasse Boxville -- Chevrolet Step Van
Declasse Burrito -- GMC Vandura (1971)
Declasse Rancher -- Chevrolet Blazer (1978)
Declasse Speedo -- Chevy Van (1967)
Declasse Walton -- GMC 150 (1955)
Enus Huntley -- Range Rover (1976)

Karin Everon -- Toyota Publica Pickup
Karin Rebel -- Toyota Hilux (1976)
Vapid Rumpo -- Ford Econoline (1978)
Vapid Sadler -- Ford F-150 (1977)


Browning Pistol

Colt Pistol

Magnum Revolver

Service Revolver

Silenced Pistol

Snubnose Revolver

Stechkin Pistol


Beretta SMG

Ingram SMG

Madsen SMG

Micro SMG

Skorpion SMG


Walther SMG


Ithaca Shotgun
Lupara Shotgun
Remington Shotgun
Winchester Shotgun

Assault Rifle
Automatic Rifle
Battle Rifle
Carbine Rifle
Light Machine Gun
Sniper Rifle
Tranquilizer Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Tear Gas Launcher

Edited by Tyla
Removed broken tables and fixed weapons & vehicles.
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1.    Ashford & Simpson -- "It Seems To Hang On"
2.    Bionic Boogie -- "Risky Changes"
3.    Boney M -- "New York City"
4.    Bumblebee United -- "Lady Bug"
5.    Candi Staton -- "Nights On Broadway"
6.    Caroline Crawford -- "Comin' On Strong"
7.    Champ Boys Orchestra -- "Tubular Bells"
8.    Chic -- "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)"
9.    Chilly -- "For Your Love"
10.    D.C. Larue -- "Do You Want The Real Thing?"
11.    Dinosaur -- "Kiss Me Again"
12.    Discognosis -- "Step By Step"
13.    El Coco -- "Dancing In Paradise"
14.    Hamilton Bohannon -- "Let's Start The Dance"
15.    Johnnie Taylor -- "Disco Lady"
16.    Le Pampelmousse -- "Le Spank"
17.    Belle Epoque -- "Miss Broadway"
18.    Macho -- "I'm A Man"
19.    Marsha Hunt -- "The Other Side of Midnight"
20.    Midnight Flyer -- "I Just Want To Love You"
21.    Miquel Brown -- "Symphony Of Love"
22.    Musique -- "(Push Push) In The Bush"
23.    NY Port Authority -- "I Don't Want To Work Today"
24.    Odyssey -- "Native New Yorker"
25.    Phreek -- "I'm A Big Freak (R*U*1*2)"
26.    The Rimshots -- "Do What You Feel"
27.    Rinder & Lewis -- "Lust"
28.    Rosebud -- "Have A Cigar"
29.    Salsoul Orchestra -- "Magic Bird of Fire"
30.    Sine -- "Happy Is The Only Way"
31.    Sticky Fingers -- "Wastin' My Love"
32.    The Supremes -- "Let Yourself Go" (Larry Levan Remix)
33.    Sylvester -- "Down Down Down"
34.    Universal Robot Band -- "Dance & Shake Your Tambourine"
35.    Yvonne Elliman -- "Uphill Piece of Mind"




1.    Aerosmith -- "Sweet Emotion"
2.    Black Sabbath -- "Children of the Grave"
3.    Blue Oyster Cult -- "Quicklime Girl"
4.    Deep Purple -- "Space Truckin"
5.    Derek & The Dominos -- "Layla"
6.    Eagles -- "One Of These Nights"
7.    Electric Light Orchestra -- "Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle"
8.    Foghat -- "I Just Wanna Make Love To You"
9.    Foreigner -- "Long, Long Way From Home"
10.    Grand Funk Railroad -- "Walk Like A Man"
11.    Humble Pie -- "I Don't Need No Doctor"
12.    Jefferson Starship -- "Sweeter Than Honey"
13.    Joe Walsh -- "Turn To Stone"
14.    Journey -- "Mystery Mountain"
15.    The Kinks -- "Mr. Big Man"
16.    KISS -- "Love Gun"
17.    Led Zeppelin -- "The Rover"
18.    Montrose -- "Rock Candy"
19.    Nazareth -- "Expect No Mercy"
20.    Queen -- "Fight From The Inside"
21.    Robin Trower -- "Tale Untold"
22.    Rolling Stones -- "Shattered"
23.    Scorpions -- "Catch Your Train"
24.    The Stooges -- "Gimme Danger"
25.    Thin Lizzy -- "Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed"
26.    UFO -- "Hot 'N Ready"
27.    Van Halen -- "Atomic Punk"
28.    The Who -- "Slip Kid"
29.    ZZ Top -- "Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings"
30.    10CC -- "Wall Street Shuffle"




