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GTA V C# Scripting Tutorial


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I've made a new video on how to make simple scripts using C# in visual studio, it's very unprofessional, so tell me what I should do next video :)


Scripts you will learn how to do would be:


Bodyguards, Blips, Sounds, Screen Effects, and SuperPunch

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There has already been made quite a few videos about the very basic concepts of GTA V mod scripting, however a new video series is never bad. I would suggest that you might take a different approach to what the other video lessons do. So first, cover all the basics like how to work with the ScriptHookVDotNet library, then how to use natives, and then maybe a more advanced section where you explain how to make use of return types and the build in OutputArgument in ScriptHookVDotNet.


You could create a complete mod, that makes use of a Menu (NativeUI?) and then how to work with each control NativeUI features. Do examples on for loops that create SubMenus, listed items and shows how to create multiple items in one Menu without having to add each control manually. So overall e.g. a complete mod that includes the following:


1) A Checkbox to enable/disable invincible.

2) A Listed Item that allows the user to change his/her wanted level.

3) A Button that restores player's health and armor.

4) A SubMenu containing all GTA V vehicles ready to be spawned created by a loop.

5) A TeleportToMarker button that makes use of the GroundHeight to calculate the desired's 2D vector coordinate's groundheight. (Basically showing how to retrieve a 3D vector coord from a 2D vector input)

6) To make use of the OutputArgument you could do something that retrieves Vector3 coords from a bullet impact position or the likes, e.g. show how this can be helpful if you want to create e.g. a TeleportGun, GravityGun or ParticleFX gun.


Show how to make use of LinQ expressions to easily grab and manipulate an element or a series of elements. When working with Menus and multiple objects this can be really useful and is somewhat easy to understand.

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didnt watch the vid but most new scripters use Waits (sleeps) too much, so it doesnt allow their scripts to react to all the dynamic stuff in the game. Or they dont know how to block certain code for x time. They dont know how to create their own intervals within code running every tick

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