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First-Person Mode Made Me Realize How Little Action Is In This Game


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When I first beat this game on the Xbox 360 and heard of the next gen version, I was really excited for the first-person mode, since my favourite genre of video games are FPS's. Now at this point, I didn't have much of a problem with the missions, so it was my mission to get this game for PC when it came out and play the campaign in FPS mode the entire way, even in vehicles and planes. How ever I realized half way through that there's barely any combat going on. It became very obvious when I beat it. 95% of this game was me looking through the windshield of a car going from point A to point B then point C. I kept asking myself when I get to shoot something again in this awesome new FPS mode. When combat finally happened I was almost shocked, like "Oh my God I get to shoot something in this game?". Don't get me wrong, I still love this game, but jeez did the FPS mode make me realize how uneventful and boring the campaign is.

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You know when you are crouching down and your character rolls around

it actualy makes me nauseous

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  • 2 weeks later...

You know when you are crouching down and your character rolls around

it actualy makes me nauseous

You can disable this in options

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I enjoyed the FPS addition to the next gen console....it's ALL we ever wanted since GTAIII.


I think the game is balanced because I don't want GTA to be a constant rampage where the single objective is to kill as many people as possible. That to me would just get old.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Maybe that wouldn't happen if babies didn't cry about Niko having to kill someone every mission.

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