1.    B.T. Express -- "If It Don't Turn You On"
2.    Bar-Kays -- "Holy Ghost"
3.    Betty Davis -- "Don't Call Her No Tramp"
4.    Brass Construction -- "One To One"
5.    Cameo -- "I'll Be With You"
6.    Chocolate Milk -- "Chocolate Pleasure"
7.    Commodores -- "Assembly Line"
8.    Curtis Mayfield -- "Back to the World"
9.    The Dramatics -- "Shake It Well"
10.    Earth, Wind & Fire -- "Shinin' Star"
11.    Fat Larry's Band -- "Sparkle"
12.    Faze-O -- "Get Some Booty"
13.    Gil Scott-Heron -- "The Needle's Eye"
14.    Heatwave -- "Ain't No Half Steppin'"
15.    Isley Brothers -- "Fight The Power"
16.    James Brown -- "Superbad, Superslick"
17.    The Kay-Gees -- "Keep On Bumpin'"
18.    Kool & The Gang -- "Open Sesame"
19.    Mandrill -- "Git It All"
20.    Melba Moore -- "Just Another Link"
21.    Ohio Players -- "Fire"
22.    Parliament -- "Gamin' On 'Ya"
23.    People's Choice -- "Cold Blooded and Down Right Funky"
24.    Pointer Sisters -- "Goin' Down Slowly"
25.    Slave -- "Screw Your Wig on Tite"
26.    Sly Stone -- "Crossword Puzzle"
27.    Smokey Robinson -- "Do Like I Do"
28.    The Temptations -- "Shakey Ground"
29.    WAR -- "Youngblood"
30.    Wild Cherry -- "Baby Don't You Know (The Honkies Got Soul)"




1.    Archie Bell & The Drells -- "Don't Let Love Get You Down"
2.    Barry White -- "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby"
3.    The Blackbyrds -- "Soft and Easy"
4.    Bobby "Blue" Bland -- "Ain't No Love In The Heart of the City"
5.    Bobby Lyle -- "Good Inside"
6.    Edwin Starr -- "Easin' In"
7.    Evelyn "Champagne" King -- "The Show Is Over"
8.    Gloria Jay -- "Know What You Want"
9.    High Inergy -- "You Can't Turn Me Off (In The Middle Of Turning Me On)"
10.    Holland & Dozier -- "Why Can't We Be Lovers?"
11.    Isaac Hayes -- "The Look of Love"
12.    KC & The Sunshine Band -- "Ain't Nothing Wrong"
13.    Kool & The Gang -- "L-O-V-E"
14.    Labi Siffre -- "Doctor Doctor"
15.    Leon Ware -- "Learning How To Love You"
16.    Leroy Hutson -- "All Because of You"
17.    Marvin Gaye -- "Trouble Man"
18.    Michael Henderson -- "Let Me Love You"
19.    Minnie Riperton -- "Baby, This Love I Give"
20.    Peabo Bryson -- "Crosswinds"
21.    Quincy Jones -- "Body Heat"
22.    The Sylvers -- "Cotton Candy"
23.    Sylvia Robinson -- "Private Performance"
24.    The Four Tops -- "Still Water (Love)"
25.    Willie Hutch -- "The Way We Were"




