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Gore Level Effect

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Download from gtagarage


Source Code


27.07.16 Cutscene error has been removed.


The original code version released: 26.07.16.
For now it only works for gta3 v1.0 [1.1 WIP]

This is a CLEO code which mostly modifies weapon effects on characters...

Description [gta3]:
- player recieves the same type of damage and has the same type of death animations as an NPC,
- head component is now visible,
- M16 first person crosshair replaced with a sniper crosshair (with a zoom option),
- increased shotgun bullet force and fire blast size [bullet can throw N(PC)'s further away],
- Uzi can not remove components but it's deadly just like the default M16 - same type of animations,
- Ak47 will produce the same type of damage effect on the N(PC)'s as the default M16 assault riffle,
- M16 will still be the most destructive riffle - beside component lost it will also produce shotgun hit animations,
- the explosion effects the dead peds too and it can seriosly damage the player,
- player will drop weapons if wasted just like an NPC (not working),
- if the player lost 1 or more components he will be restored to the original state at the restart point,
- increased size and density of particles produced by firearms,
- component lost will produce more blood particles,
- 2 cheats enabled:
ENABLEGORE: new weapon and explosion effects, blood and component lost.
DISABLEGORE: no blood, no component lost.

Edited by Jack

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So uh, this mod's idea is good, but when it comes to function... well it kinda doesn't work really well.


For starters, the aiming system is completely broken, forget where you're aiming, your bullets will come our 3 meters to the right. This combined with the fact that any gunfight with someone that has anything bigger than a pistol ends with you dying in 1 shot because you *WILL* be gored instantly makes combat kinda of impossible. Dunno if you can gimme a hand to fix these 2 errors, tried going into the files for the mod but its a complete mishmash of code. I can't read that stuff.

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