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Odd chain game glitches? How about, if CJ owes more money than he can borrow from the casino (impossible (?) without tweaks) and gambles at the Wheel of Fortune he can pretty much max out his money and the money on screen can keep scrolling for the next couple of missions. And maybe lose huge fortunes as well. I forget how the different options of betting or not, or canceling or whatnot interacted.


If you want to experiment with it try one of the Chain Game saves. There's a UFO Curse near Angel Pine (just look, it's hard to miss) that can usually put CJ in debt as long as someone hasn't been playing the ponies, boosting stats, or running 3 hour vigilante marathons.


fnxrak, have you ever taken a Chain Game turn?

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fnxrak, have you ever taken a Chain Game turn?

To be honest, I don't know why he's not a regular player already. I've seen a lot of his videos, he'll be a good addition, we're always looking for new players.

Edited by Shoumic
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Here are some other 'glitches' and oddities I have found while playing the chain game. I figured that some people might be interested, so I'm posting it here:




This is a comprehensive-proof HPV-1000 from Reuniting the families mission. I decided to test the proofings with minigun and I noticed that it has the green marker above just like if someone was sitting on the bike. I shoot that 'something' with minigun a bit; it had a bit more health than a normal NPC, and then it died, but it somehow still remained on the bike. Any idea what it might be? I am pretty sure that there's only one police man on the bike during the mission, and he leaves it on the ground after jumping on the Sweet's car.


I managed to replicate the glitch



It looks like he is really standing on the bike.


Here, I used Recruit everyone AK-47 cheat.


You are right; you have to fail the mission before the biker will jump out of his bike. Also, don't enter any interiors otherwise your invisible biker will disappear. (Last time I tried this I went to armory to get the satchel charges and when I came back he wasn't there.) And yes, he will disappear once CJ will be teleported with his bike to the top of the LS Tower.


Funny glitch. When I recruited him, he received AK-47 and was waving with it a bit, so it was clear that he was standing on the bike.

During my turn today, I discovered rather odd glitch. I was able to drive a blown up car, but it wasn't actually blown up, but it was missing wheels and it looked like a car wreck too. But you could hit a wall or something with it and it would blown up again, this time it wouldn't be enterable.


In order to perform this glitch you need to wait till valet is in the underground car park and game tells you to waste him. You need a good weapon (minigun works splendidly) and quickly destroy his car. Make sure the body is still inside the car. Then pick up the clothes icon and if everything worked well you will now be able to drive a blown up car. Sometimes it doesn't work, I'm not quite sure what has to be done exactly, but this worked for me most of the time.

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LOLOLOL sorry guys yes I have to give it a go one of these days and it's been a while since I play San Andreas regularly for my great shame :blush: I actually once tried to play a turn but I couldn't because of a script error I believe at a time I had a version 2 downgraded to try some mods and see how the game worked and the save kept crashing so I haven't yet spent enough time to try it LOLOLOL Now I really just want to finish my 4th GTA V playthrough and finishing uploading the videos of it to my channel (if youtube let me that is :sui:, got a stupid youtube policies strike for the first time this week and I'm still kind of pissed of with the lack of youtube response to it) but anyway as soon as I finish this I will surely resume my gta III era gaming playthroughs including some visits to the chain game in San Andreas.

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FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3D for Life!!!!


I can't wait to see more videos from you for VC, LCS, and VCS, even though I completed all these games already to 100% with an amazing proof vehicle collection, I'd still like to see some videos, especially that blasted BP/FP/EP PCJ-600 from VC that I could never get. That vehicle confuses me so much and only 4emp2008 has a video for it, but I don't like his videos as much as yours and jam8tones.

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