1.    America -- "Tin Man"
2.    Andy Gibb -- "Shadow Dancing"
3.    Average White Band -- "Work To Do"
4.    Bee Gees -- "Jive Talkin"
5.    Billy Joel -- "Stiletto"
6.    Blondie -- "X Offender"
7.    Bobby Caldwell -- "What You Won't Do For Love"
8.    Bryan Ferry -- "You Go To My Head"
9.    Boz Scaggs -- "Lowdown"
10.    Carly Simon -- "Tranquilo (Melt My Heart)"
11.    David Bowie -- "Fame"
12.    David Gates -- "Took The Last Train"
13.    Doobie Brothers -- "Here To Love You"
14.    Elvis Costello -- "This Year's Girl"
15.    Exile -- "Kiss You All Over"
16.    Gino Vanelli -- "Mama Coco"
17.    Hall & Oates -- "Melody For a Memory"
18.    Iggy Pop -- "The Passenger"
19.    J. Geils Band -- "Wild Man"
20.    James Taylor -- "Your Smiling Face"
21.    Manfred Mann's Earth Band -- "Blinded By The Light"
22.    Nick Gilder -- "Hot Child In The City"
23.    Pablo Cruise -- "Love Will Find A Way"
24.    Peter Gabriel -- "Modern Love"
25.    Player -- "Baby Come Back"
26.    Rupert Holmes -- "Brass Knuckles"
27.    Starbuck -- "Fool in Line"
28.    Steely Dan -- "Peg"
29.    Toto -- "Georgy Porgy"
30.    Warren Zevon -- "Night Time in the Switching Yard"


For The Real Goodfellas


1.    The Belmonts -- "I Wonder Why"
2.    The Cadillacs -- "Speedoo"
3.    The Charts -- "Desiree"
4.    The Chiffons -- "One Fine Day"
5.    The Cleftones -- "You Baby You"
6.    The Crests -- "Trouble in Paradise"
7.    The Crystals -- "Then He Kissed Me"
8.    The Drifters -- "Up on the Roof"
9.    The Elgins -- "Darling Baby"
10.    The Five Satins -- "In The Still of the Night"
11.    The Flamingos -- "I Only Have Eyes For You"
12.    The Four Tops -- "Baby I Need Your Loving"
13.    The Jive Five -- "Never, Never"
14.    The Kodaks -- "Oh Gee Oh Gosh"
15.    Little Anthony & The Imperials -- "Shimmy Shimmy KO-KO Bop"
16.    The Marvelettes -- "Please Mr. Postman"
17.    The Passions -- "I Only Want You"
18.    The Quotations -- "Imagination"
19.    The Revels -- "False Alarm"
20.    Santo & Johnny -- "Sleep Walk"
21.    Barbara Lynn -- "You'll Lose A Good Thing"
22.    The Timetones -- "Here In My Heart"
23.    The Valentines -- "Lily Maebelle"
24.    The Videos -- "Trickle, Trickle"
25.    The Four Directions -- "Tonight We Love"




1.    Bobby Valentin -- "Ki Ki Ri Ki"
2.    Charlie Palmieri -- "Mambo Show"
3.    Chuito & The Latin Uniques -- "Spanish Maiden"
4.    Eddie Palmieri -- "Ay Que Rico"
5.    Freddie Rodriquez -- "Banana Baby"
6.    George Guzman -- "Hierba Buena (Good Grass)"
7.    Joe Bataan -- "Good Feeling (Riot)"
8.    Joe Cuba -- "Push, Push, Push"
9.    Johnny Ventura Y Su Combo -- "El Mamito"
10.    Latinaires -- "Ya Llegaron"
11.    Lat-Teens -- "El Enemigo"
12.    Louie Ramirez -- "Lost In The Jungle"
13.    Manny Corchado & His Orchestra -- "Chicken & Booze"
14.    Mongo Santamaria -- "Mongo's Boogaloo"
15.    Pablo Beltran Ruiz -- "Acuario"
16.    Pete Rodriguez -- "I Like It Like That"
17.    Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers -- "Shuckin' & Jivin'"
18.    Ray Barretto -- "Latin Doll"
19.    Tito Puerte -- "Hit The Bongo"
20.    TNT -- "Mr. Slick"
21.    Tony Middleton & Bobby Matos -- "Return To Spanish Harlem"
22.    Willie Bobo -- "Spanish Grease"
23.    Willie Colon -- "The Hustler"
24.    Willie Rosario & His Orchestra -- "Viento En Popa"
25.    107th Street Stickball Team -- "On Old Broadway"




