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GTA Tiki Islands[SA]

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Posted (edited)

Instead of applying the subs over the video itself, using youtube's subtitles system is also an option. It's quite handy and easy to use.


Mod is looking good! Can't stop listening to that

now. Edited by Mega

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Hello I played GTA Tiki Islands BETA 1.  Is it possible to get BETA 2?


While playing tiki islands beta 1 , I made up a suggestions that could help out with a project.


1. - Add 80's radio stations. 

2. - Create english translation. I know that creators of this mod are russians, i understand russian language myself, but majority of SA players aren't only from Russia. Create english translation ( If you need a voice actor that can do things in English language, PM me,)

3. - Create italian-american mafia like The Forelli Crime Family that was lead by Sonny Forelli (final boss in GTA:VC)

4. -  Create a decent MIAMI beach. :D  You can't have Tiki islands without a decent beach with women around.

5. -  Don't know if others will agree on it, but there are too many gang members on the streets. Make ability to have your own gang in order to capture other gang territories , making area more peaceful for a player.

6. - Character name change - As I noticed in a lore, Phil Collin (ex-cop). Surname is clearly incorrect and character is similar to Tommy Vercetti.

My suggestion for this would be to change Phil's surname into italian, since the main char looks italian. Put surnames such as Gambotti, Forelli, Goterelli, Sposato, Foscaldi, Marcetti, etc.. 




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7 hours ago, raysaaron said:



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Edited by xxnooblyxx

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