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List of VC and real-life vehicles


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Blista Compact-

Honda CRX,2

Cuban Hermes/ Hermes- 1949 Mercury 2 Door Couple

Phoenix- 1978 Pontiac Trans Am,2,3

Sabre Turbo/ Sabre- 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass,2

Stallion- 1960's Ford Mustang,2

*Voodoo- 1960 Chevy Bel AIr,2

Banshee- 1984 Chevy Corvette

Cheetah- 1980' Ferrari Testarossa

Deluxo- DMC Delorean

Infernus- 1980's Lamborghini Countach

Comet- Porsche 911 SC Targa,2

Stinger- FERRARI 365 GT/S Daytona

Admiral- MERCEDES BENZ 200

*Esperanto- 1976 Cadillac Eldorado

Virgo- 1984 Lincoln Mark VII

PCJ 600- Honda CBR-600

Freeway/ Angel Freeway- Harley Davidson

Sanchez- 1980' Yamaha YZ

Ambulance- Of course...

Cabbie- 1976 US Checker Taxi Cab

FBI Rancher- Police Surburban

Enforcer- SWAT vans

Fire Truck- Duh..

Hunter- AH-64 Apache

Faggio- Vespa

Mr. Whoopee- Ice Cream trucks!!

BF Injection- VW Buggy

Bobcat- Ford Ranger

Mesa Grande- Jeep

Rancher- 1980's Ford Bronco

Patriot- Hummer, what else?

Sandking- Upgraded Ford Bronco

Benson- 10' U-HAUL truck

Linerunner- BIG RIG TRUCKS!

Coach- real-time coaches

Boxville- FedEx truck (on the left)

Packer- Car Carrier

Flatbed- Flatbeds

Trashmaster- Trash truck

Moonbeam- Chevy Astro

Burrito- Dodge van

Rumpo- Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Sentinel- BMW 735

Skimmer- Cessna 172 Seaplane

Sparrow- Bell 47D

Sea Sparrow- Bell 47D with Pontoons

Maverick- Bell 212

VCN Maverick- 1977 Bell 206

Caddy- EZ-GO Golf Cart

Glendale- 1961 Dodge Polara

HotRing Racer- 1984 Monte Carlo SS

*Taxi/Police- 1983-86 Ford Ltd



Whew! Ok I think I had a lot of time on my hands  :pp


As for Sandking and Sentinel, copy the web address into a new window  :cool:


UPDATED 2.27.03: Changed Sentinel, Faggio

UPDATED 2.28.03: Changed Blista Compact, Hunter, Added; Skimmer, Sparrow, Sea Sparrow, Maverick, VCN Maverick, Caddy

UPDATED 3.2.03: Changed Phoenix, Voodoo, Banshee, Cheetah, Deluxo, PCJ-600, Sanchez, Rancher

UPDATED 3.3.03: Added Glendale, Hotring Racer, Changed; Virgo, Faggio

UPDATED 3.4.03: Changed Stinger

UPDATED 3.4.03 PART 2: Changed Voodoo, Esperanto, Added; Taxi/Police



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cool list. Just sucks that the Deluxo looks absolutly nothing like a Delorean. They could of atleast made  the doors open up

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There have been alot of topics about what the cars are in real life. But I think your list might be the most truthful one i've seen to date. Good on you for taking the time to add in the links. Good Job Whoooman

:D  :D  :D  :D

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Great list, WhoooMan.


People have found a few models, but I've never found them all out.




Worth a pin!

The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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I disagree. The list has tonnes of mistakes:


The Merc sprinter? It started in like 1995 or 96.

You've also listed two cars made in the early 90s.

The sentinel is a 735 (four doors) not a 635 (two doors)

And the moped is a piaggio, hence faggio


Having said that the rest of the list looks solid. Good work.