1.    Akwassa -- "Give Me Some Funk"
2.    Aktion -- "Groove The Funk"
3.    Aura -- "I Love Somebody"
4.    Black Blood -- "Shaba"
5.    Blackman Akeeb Kareem -- "Tomorrow"
6.    Buari -- "Karam Bani"
7.    Fela Kuti -- "Upside Down"
8.    Geraldo Pino -- "African Hustle"
9.    Harry Mosco -- "I Feel Funky"
10.    Jake Sollo -- "Deiyo Deiyo"
11.    Joe Mensah -- "Shakamo"
12.    Joni Haastrup -- "Watch Out"
13.    Keyboard -- "Big Mess"
14.    Manu Dibango -- "Big Blow"
15.    Max-B -- "Sex Revolution"
16.    Mighty Flames -- "Road Man (Mystic)"
17.    Ofege -- "Bomp Your Booty"
18.    Ozobby Horn -- "Hay! Mr. Man (I'm Your Superstar)"
19.    Pazy & The Black Hippies -- "Papa's Black Dog"
20.    Pierre Didy Tchakounte -- "Soul Magabe"
21.    Ray Stephen Oche & His Matumbo -- "Owoicho Oche"
22.    Rock Town Express -- "We're Making A Hell"
23.    Theadora Ifudu -- "Four In A Tangle"
24.    Tribe -- "Siggy Siggy"
25.    William Onyeabor -- "Ride On Baby"




1.    Art Blakely & The Jazz Messengers -- "Are You Real?"
2.    Cannonball Adderley -- "Somethin' Else"
3.    Chet Baker -- "Moonlight Becomes You"
4.    Chick Corea Trio -- "Windows"
5.    Dexter Gordon -- "Second Balcony Jump"
6.    Duke Ellington -- "Wig Wise"
7.    Freddie Hubbard -- "Arietis"
8.    Herbie Hancock -- "Driftin'"
9.    Horace Silver -- "The Kicker"
10.    John Coltrane -- "Locomotion"
11.    Kenny Burrell -- "Saturday Night Blues"
12.    McCoy Tyner -- "Four By Five"
13.    Miles Davis -- "Boplicity"
14.    Sonny Rollins -- "Reflections"
15.    Wayne Shorter -- "Black Nile"




1.    Arto/Neto -- "Pini, Pini"
2.    Contortions -- "Dish It Out"
3.    DNA -- "Egomaniac's Kiss"
4.    Marie Et Les Garcons -- "Re-Bop"
5.    Mars -- "Tunnel"
6.    Rosa Yemen -- "Larousse Baron Bic"
7.    Snatch -- "All I Want"
8.    Suicide -- "Harlem"
9.    Teenage Jesus & The Jerks -- "Less of Me"
10.    Theoretical Girls -- "You Got Me"




1.    Augustus Pablo -- "No Entry"
2.    Al Campbell -- "Gone Down The Drain"
3.    Althia & Donna -- "Up Town Top Ranking"
4.    BB Seaton -- "Is Life + DUB"
5.    Big Youth -- "Some Like It Dread"
6.    Bullwackies All Stars -- "Bullwackies Revenge"
7.    Chester Coke & Spaner -- "African Race"
8.    Dennis Brown -- "I Am The Conqueror"
9.    Dillinger -- "Flat Foot Hustling"
10.    Dr Alimantado -- "Poison Flour"
11.    Horace Andy -- "Ital Vital"
12.    I-Roy -- "The Godfather"
13.    Joe Gibbs & The Professionals -- "Walls of Jericho"
14.    Lee Perry -- "Dreadlocks in Moonlight"
15.    Lloyd Parks -- "Mafia"
16.    Lone Ranger -- "Natty Dread On Di Go"
17.    Mercenaries -- "Ecko Bass"
18.    Pablo Gad -- "Blood Suckers"
19.    Poet & The Roots -- "Dread Beat 'An Blood"
20.    Ronny Davis -- "Holligan Style"
21.    Shorty The President -- "President Mash Up The Resident"
22.    Tappa Zukie -- "Escape From Hell"
23.    Turnell McCormack & The Cordells -- "Three Card Man"
24.    U-Roy -- "Double Cross"
25.    Wailing Soul -- "Joy Within Your Heart"




