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Red Dead Outfits

The Time Ranger

Recommended Posts

The Time Ranger

Red Dead Redemption had a decent amount of unlockable outfits, the total number was 19 if I recall correctly, some such as the deadly assassin outfit gave you benefits such as increased deadeye, others like the dustercoat and poncho were purely cosmetic.


What I want to know is.


What outfit is your favourite/least favourite.


What outfit was worth the trouble of unlocking/which was not.


Which outfit do you use the most/least.


Myself my favourite is the deadly assassin outfit, usually unlock it fairly early in the story, it is pretty much my default outfit once unlocked. the extra deadeye is a great feature. Least favourite is the bollard twins outfit, it is just the default cowboy outfit with a pink bandana over John's throat. In terms of not worth the effort of unlocking the bollard twins outfit wins.


I have plenty of outfits left to discover, in this playthrough I am spending a lot of time trying to unlock them all as in previous playthroughs I didn't really bother, however I am enjoying it, the tasks for each outfit are time consuming but still achievable. I am looking forward to the expert hunter outfit the most.

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Yeah the deadly assassin outfit, I was wearing that one most of the time too! It reminds me of henry fonda's outfit in the final scene of once upon a time in the west a lot. A must-have outfit. Another one I liked was the one with a beaver fur hat, iirc?! Reward for completing the hunting challenges I think. It looked really cozy and simply the not so usual hat with this outfit made it pretty unique to me. Also loved the treasure hunter outfit - and the one you get after you purchased a house in mexico, that poncho is THE sh*t, partner.

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The Time Ranger

Yeah the poncho reminds me of Clint Eastwoods in The Man With No Name trilogy, the fur outfit you mention is the hunter outfit I am currently trying to get, finding 8 snakes is a real pain.


With regards to the deadly assasin outfit I like to think that the eye patch symbolises John giving up his eye for more deadeye.

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What outfit is your favourite/least favourite.

The fact every outfit was very unique and each (most) outfit had it's own particular skill/feature made them very special to me, so I don't have a least favorite as I love them all.


What outfit was worth the trouble of unlocking/which was not.

The Expert Hunter Outfit has very fun tasks, and I loved hunting ingame, so getting this outfit was very enjoyable for me. It's very similiar to the Sasquatch Hunter outfit in UN and GTAV, so plus points.





Which outfit do you use the most/least.

As I said before I love every outfit in it's own way. But the one I wore the most was the Savvy Merchant Outfit. It looks ahead of it's time, has a very cool pea coat and the newsboy cap is very unique.



The outfit I wore the least (or never) was the Walton's Gang Outfit, as it was only available for PS3 users at the time.



the hunter outfit I am currently trying to get, finding 8 snakes is a real pain.

If you still have other tasks for the Expert Hunter to complete, don't bother too much with this one and focus on the other tasks and you'll find them as you progress. Sometimes the easier way to find snakes is not look for them.


If this is the last task to be done, then try looking around in El Matadero and Riley's Charge.


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The Time Ranger

Cool, thanks for the tip regarding the snakes, like you said, just concentrate on the other tasks, least I know where to find them now though.


I agree with you regarding the merchant outfit, it's a stylish outfit, the coat kind of reminds me of the old style navy coats, John wouldn't look out of place wearing that 20 years in the future.

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The Dedito Gae

So far the poncho looks really fitting for Mexico, although i wish John Dropped the gloves while wearing it and it was bigger. Like the one The Man Without Name (Clint Eastwood) wears in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


But my favorite besides the default outfit is the Buster Coat, John looks really badass in that and is quite simple, always wear it when it rains.

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Mister Pink

I got about 12-15 outfits I think but would really love the Deadly Assassin one. Some of them are difficult to aquire.

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  • 8 months later...

my favourite and most used outfit is the poncho because its just so iconic and just feels right, i also feel pretty biased towards the bureau outfit because of how hard it was to unlock and the fun of walking around shooting people with no repurcussions but i dont really like how it looks that much


for me the deadly assassin outfit is probably the most useful and the coolest looking for jack, but i drift between it and the poncho


i also quite like the treasure hunter outfit, its really unique and cool looking, reminds me of dutche's clothes just a pink shirt


if i could make my own outfit id put the poncho over the treasure hunter but a larger poncho like clint eastwoods, and id have the hat from the deadly assassin outfit, eye patch with jack but not john

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Night Machine

The Hunter outfit, Deadly Assassin and the Duster coat are my favorites. I also like the poncho. :)

Edited by Night Machine
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Payne Killer

Legend of The West for that Wyatt Earp feel while walking around Armadillo, Duster Coat for roaming the desert and clearing out gang hideouts, meanwhile I like the Reyes Rebel outfit for Mexico, I like the black poncho it looks more badass.

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Cutter De Blanc

My favorite for John was the Legend of the West outfit. I always put Jack in the Deadly Assassin's outfit, and in fact never even unlocked it as John.

My least favorite is the Rancher outfit. Those pants look uncomfortable.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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  • 5 months later...
Johnson Johnson

My most used and favorite is the standard Cowboy outfit, the one who was more worth the trouble is the Deadlu Assassin

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