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ADVICE:Peds riot can bug your missions on PC/Console/Android

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*another advice before this one,broken english ahead,can hurt your eyes*

Hi ,

Most of people here know but anyway,if you use too much cheats and save the game,some missions (or only one)can be impossible to be done.

Wich missions?

Madd dogg mission on las venturas:After the second cutscene(when a message appear"find a way to save madd dogg)Md will jump and suicide,before we control cj....obviously this cause a mission failed.

First mission with catalina:In the cutscene,the two guys inside the store will fight until death,but this don't affect the mission.

A workaround for mad dogg mission:

Pc:The only way is download a save game before the mission happen

Console:Unfortunately you need to start again the story

Android:there's a fix!

Before start the mission,open your cleo menu(i assume you used the cheat table on cleo)select cheats and use the slowtime cheat,start the mission.jump the two cutscenes and open fast your cheat menu and select scriptbypass(cheat for skip missions)done!

That's it guys,have a nice day/night :)

Edited by Avenged Sevenfold
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Only the pedestrians riot cheat effect the Madd Dogg and Catalina mission. This is only if you save your game after activating it.


You can use the health / armor / Wanted level cheats for the entire length of the game and complete 100%. If anyone tells you otherwise they are full of sh*t. I own every single copy of GTA San Andreas. I have a cheat file and a non cheat file on all consoles except PS3 and Xbox 360 which I'm working on now.

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lil weasel

Thanks for the tip to get passed the glitch on Android. I didn't test the glitch on that platform, I was hoping they would have fixed it.

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GTASnP's modification tool can repair pedestrian glitches on all versions of SA, VC, and III that have access to the save files.

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