1.    Alphonse Mouzon -- "Before You Leave"
2.    Billy Cobham - "Panhandler"
3.    Bob James - "Westchester Lady"
4.    Bobbi Humphrey -- "New York Times"
5.    Brian Bennett - "Solstice"
6.    Brothers Johnson - "Tomorrow"
7.    Candido -- "I'm On My Way"
8.    Colosseum II - "Dark Side Of The Moog"
9.    The Crusaders - "Free As The Wind"
10.    Donald Byrd - "Lansana's Priestess"
11.    Doug Richardson -- Night Talk
12.    Eddie Harris -- "All Right Now"
13.    Eumir Deodato - "West 42nd Street"
14.    Gene Harris -- "Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong"
15.    Jeff Lorber Fusion - "Curtain"
16.    Joe Thomas - "Coco"
17.    Johnny "Hammond" Smith - "Star Borne"
18.    Lonnie Smith -- "Space Lady"
19.    Mahavishnu Orchestra - "One Word"
20.    M.F.S.B. - "Layin' Low"
21.    Oneness of Juju - "The Connection"
22.    Pleasure - "Joyous"
23.    Rhythm Heritage -- "Sky's The Limit"
24.    Roy Ayers Ubiquity -- "The Black Five"
25.    Tom Scott -- "Midtown Rush"




1.    Alla Pugacheva -- "Бубен шамана"
2.    Азербайджанская народная песня -- "Родинка"
3.    Алекс Сильвани -- "Лети, Малиновка, Лети"
4.    Antonina Zhmakova* -- "сердца Ты мне"
5.    Apelsin - "Igatsus"
6.    Водограй -- "Я Чакаю Цябе"
7.    Brano Hronec Sound -- "Шуточная песня"
8.    Contemporanul -- "Baietii Veseli"
9.    Igor Petrenko -- "For What It's Worth"
10.    Modo -- "Девятый вал"
11.    Naktsputni - "Aija Kukule"
12.    По волне моей памяти -- "Heart My Heart"
13.    Чараўніцы --" Зачарована Табой"
14.    Чарівні гітари - "Ти за мене замiж вийди"
15.    Диэло -- "У порога весны"




1.    Babe Ruth - "The Mexican"
2.    Blowfly - "Sesame Street"
3.    Cymande - "Bra"
4.    Daly Wilson Big Band - "Dirty Feet"
5.    Dennis Coffey - "Ride Sally Ride"
6.    Duke Williams - "Chinese Chicken"
7.    Funk Inc - "Kool Is Back"
8.    Gap Band - "I Yike It"
9.    Ike Turner - "Funky Mule"
10.    Incredible Bongo Band - "Apache"
11.    John Davis Monster Orchestra - "I Can't Stop"
12.    Magic Disco Machine - "Scratchin'"
13.    Manu DiBango - "Soul Makossa"
14.    Manzel - "Space Funk"
15.    Mohawks - "The Champ"
16.    Placebo - "Humpty Dumpty"
17.    The Winstons - "Amen Brother"
18.    ZZ Hill - "I Think I'd Do It"
19.    20th Century Steel Band - "Heaven and Hell Is On Earth"
20.    24 Carat Black - "Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth"




1.    Buzzcocks - "Autonomy"
2.    The Damned - "Looking At You"
3.    Dead Boys - "Flame Thrower Love"
4.    The Dictators - "Faster and Louder"
5.    Fear - "I Love Livin' In The City"
6.    Heartbreakers - "Chinese Rocks"
7.    Misfits - "Some Kinda Hate"
8.    New York Dolls - "Trash"
9.    Pagans - "What's This Sh*t Called Love?"
10.    Patti Smith - "Rock'N Roll Ni**er"
11.    Ramones - "Commando"
12.    Sex Pistols - "Problems"
13.    The Shirts - "Teenage Crutch"
14.    Tuff Darts - "Fun City"
15.    The Voidoids - "Blank Generation"