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For these who liked it and said I did a good job- thanks


And as for these who disagreed with some vehicles, you can tell me what to change and I'll update the list... also if you found anything that isn't in the list: Let me know ASAP


Psst- The list took me almost a hour  :wtf:

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Ok heres a few you missed and some changes I believe should be made:


Blista Compact - 1980's Honda CRX

Hunter - AH-64 Apache

Skimmer - Cessna 172 Seaplane

Sparrow - Bell 47D

Sea Sparrow - Bell 47D with Pontoons

Maverick - Bell 212

VCN Maverick - 1977 Bell 206

Caddy - EZ-GO Golf Cart

Banshee - 1980 Corvette



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No problems WhoooMan, I was actually attempting the same thing and only managed to get those few I mentioned then gave up.

Well done on the list you did a pretty good job  :D

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You, my friend, have absolutely no life. lmao


Nice though, I've been wondering what the Deluxo was.  :p

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Great job! I'm glad someone actually went through the trouble of adding photos to back up their claims. Most of the matches are very accurate, and since you're making changes as people find flaws... kudos to you!


I remember this one guy on this board a long time ago making a GTA3 real car list... he was adamant that the Esperanto was a Ford Pinto. :nervous: Yes, you read correctly. I don't understand why someone that clueless would bother making a list...

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Phoenix- 1978 trans-am

Voodoo- 1959 Chevy Impala

Banshee-1984 Chevy Corvette (90's? c'mon now Captain)

Cheetah- 80' Ferrari Testarossa (again 90's?)

Deluxo- DMC Delorean (but as a side note,they slautered it)

PCJ- first Honda CBR-600

Sanchez- 80's Yamaha YZ (first bikes to have the monoshock)

Rancher- Ford Bronco

Thas it for now.


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Ok more,

Glendale-1961 Dodge Polara

Hot Ring Racer model 2- 1985 Buick Grand National

(Chevy Monte Carlo, it is hard to tell with the body work)

Sabre- 1970-2 Olds Cutless 442

Virgo- As much as it does resemble a Caddy, it has a Lincoln Conntinental-esque boot.

Faggio- Despite the name resemblance, it is actually a Vespa. (Faggio is a joke.)

That's all I can think of for now.




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Ballistic Jello

Great job, both on the completeness and the pictures.  What a quality member.  Somebody who isn't full of crap, insisting that a car looks like a real-life car, when in fact they are totally different, and who took the time to give us all pictures to back up his claims, and will edit his/her list when somebody suggests it.          Thank you. :inlove:

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A minor correction : The Stinger is a Ferrari 365 GT/S 4 "Daytona" (the GTB is the coupe, the GTS is the convertible.

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hey, that's quite an impressive list you've put together there.  i have but one complaint: i seem to be alone on this, but i think the stallion looks waaaay more like a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 (it was a stand-alone model and not a Cutlass variant, despite the obvious similarities) than any mustang.  i know the name implies that it's a mustang, but the front end as well as the rear bumper/tail lights are strikingly similar.  performance-wise it's much closer to a straight-six-powered 60s mustang than the olds and its awe-inspiring 455, though  :)


oh yeah, just another minor thing...take a close look at a 1969-70 cheverolet chevelle SS (the LS6 especially) and then look at the sabre.  i think it's a closer match then a cutlass, but then again every GM A-body (i'm not sure about the body type actually, but any mid-size GM muscle car from the time basically) has the same basic shape.  it might even be the almighty 1970 buick gsx stage 1 (at least that's what i pretend, as that is my all-time favorite car).


wow, i didn't mean to make this so long.  sorry for any eye strain.

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problems with:


Armored Swat Van








Where's the tanks and barracks? Not to mention the boats!



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very nice list u got there.

methinks a pinny



[cocked & locked]






wait, im not a mod.....YET!(insert manical laughter)

:) I Hunter

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Where's the tanks and barracks? Not to mention the boats!

I'm trying to find some matches for them.. anyone is welcome to help me... I'm looking forward to compelet the WHOLE list!  ;)

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