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GTA IV doesn't seems to recognize GTX960M



Hi there,

finally, I've bought a new Notebook :)

it's a Lenovo Ideapad Y700 - i7 + GTX960M


However, this is the problem:

GTA IV doesn't seems to recognize the video card, the game always seems not to use the GTX;

looks like the game starts with that intel graphics chip only.

I already created a commandline and wrote availablevidmem and similar stuff into it;

also told the game to use the GTX by using the nVidia control panel.

Nothing helped.


I'm using the Steam version;

BTW; this happens with EFLC as well


Thanks :)

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4 answers to this question

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Red Hat

First make sure your GTX960M drivers are up to date.
You can download them from Nvidia's official site.

Then do the following.
Open up Steam --> go into Library --> right-click on GTA IV--> Select Properties --> Under the 'General' tab, you will see an option called 'Set launch options...' --> Click on that and copy/past these codes into it.

-nomemrestrict-norestrictions-novblank-percentvidmem-availablevidmem 10

After that click on 'OK' and close the box.

*You can edit the commands as per your preference.


Since it's a laptop, make sure the power option is set in "High Performance mode" or something similar to that while gaming.

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Hi, thanks for the answer - already figured that out by myself :)

Writing - availablevidmem 8000 - nomemrescrict and - norestrictions inside is enough.

Thanks anyway :)


However, now I'm struggling with another error:

After installing CryENB 3.o I'm getting that infinitive loading screen bug -

The unmodded game without the ENB works completely fine.

I haven't tried out any other mods - except for Script Hook and both ASI loader. Also, using Xlive instead of dsound or the other way around didn't help.

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Alright. This is definitely becoming ridiculous. I fixed it doing some real primitive thing:
I went back to the Steam Launch Options and changed -availablevidmem 8000 to - availablevidmem 800.0

So, to summarize it:
To let GTA IV recognize your graphics card, go to Steam, right click the game, select properties and click on Select Launch Options
Now, write:
-availablevidmem x (find a suitable valuable)

Maybe -norestrictions and/or -nomemrescrict isn't necessary, but, however, it isn't a bad idea to add these as well

Then, if you're getting that infinitive loading screen error when using ENB, change the valuable from e. g. -availablevidmem 8000 to -availablevidmem 800.0
However, the only thing which seems to be important is to have any decimal in that number.

Edited by prince_linus

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I have the same issue on the patch, but -avaiblevidmem doesn't go above 512mb of video memory



i think thats because the main gpu is the intel hd one which actually has 512mb of video memory, but the game is ran on the nvidia gpu by default (btw, i have the same gpu as prince_linus, and the laptop is a dell inspiron 15 7559 btw)

Edited by Hitmare

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