1.    Arpeggio - "Love & Desire"
2.    Black Devil Disco Club - "H Friend"
3.    Can - "Dizzy Dizzy"
4.    Computer -- "Nobody Loves A Computer Because A Computer Does Not Dance"
5.    Devo - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
6.    Ganymed -- "It Takes Me Higher"
7.    Gina X Performance – "Nice Mover"
8.    Giorgio Moroder - "Evolution"
9.    Human League - "Being Boiled"
10.    Kraftwerk - "Neon Lights"
11.    Little Nell -- "Fever"
12.    The Normal - "Warm Leatherette"
13.    ORS - "Moon Boots"
14.    Soft Machine - "Soft Space"
15.    Space -- "Magic Fly"
16.    Suicide - "Ghost Rider"
17.    Supermax -- "Love Machine"
18.    Tubeway Army - "Bombers"
19.    Ultravox - "Dislocation"
20.    Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Firecracker"




1.    Alan Parsons Project - "I Robot"
2.    Deep Purple - "Child In Time"
3.    Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Fanfare For The Common Man"
4.    Frank Zappa - "Peaches En Regalia"
5.    Genesis - "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
6.    Gentle Giant - "The House, The Street, The Room"
7.    Hawkwind - "Orgone Accumulator"
8.    King Crimson - "Easy Money"
9.    Pink Floyd - "One Of These Days"
10.    Procul Harum - "Fool's Gold"
11.    Rush - "Xanadu"
12.    Soft Machine - "Joy Of A Toy"
13.    Tangerine Dream - "Rubycon (Part I)"
14.    Uriah Heep - "July Morning"
15.    Yes - "No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed"

Edited by Tyla
Moved soundtrack post.
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I never thought I'd want to go back to Liberty City ever again, but in this instance I'll make an exception.

Bravo to ya, this is great stuff. I never knew Akavari was still around either.

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Sweet Bellic

I never thought I'd want to go back to Liberty City ever again, but in this instance I'll make an exception.


Bravo to ya, this is great stuff. I never knew Akavari was still around either.

You´re right.

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Is this just a concept or is it going to be a mod?


Also just to get this question posted for everyone to see if it is a mod "When can I play it?"

Because you know they're going to ask that...


Edit: Nvm I just looked at the "concept" tag at the top. I always forget about those.

Edited by 018361
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Yo, can this like... PLEASE BE A /F*CKING/ THING?


I need to stop reading concepts. When I come across beautifully done ones like this, I get mad that I'll never play them.


Argyle Greenwood and Bobby Caldwell now pls

Edited by LeakyLine
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I really think you need some differentiation between the LCPD and the NASP. I'm sure they'd have different tactics and cultures, that would help differentiate between them.

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Jezus Holy Christ

"Another One" (DJ Khaled's Voice) :lol: Great so far, man. Those vehicles :O I wanna play this already tbh


still no love for 70's sf in this forum


Edited by Jezus Holy Christ
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Thanks for all the comments ladies and gents. :)


I never thought I'd want to go back to Liberty City ever again, but in this instance I'll make an exception.

Bravo to ya, this is great stuff. I never knew Akavari was still around either.

I'm pretty sure he isn't, but a lot of this concept is his work. I just put the content together out of PMs we wrote brainstorming this years ago.


Looks pretty nice, so far! I can't wait to see more content. Liberty City in '78? Count me in!

These songs gave me serious Driver: Parallel Lines vibes. Great job!

Driver: PL is one of my favorite games of all time and I don't mind admitting its fantastic 70s soundtrack was a huge inspiration, especially to the W-Jive station. Must admit, I never knew Marvin Gaye was in Driver. Trouble Man is a personal favorite of mine.


Good job spotting the connection to GTAIV stations. :^: I'm going to add a few more (San Juan Sounds, JNR, W-JAH) when I have the time to put together a proper list of songs for them.


I really think you need some differentiation between the LCPD and the NASP. I'm sure they'd have different tactics and cultures, that would help differentiate between them.

