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Small text and buttons on iPhone 5s


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Hello All,


Not sure if it is just me or whether the game is actually like this, but I recently redownloaded GTA Chinatown Wars again (to do some unique vehicles collection) but the text and the buttons seem very small. I am more worried about the really small text than anything else. It is actually hurting my eyes a little bit and unfortunately could be enough to deter me from replaying such a great game :/


Is anyone else here having this problem?

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Lethal Vaccine

As you know, I downloaded this a while back (December 25th, 2014 to be exact), but mine isn't like that. Buttons are huge, the way I like them :D:p

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Wasn't there something in Cydia that allowed us to download older app versions legally? If it isn't via legal means simply let me know :)

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Found something, but it still didn't help :( . @MetalMilitia89 what CTW version are you running on your iPhone?

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Lethal Vaccine

Nah, I got mine for $2.99 on Christmas Day and just bought it from the App Store - Games are cheap enough on Mobile not to pirate them... Haven't booted CW up in a little while or looked at any Version Info in over a year, so I haven't a clue. I'll have to get back to you on that lol

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Oh no, I didn't pirate anything. Just used something called App Admin (Cydia) which requires you to already have the app in your App Store library before it works.

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Lethal Vaccine

I actually did my first CW playthrough with tiny-as-f*ck buttons on screen and it was pretty hard. AFTER reaching 100% with Minimum Stats and the 14 Special Vehicles was when I learned you could resize the buttons :D:p Now that they are the size I like, though, driving is much more easy. So those handful of horrible Time Trials (mostly the ones with a Motorcycle) should be a breeze when I do my new Starter Save and 100% Save after the Starter Save is done with. Can't wait to start. It's coming up, but first I need to finish the boring as f*ck TBoGT Special Vehicle Guide for the Forum. HD Era Special Vehicles are too easy and that includes the CW Special Vehicles. The only difficult ones are the Yankee and Bus from Stealing the Show and I already got the Yankee, but never tried the Bus. I plan to get it in my new playthrough, though! :D:p If you make Videos of the Vehicles, I can add them into the Guide, btw, as I told you several months back...The Guide is pinned in this Section, so any help would be great. There is barely any info about HD Era GTA's...

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The buttons I can resize. The HUD and the in game text I can't, it is making my eyes squint sometimes :(. Maybe I can steal my brother's iPad, haha.


I will get to the video guides as soon as I can, however the university semester has just started :/

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