I'll be honest, I know next to nothing about New Jersey police (even the 70s cruisers were ridiculously hard to find), so any suggestions you have will be more than welcome. :)


"Another One" (DJ Khaled's Voice) :lol: Great so far, man. Those vehicles :O I wanna play this already tbh


still no love for 70's sf in this forum


PhilosophicalZebra has a brilliant 70s SF concept that is well worth checking out, "Bohemians & Blackjack" :^:

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Nice to see this up and running, Tyla. The characters look interesting and the presentation is superb as usual. I gotta admit, I love the grit a 70s setting offers and there's no better battleground than New York for the period because there was nothing particularly glamorous about it. The idealism of the '60s was long gone by '78 and the place was literally a sh*thole. I can't wait for the storyline.



And thanks for the shoutout, of course :p


Edited by PhilosophicalZebra
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I haven't read it completely, but is good to see a new concept that isn't another sh*tty Online update.


And written by the great Tyla, no less.

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Wow, you're back! You weren't here for a while. :pp

Now then, I've read the greater part of this concept and I'm very curious how it'd look as an actual video game. I conjecture that the most important part of the storyline will take place in Alderney, right? :beerhat:


I'm going to add a few more (San Juan Sounds, JNR, W-JAH) when I have the time to put together a proper list of songs for them.

No love for art/progressive rock? :/

At least, you're going to make a Jamaican station. :D San Juan Sounds is gonna play latin jazz music, isn't it?




"Another One" (DJ Khaled's Voice) :lol: Great so far, man. Those vehicles :O I wanna play this already tbh

still no love for 70's sf in this forum


PhilosophicalZebra has a brilliant 70s SF concept that is well worth checking out, "Bohemians & Blackjack" :^:


The story starts in the late 1960s, though. :pp

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If it starts in 60s would the radio station system update, i.e. When the 70's came would new stations be added as the 70s welcomed a lot of genres such as gothic rock which would be cool in Liberty city. I don't know if you've already said this, I read through the post yesterday, and it was amazing, but when it's all crammed on a phone with no quick scroll it'd take a while to find it so I haven't went back to check if this is already a thing

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Tyla, even though this Documentary covers the NYC Blackout of 1977, you can use probably use this for some added thematic background.



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Although it would be good, how could you include a blackout, it wouldn't add any effect it's just be random


But you could have some references to it

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Although it would be good, how could you include a blackout, it wouldn't add any effect it's just be random


But you could have some references to it

It's based on a real-life incident in NYC in 1977.

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Man, this is a great concept! Getting some real Driver vibes mixed with Mafia. Would love if someone were to help make this a reality, at least to an extent because wow.

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Wow, thanks for the kind words everyone


On 8/5/2016 at 9:30 AM, PhilosophicalZebra said:

Nice to see this up and running, Tyla. The characters look interesting and the presentation is superb as usual. I gotta admit, I love the grit a 70s setting offers and there's no better battleground than New York for the period because there was nothing particularly glamorous about it. The idealism of the '60s was long gone by '78 and the place was literally a sh*thole. I can't wait for the storyline.




And thanks for the shoutout, of course


I'd be lying if I said Bohemians & Blackjack didn't reignite my interest in this time period


On 8/5/2016 at 4:29 PM, Phnx. said:

Wow, you're back! You weren't here for a while.

Now then, I've read the greater part of this concept and I'm very curious how it'd look as an actual video game. I conjecture that the most important part of the storyline will take place in Alderney, right?

No love for art/progressive rock?

At least, you're going to make a Jamaican station. San Juan Sounds is gonna play latin jazz music, isn't it?

I've got to stop popping out for pints of milk!


You could be right about Alderney. I think we should see The Lost at their prime (after the Vietnam War), Jimmy Pegorino's father, plus powerful Cuban, Italian and Irish gangs. Two major characters have mansions in Alderney where missions are given out, plus the abandoned Alderney casino should be active and opened.


Not to give PhillBellic a heart-attack, but I'm also pretty sure the U.S. government stationed anti-aircraft missiles in Jersey during the 70s, so I would love to do the same with Alderney and the state to have a bigger role that feels separated from Liberty City.


We actually had a prog-rock station but for some reason I scrapped it.


On 8/5/2016 at 7:02 PM, ChoosyCircle said:

If it starts in 60s would the radio station system update, i.e. When the 70's came would new stations be added as the 70s welcomed a lot of genres such as gothic rock which would be cool in Liberty city. I don't know if you've already said this, I read through the post yesterday, and it was amazing, but when it's all crammed on a phone with no quick scroll it'd take a while to find it so I haven't went back to check if this is already a thing

I'm pretty sure Zebra said his radio stations would update as the game moved from 1968 into the 70s, but this concept here is only going to take place in 1978.


That said, I think I would like to add an early hip-hop station that would appear on the radio dial after the famous Liberty City blackout, just as a homage to how hip-hop originated.


Imagine the gameplay to be like the riot missions of San Andreas or the blackout mission from The Warriors... everyone going crazy and looting, just taking out their frustrations with the city out on everything around them. Even with three protagonists, it would have a massive effect for each.

Edited by Tyla
Removed old Youtube links that were breaking the thread.
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Although it would be good, how could you include a blackout, it wouldn't add any effect it's just be random


But you could have some references to it

It's based on a real-life incident in NYC in 1977.

I know it happened but how's that going to work in gta, wha will it do, it doesn't really make any difference to the missions if the lights are off

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Hi tyla, did reply on my Detroit concept if you want more info,the response is on page 3 on the concept, but as I breifly said on the reply, the is great. Liberty city in the 60s/70s is definitely something I want to see happen, I normally am after a modern vice city (ik it's bad wanting modern vice city) and I normally say to my freinds how awful it would be now with gta online going back in time, as now it's over 10 years since SA and VC, and i can imagine how bad it would go with the new generation of players, you know, playing in 70s cars nothing like a t20, and no nice penthouse or yacht, but this would change my mind, I would come back in time to play this great game


Good job

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You know a real nice car to see here would be a 1971 Lincoln continental, here are some other cars I would quite like to see on the streets of LC (sorry if you have these I have missed them when reading) :


70' AMC rebel

70' AMC hornet

71' Ford Mustang Mach 1

70' Chevy Impala

76' Buick Regal

74' Chrysler Imperial le baron

72' Lamborghini Urraco p250

76' TVR taimer turbo

Edited by ChoosyCircle
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The Notorious MOB

Daaaamnn Tyla, back at it again with those great concepts. Where do I even start with this one :O


Usually people give us some vague scraps of a story to try and sink our teeth into but you've given us a full banquet and then some right off the bat. And even then I can tell you're only scratching the surface. It really would have been a shame to see all of ideas you and Akaviri had go to waste so I'm really glad you decided to pursue this one and give us all something to get excited about. Is this a concept you plan to fully flesh out with full missions etc. or is it just a case of you wanting to show the community some of the great ideas that you guys had? The main reason I ask it that with three different protagonists involved it seems like it could be one hell of an undertaking. It also begs the question, have you given up on Vice City?? I most certainly hope not.

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Naughtius Maximus

Taking the fact that 1978 was quite a busy year for Liberty City as shown in LCPD Database, this concept sheds too much potential already (of course, as a well-meaning prequel on the top of all). The first thing that drew my attention is seeing some familiar faces around: like a younger but not-much-young Jon Gravelli and his glorified uncle Sonny Cangelosi. Of course, there is Mr. Forge, the deranged father of later crack kingpin Dwayne Forge. Future LCPD commissioner Mitt Fitzsimmons taking over-the-top approach to sweep the streets off the dirt. Father of troubled McReary boys Jack McReary and his idealist son Derrick. Dreamer mook John Pegorino, most probably the father to no other than James Pegorino. Fierce Lupisella hitman Sonny Honorato... and also I take it that war hero Clinton may be the same Clinton from GTA V?


Moreover, I see some familiar characters from your VI: Vice City concept too; like Albert de Alquizar and John Ross. Taking a wild guess, I might be judgmentally free to say that these two games would be tied in a one way or two... I can kill to see Gara receiving that brutal treatment from Sonny Honorato for scamming his family together with Big Jack, as mentioned during a certain dialogue with Cherry (I sounded like a masochist maniac a little but... :D).


Although I don't have much knowledge on Italian-American mafia, I guess that Roy DeMare is a cartoon of Roy DeMeo, the notoriously happy-triggered Gambino made man.

Edited by Loosestring
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